The Humane Way to Kill Invasive Cane Toads: Skull Smashing?

By Brett Israel | January 8, 2010 1:00 pm

cane-toad-webAustralia has a cane toad problem. The little leapers are devastating the Aussie ecosystem (Australia has no native toads). They’re gobbling up native insects and poising any animal that attempts to prey on them. One group thought they had a humane way to stop the toads’ spread—suffocate captured toads by putting them in bags filled with carbon dioxide. But now government officials are saying “not so fast,” and have declared that kill method inhumane. From The Scientist:

The Kimberley Toad Busters (KTB) have been using carbon dioxide exposure to euthanize the toads for five years, successfully eliminating more than half a million pests. But last year, after the cane toad populations made their way into Western Australia (WA), the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) — a department of the WA government — announced that they would not support the use of CO2 until further trials had been done, leaving the KTB nearly weaponless against the rapidly spreading invasion just as the first major wet season rains are starting to fall.

So what does the DEC suggest as a humane way to kill the invasive toads? The agency requests that the Toad Busters use blunt trauma for brain destruction.

Guess it’s time for the Toad Busters to break out their whacking sticks.

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Image: flickr / Sam Fraser-Smith

  • Warren Emerson

    Perhaps an efficient approach would be to create a small robot which moves about similarly to a roomba and then kills them with one or more approaches would be cheaper.

  • fatkid

    Its quicker to smash their brains than suffocate them anyway right? Isn’t there a way to make a stimulant to attract the toads? Scent/sight/sound- something has to make them hungry or horny enough to be drawn to a trap.

  • Lekowitz

    Oh Whacking Day!
    Oh Whacking Day!
    Our hallowed snake skull-cracking day!
    We’ll break their backs!
    Gouge out their eyes!
    Their evil hearts we’ll pulverize!
    Oh Whacking Day!
    Oh Whacking Day!
    May God bestow his grace on thee…


    Maybe a they could be used for scientific research. Rather than grabing a stick and smashing them across the head, they could be used to absorb all this CO2 that causing such a fuss about Global Warming. It could possibly filter out a few tons if done right.

  • jaaaimdog.

    theres that many of them, we should just be able to hit em over the head with a stick or go crazy and run them over.
    they’re yucky

  • think

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  • Creepy Neighbor



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