Forever Is Forever: New IR Technology Can Spot "Removed" Tattoos

By Brett Israel | December 15, 2009 5:17 pm

tattooTattoos just got even more permanent. Scientists have developed a method to uncover old tattoos that have been altered or surgically removed. The technology involves infrared cameras and could be particularly useful to law enforcement agents, according to Tech Radar:

Often used as a distinguishing factor to identify criminals, tattoos can be altered or removed relatively easily, but a team at the University of Derby has come up with a solution.

Using infrared means that removed tattoos, or even tattoos that have been altered, can be spotted in the deeper layers of skin.

Guess that means DISCOVER’s CEO and Publisher Henry Donahue will never be able to fully get rid of his fish. Let’s hope he stays out of trouble!

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Image: flickr / House of Sims

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