Can an iPhone App Clear up Your Acne?

By Smriti Rao | January 15, 2010 1:37 pm

acne-appA Texas doctor claims that you can now kill your acne while you chat on the phone with your friends. Houston dermatologist Greg Pearson says that his AcneApp, available at Apple’s app store for $1.99, is a great way to clear your mug of unseemly spots.

Fox TV, Houston reports:

The AcneApp emits alternating bursts of red and blue light from the iPhone’s screen. All users have to do is run the program then hold the phone up to their faces.

Dr. Pearson says the phone needs to be held to the face for about two minutes a day, and callers have to remember to switch sides for maximum benefit. He isn’t quite sure of the results, and he can’t promote the app’s medical benefits because it hasn’t been FDA-approved. Nevertheless, Pearson told Fox TV that the app has been designed with “some science” in mind.

The New York Times explains how the app is supposed to work:

The  AcneApp emits an alternating blue (antibacterial) and red (anti-inflammatory) light technology, believed to kill bacteria associated with acne and promote healing, and even act on wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth.

Dr. Pearson also claims that light treatments have been shown to be more effective in treating acne than over-the-counter meds.

Discoblog claims that without any testing of the light’s wavelength, intensity, duration, coverage, and orientation, it’s a laughable attempt to sell a snake oil iPhone app. But give him points for creativity.

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Image: AcneApp

  • http://none seti

    wow… and i thought only “my” nations sucks…

  • http://none seti

    *sucks* should be … if i remmember well own 8th grade grammar….

  • Vermonster

    Whoa, slugger, don’t lump us all in with the enterprising idiots here. Some of us actually have honest jobs and work very hard for their money (so hard for it, honey).

  • John Doe

    It works!!!! My acne is gone. Best $1.99 I ever spent lol yeah right. However light therapy supposedly does have some ground except only at certain wavelengths. I guess if you could determine what the wavelengths of the light being emitted from te phone then there may be some ground for the app. otherwise I call b.s.

  • Brian Too

    Oh. My. God.

    Why is it always Texas? Is Texas the new California?

  • Jenn

    Pay me $1.99 and i’ll clear up your acne, cos its that simple

  • Seriously

    Well why the hell not?! That damn phone can do everything else… why shouldn’t it be able to help with acne. Worth a try cause it’s not going to hurt anything.

  • Yashua

    I just got one! All my friends have been using it and IT WORKS!!!

    If you don’t have an iPhone, some of my friends are using it on different phones, as long as you have an Internet Ready Phone, even the new Google Nexus One or Blackberry they all work, even the Droid.

    iFace Acne Cure – iFace Acne Cure was on Fox News, it uses the same technology as they use at the dermatologist’s office and does the same thing as a similar gadget for about $100 bucks. It utilizes Light Wave Frequency. The Blue Light Frequency Sterilizes and the Red LIght Frequency reduces swelling. I just purchased it myself and a bunch of my friends already have it. It is incredible and the best part is that although it becomes an iPhone App, it WORKS ON ALL INTERNET READY PHONES!!! I only paid $1.77 yep it’s not a typo.

  •' John

    Oh yeah Yashua, well I’m selling MY app for only $1.76!!! That’s right, Buck Seventy-Six!!! Take that big, legitimate business scam corporations! You know what, you don’t even NEED and iPhone for my treatment, just stand in front of a wall and hit your head against it approximately 10-25 times until you feel light-headed, that’s the sign that it’s working, PROVEN! Then you should proceed to soaking your face in a 1:1000 Apple-cider vinegar/water mix for 36-52 hours, and for the final step send me your $1.76 (LESS THAN COMPETITION!) and I’ll tell you it. This is the REAL DEAL, Really! I could have a doctor stand up for me, but I have two words for you- Come On! *Process must be completed twice weekly for 34 years before noted progress. This Treatment has not been evaluated by the FDA. You should consult your Physician before stating any new treatment. Not meant for Women, Children, or people over 25. Please do not attempt this without having already purchased the aformentioned third step. Attempt only under the care of a licensed idiot.

  • sounds like a duck

    What a great scam. Don’t you have to show something works to get to sell it? Even Sham-wow! is still a towel.

  • Yashua

    Hi John, you are funny. Look, firstly it’s NOT my app. Secondly believe it or not it actually works. And it is built on science. I would not believe it myself, but I am actually using it, and it works for me and by the way, if you read the Fox News article that is also attached to the site, dermatologists recommend it as well. Anyway, if anyone wants it they can do the research themselves at and read the Fox News Article, also can watch videos. So you see, it’s not a scam, actually it’s under-priced.

  • Trish

    Hi Ladies and Gents. Well I purchased it. I have to say, after three days of having a kind of large spot on my neck I started using on it. I for sure did NOT believe in it actually, but I bought it, since it really is not that much money and this app at iFace Acne Cure claims that it works on not just the iPhone but other phones. Anyway, my story is that I did not believe in it really, but I am kind of blown away. It seems to work. I’m not kidding. My zit totally healed and the swelling went down. So I don’t know what to say, but I honestly think it is working. I bought it at the above site, I’ll copy the link here: I don’t want to hear responses back though, I can care less really, but I think I’m becomming a believer in it.

  • Trish

    iFace Acne Cure is much more sophisticated, it actually works on the new Google Nexus One Android phones and Blackberry and all Internet capable Phones and Devices. There are many videos about it. It was covered on Fox News also at the New York Times. It is not a hoax, and I have been using it myself the past week. It’s actually quite amazing. I can tell you guys, that the best one is not the $1.77 but the $2.99 one, It actually uses alternatic frequencies and also works on all of those phones. I’m not spamming and certainly not affiliated with anyone so I can really care less if someone complains about the product, but I truly believe it works. After about 3 days my zits dried out, that is a great deal to me! Especially when you are pregnant and you are not allowed to use any chemicals or products. I say the iFace Acne Cure is wonderful.

  • My name is John too

    Ok well this has been pretty comical to read about.. I say if you have 2 bucks than buy it and try it out.. It goes to the douche bag that came up with the crazy idea but, IT is a clever scam at the least so probs to him.. I bought it and I’m gonna try it.. Doubt it will work.. BUT ITS two bucks lol.. Who cares..

  • brad

    i am a dermatologist and i will flat out tell all that this is a snake oil scam—NO double blinded controlled trials, NO science behind this, purely a non ethical, no credibility money making scam—sucker born every minute!!

  • harv

    If you believe this, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. I also have a process that takes ten minutes to give you a “six -pack” abdomen in 10 minutes. Just send me the money! Remember what W.C. Fields said; ” There’s a sucker born every 5 minutes.” What a charlatan! Hopefully, this does not reflect on other dermatologists what he is doing.

  • Shawn

    Hey Guys, I was laughing when I read the response from the so called dermatologist. The reason is, because I saw it on Fox news, and the app is dermatologist recommended. They do not claim that it IS the solution, they claim that it sterilizes and stuff and also that it helps the swelling subside. I bought it and use it and it works on all LCD screens. I just found it very funny that Mr. Dermatologist was so out right said up there that it does not work. Well, I’ve been going to dermatologists now and have been using the cremes for years, and of course medications, antibiotics, honey, and benzol-peroxide, etc.. so I don’t belive that $2.99 or $1.77 will break me when I spent in the thousands throughout my teens on fricking dermatologists. So there Mr. Dermatologist up there, who’s gonna listen to you. Anyway, people are so afraid of new technology. On the other hand, it’s kind of stupid to say that it causes cancer. If it does, well, then you might as well throw your phones away, because you are all using them, too. hahahah Anyway piece to all, I can care less anyway. Except that I’m using it, and I think it’s not worse than all the other crap I’ve already used, and if anything it maybe working.

  • Shawn

    sorry about the typos, such as believe and stuff. I typed too fast guys.

  • Shocky

    I saw this on Fox also. Logically I would think it would not work, but my class-mates use it and they so far claim that it does work. The link is iFace Acne Cure or – I never used it yet but I know people who do claim ti does work.

  • Shocky


  • Shocky

    GO GET IT AT my mom bought it for me and it does work!

  • Gordon

    Hi all, well I had acne all over my face for the longest time. I really hated it. The blue light treatment seems to have an effect. It’s like everything else, you have to give it some time, but it seems to work. I also got it from the link above. .

  • John

    Hi, It’s me again. After trying the links provided above, I am sorry to say that, alas, MY solution is STILL the best! After trying the others, I felt depressed and Angry when it didn’t work. I did find that by Selling my product, I made money And felt better. With all the money I have now, I’m SWIMMING in cash, and nobody cares about my acne anymore! My testimony just goes to show that in America, the sky is the limit! …—===+++YEAH!

  • John

    Oh yeah, and Fox News would NEVER LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twyla Belcher

    I think an overlooked area of pimple care is vitamins. Too much is spent on skin medications and not enough on correct nutrition. Nonetheless, great write-up.

  • Tyrel

    Yeah right…………………….If it really does work, it would of exploded all over forums and the news. Even if it is only 3 months old.

  • Numerobis

    I think thatYashua, Trish, Shawn,Shocky and Gordon are the same person (the dermatologist ?) !!! Don’t you see they all write the website address where you can buy the app (ain’t gonna write it) !!!! Probably so it comes first on google when you search for it, and they all say it works and they explain how the learned about it. And they all write correctly, but that’s not relevant.


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