NCBI ROFL: Civilian gunshot injuries of the penis: the Miami experience.

By ncbi rofl | January 29, 2010 7:00 am

gun“OBJECTIVES: To perform a retrospective study to evaluate the circumstances, extent of trauma, and modalities of treatment for penile injuries caused by firearms in a large metropolitan area. The management of civilian injuries differs significantly from that of the military, and experience with penetrating trauma to the external male genitalia in civilian life has been minimally reported. METHODS: From 1989 to 2006, 58 patients with gunshot wounds of the penis were evaluated at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida… … CONCLUSIONS: Gunshot wounds to the penis are rare and are commonly associated with injuries of other organs. In sharp contrast to military injuries, minimal tissue destruction is seen, and minimal debridement is needed. If corporal injuries are suspected, penile exploration is warranted.”


Photo: flickr/Willie Lunchmeat

  • beanfeast

    Best contributing photographer ever.

  • Willie Lunchmeat

    Thanks for using my image in your article. I can safely say I have never shot off any part of my body :o)

  • Tom

    Ah, made me look! Got me!

  • Pee shooter

    What would Freud say? Oh right, hard to talk with that cigar in your mouth and a straw up your nose.

  • dangermusic

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