NCBI ROFL: It's Charlton week on NCBI ROFL!

By ncbi rofl | December 7, 2009 3:00 pm

We love Bruce G. Charlton. His official title at the University of Buckingham is “Professor of Theoretical Medicine.” He’s got 164 articles in PubMed, many of which have awesome titles like “Why are modern scientists so dull? How science selects for perseverance and sociability at the expense of intelligence and creativity.” Of those 164 articles, 62 are in the journal Medical Hypotheses. Oh, did we mention he’s the editor-in-chief of that journal? Yeah, he is.
This guy’s got stuff figured out. So this week is Charlton week on NCBI ROFL, and we’ll be featuring some of his very best work. Enjoy!

~Mer & The Brontosaurus

p.s. Can’t get enough of Charlton? He’s got five–count ’em, FIVE–blogs:

  • bgc

    What an excellent idea! If only all bloggers shared your enthusiasm – ahem.

    Anyway, for what it's worth, you have my blessing

    (holds out large jewelled ring to be kissed…)

    Bruce G Charlton

  • The Mother

    Okay, I haven't read the article, but having a ton of experience in the science world, I assure you it does NOT select for sociability.

    Geekiness. Lonerism. The ability to talk over the heads of everyone else at cocktail parties. Not sociability.

  • Anonymous

    Please tell me you will post one of his Zombie Science articles. Love it!

  • Neuroskeptic

    The Mother: I think what Bruce Charlton was saying was not that scientists as a whole are especially sociable, but that in order to succeed in science, it's more useful to be good at "networking" etc. than to be smart.


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