Now Appearing on Your iPhone: The President of the United States

By Smriti Rao | January 20, 2010 11:36 am

WhiteHouseNewsWhen candidate Barack Obama was campaigning for president across the country, no one used social networking better than his camp. Now, after conquering Facebook and YouTube, POTUS wants you to keep in touch with a new iPhone app.

The iPhone app, dubbed The White House app, is free, and President Obama’s PR team hopes it will keep audiences connected to what’s going on in Washington. It’s available on iTunes.

The Washington Post reports:

The application comes packed with content, including the latest news items, videos, photos and blog posts from The White House. One feature that stands out is live video streaming, which enables iPhone and iPod Touch owners to watch the President’s public events at the White House as well as other events like key speeches and press briefings in real-time.

The app has been released just ahead of the President’s State of the Union address–so people can watch the address on their iPhone in real time.

The White House Blog writes:

The White House app also lets users stay up to date with the White House Blog and the latest from the Briefing Room. Browse behind-the-scenes photos and watch on-demand videos. The app provides instant access to full videos from recent speeches, press briefings, and special events.

The Huffington Post reports this is the first step in the White House’s mobile strategy, led by Macon Phillips, a veteran of the Obama campaign. The White House is expected to launch, a mobile-ready version of the White House’s virtual headquarters that is optimized for any Web-enabled mobile device.

For now, if you’re downloading the White House app, make sure you get the right one–it’s the one that says “free.”

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