NCBI ROFL: And you thought your carpal tunnel was from typing…

By ncbi rofl | January 27, 2010 7:00 am

Monkey-typingThe role of sexual intercourse in the etiology of carpal tunnel syndrome.

“The etiology of non-occupational carpal tunnel syndrome is not well understood. It is proposed that carpal tunnel syndrome can develop during sexual intercourse when the hands become repeatedly extended while under pressure from the weight of the upper body. Of the eight risk factors associated with non-occupational carpal tunnel syndrome, age, marital status, pregnancy and use of hormonal agents can be explained by changes in the frequency of sexual intercourse. On the other hand, obesity, macromastia and large chest circumference can be explained by the increased pressure imposed on the wrists by the heavier upper body associated with such conditions. The bilaterality of carpal tunnel syndrome can be explained by the fact that both hands are needed to support the upper body during sexual intercourse. A parallel decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse and the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome between the sixth and the seventh decades of life suggests a possible cause and effect relationship between sexual intercourse and carpal tunnel syndrome.”

carpal tunnel

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  • PaulyG

    That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

  • Carter

    Ah, I was wondering why my wrist was so messed up.

  • RobC

    How long till this study ends up in a workers-comp or insurance trial?

  • Chrysoprase

    Guess this means the Kama Sutra is now a preventative measure for carpal tunnel?

  • Dave

    Here is the nuetral postion. This is the ideal postion for the least stress during intercoarse… lol

  • George Gordon

    a) to paraphrase Woody Allen, it does if you’re doing it right
    b) only if you’re doing it by yourself

  • Tom J.

    macromastia ftw!

  • http://none John Zenian

    The following easy steps will help you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome while having sex.
    1) When leaning on the wrists, place them ahead of your body so that the angle formed between the hand and the arm is greater than ninety degrees. This will minimize the degree to which the wrist will bend.
    2)With the rear entry position, women can place their arms on a high prop such as a sofa while kneeling on the floor.
    3) Change positions during the same intercourse or use other joints to support the upper body, so that the number of repetitions performed in a single position will decrease.

  • Kathleen

    This article was incomplete. Are we talking about heterosexual intercourse? If so, who is getting carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), the woman, the man, or both? If the woman is in the male-dominant missionary position, is she more likely to get CTS? If she is in the woman-on-top position, is she less likely to get it?

    Sexual intercourse and outercouse always needs to be an empowering act for women, and a nurturing act for men. We need to respect women’s right to leadership in the bedroom.

    As my friend says, “No intercourse until the woman has an orgasm.” In other words, no intercourse without outercourse. (Male chauvinists would call it “foreplay” – YUCK!)

  • http://none John Zenian

    To Kathleen:

    Both men and women can develop carpal tunnel syndrome depending on the positon being used during heterosexual intercourse. In the missionary position, the male partner is at risk, whereas in the rear entry position the female partner would be at risk. In the woman on top position the female partner will be at risk if she leans on her wrists,unless she is able to balance herself sitting upright or use another joint such as the knuckle joints (closed fists) which she can also use in the rear entry position to support her upper body.

  • Sheila Jared

    Thank you for posting this
    For my take on Carpal Tunnel and how I dealt with it and prevented it from becoming something that hampered me for life please read my article

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