Tiger Woods' Fave Physics Book Rocketing Up the Charts

By Andrew Moseman | December 4, 2009 5:15 pm

tigerbook425Since the crush of press stories about Tiger Woods is more or less inescapable, you’ve probably heard about his little auto accident (and many of the less savory details). But if you take a close look at this photo released by the police, you’ll notice something besides the mess of debris—the book that the world’s great golfer has been reading. It’s Get a Grip on Physics by John Gribbin.

While the accident and the tawdry personal accusations that resulted therefrom could damage Woods’ reputation permanently, it provided nothing short of a bonanza for author Gribbin, since Americans want to do whatever celebrities are doing. From The Independent:

“This is one of my older and lesser known books – a guide to new physics for non-scientists. I can only guess that Tiger has been interested in the various stories about the Large Hadron Collider, and wanted to learn more. Several of my books have been doing better than usual this year,” Dr Gribbin said yesterday.

The book was 2,268th position on the Amazon sales list, up from 396,224th the previous day.

Though Tiger was tight-lipped about the circumstances of the wreck, Gribbin has to be on to something here. Woods was probably so distracted thinking about the awesomeness of physics that he couldn’t concentrate on driving.

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Image: Florida Highway Patrol


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