How Much Does the Internet Really Weigh?

By Brett Israel | November 23, 2009 1:31 pm

serverTechnology writer Chris Stevens calculated the weight of the Internet by adding up all the computers, iphones, blackberries, servers, cables —  and just for fun, viruses and websites. The damage comes to 498,438,559,990 kilograms, which Wolfram|Alpha tells us is 1.7 times the mass of all humans currently alive.

CNET tries to help readers imagine this bulk:

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The Internet is very heavy indeed. To give you some idea of just how heavy the internet is, imagine an absolutely enormous tower of computers and servers and cables reaching up into the sky like the evil fingers of some apocalyptic demon. Now imagine sparks, thunder, electrical storms. And, on top of it all, an otter screaming pointlessly. That is the closest you are likely to come to visualising the Internet.

The author claims that “for the first time in the world, we have precisely and scientifically calculated the weight of the Internet.”

Well that’s interesting, considering that Stephen Cass, writing for DISCOVER, calculated the weight of the Internet back in 2007 and came to a very different answer. Cass ignored the hardware, and instead calculated the weight of  online information by taking the total estimated Web traffic of 40 petabytes (40 x 1015 bytes: a 4 followed by 16 zeros) and figuring out the weight of the electrons required to store that information. His total?

The weight of the Internet adds up to just about 0.2 millionths of an ounce.

However, a year before that, in 2006, Russell Seitz, calculated the weight of the internet to be 2 ounces. You can read more about his calculations on his blog.

So which is it, readers? Weigh in on whose calculation is closest to the truth.

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  • Coty

    “And, on top of it all, an otter screaming pointlessly.”

    I love that.

  • Phil

    “And, on top of it all, an otter screaming pointlessly.”

    Shouldn’t it be a penguin?

  • JeffB

    I don’t see any discrepancy at all – the internet weighs 56 micrograms and is stored in a container that weighs 498 teragrams.

  • Brian Too

    Having done my share of hardware support over the years I can vouch for the higher number, at least in terms of scale and direction. The amount of hardware that supports our electronic age is staggering.

  • Shahar

    I support whoever says the higher weigh.
    The internet is close to infinitable.


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