The Stupidest Things Celebrities Said About Science in 2009

By Andrew Moseman | January 5, 2010 4:43 pm

van persie220Here at DISCOVER, we do our best to keep you informed of all the crap scientific advice that celebrities dispense, be it Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaxxer yarns, Oprah providing a platform for new-age nonsense, or soccer star Robin Van Persie’s praise of placenta massage to heal injuries. But with so many celebrities and so much bad advice, it can be hard to catch it all—TMZ might catalog the whereabouts and philandering of the rich and moderately famous, but not necessarily their quackery.

Never fear, though, because once again the British organization Sense About Science has pulled many of the year’s worst offenses together in a handy compendium. The charity’s annual review pairs celebrity claims with reality-based quotes from doctors and scientists.

Here’s one choice gem: Heather Mills, the animal rights activist and former wife to Paul McCartney, claimed that when you eat meat “[it] sits in your colon for 40 years and putrefies, and eventually gives you the illness you die of. And that is a fact.” Thanks for the info, Heather!

More from New Scientist:

Other celebs have been pulled up this year for apparently not realising that natural substances such as hormones are chemicals, and that ovulation is suppressed naturally by pregnancy and prolonged breastfeeding. Actress Suzanne Somers, for example, was quoted as saying that the contraceptive pill must be unsafe “because is it safe to take a chemical every day, and how would it be safe to take something that prevents ovulation?”

Actor Roger Moore, meanwhile, was taken to task for claiming that foie gras causes Alzheimer’s disease, and Sarah Palin for dismissing evolution.

Apparently playing James Bond not only gets you good tables at restaurants, it also makes you think you have medical expertise.

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Image: flickr / Wonker

  • InventorNC

    Celebrities and politicians. Medicine and Power and Environment. The first two get the last three all wrong – to the detriment of mankind.

    Don’t eat meat and carbon footprints.

    Here’s one to smile over – no point in being exasperated: California is going to need water. That means desalination plants. Desalination plants need power. Long term power means nuclear. And California hates nuclear. Gets messy fast when the celebs and politicos jump in with their ill-informed opinions doesn’t it.

    Ask the know-it-alls their opinion of dihydrogen oxide*. I bet they are against it. HA!
    *That’s the stuff known to us common folk as water.

  • Michael

    Why do we give a frak about what these overpaid, brainless idiots think anyway?

  • Patrick

    While I’m unaware of any direct proof that foie gras can contribute to dementia, eating fatty duck liver can’t be healthy for the brain.

  • Latka

    Yeah Michael! Why don’t we just look to the handful of producers and studio heads that dictate who we listen to and see? Sheep won’t be so quick to follow a short fat bald white guy. Unless it’s Danny Devito. I’d climb a mountain for that man.

  • Herschel Mesiona

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the subject and found most individuals will agree with your website.


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