NCBI ROFL: That's one miraculous conception.

By ncbi rofl | February 1, 2010 7:00 am

maryOral conception. Impregnation via the proximal gastrointestinal tract in a patient with an aplastic distal vagina. Case report.

[Ed. note: There is no abstract, so we’re including most of the original article below. It’s a bit long, but trust us–it’s worth the read!]

“Case report:
The patient was a 15-year-old girl employed in a local bar. She was admitted to hospital after a knife fight involving her, a former lover and a new boyfriend. Who stabbed whom was not quite clear but all three participants in the small war were admitted with knife injuries.

The girl had some minor lacerations of the left hand and a single stab-wound in the upper abdomen. Under general anaesthesia, laparotomy was performed through an upper midline abdominal incision to reveal two holes in the stomach. These two wounds had resulted from the single stab-wound through the abdominal wall. The two defects were repaired in two layers. The stomach was noted empty at the time of surgery and no gastric contents were seen in the abdomen. Nevertheless, the abdominal cavity was lavaged with normal saline before closure. The condition of the patient improved rapidly following routine postoperative care and she was discharged home after 10 days.

Precisely 278 days later the patient was admitted again to hospital with acute, intermittent abdominal pain. Abdominal examination revealed a term pregnancy with a cephalic fetal presentation. The uterus was contracting regularly and the fetal heart was heard. Inspection of the vulva showed no vagina, only a shallow skin dimple was present below the external urethral meatus and between the labia minora. An emergency lower segment caesarean section was performed under spinal anaesthesia and a live male infant weighing 2800 g was born…

…While closing the abdominal wall, curiosity could not be contained any longer and the patient was interviewed with the help of a sympathetic nursing sister. The whole story did not become completely clear during that day but, with some subsequent inquiries, the whole saga emerged.

The patient was well aware of the fact that she had no vagina and she had started oral experiments after disappointing attempts at conventional intercourse. Just before she was stabbed in the abdomen she had practised fellatio with her new boyfriend and was caught in the act by her former lover. The fight with knives ensued. She had never had a period and there was no trace of lochia after the caesarean section. She had been worried about the increase in her abdominal size but could not believe she was pregnant although it had crossed her mind more often as her girth increased and as people around her suggested that she was pregnant. She did recall several episodes of lower abdominal pain during the previous year. The young mother, her family, and the likely father adapted themselves rapidly to the new situation and some cattle changed hands to prove that there were no hard feelings.

A plausible explanation for this pregnancy is that spermatozoa gained access to the reproductive organs via the injured gastrointestinal tract. It is known that spermatozoa do not survive long in an environment with a low pH (Jeffcoate1975), but it is also known that saliva has a high pH and that a starved person does not produce acid under normal circumstances (Bernards & Bouman 1976). It is likely that the patient became pregnant with her first or nearly first ovulation otherwise one would expect that inspissated blood in the uterus and salpinges would have made fertilization difficult. The fact that the son resembled the father excludes an even more miraculous conception.”

Thanks to Eric for today’s ROFL!
Photo: flickr/Randy OHC

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  • Christopher

    Madre de dios!

  • librarymistress

    OMG – “health issues I wish I didn’t know about” is really just the right description for this story.. .

  • Ian

    Could you remove the icon from this article? I appreciate you are making an association with the ‘miraculous’ but given you have a perfectly scientific explanation then it’s not miraculous in the theological sense. Furthemore think about the use of the image since both Catholics and Muslims give Mary a special place in their respective faiths.

    • Jeezychreezy

      shut up Ian. God, you’re such a pretentious little douchbag.

    • Fuckyou

      fuck you mate

    • vfgbh

      fuck off

      • JJAB91

         No vfgbh you fuck off.

  • Joe Bogus

    OMG! Now you’ve done it! You’ve awakened the Righteously Indignant!

    Quick! In the name of Political Correctness — BRING MARY DOWN!!!

  • The Brummell

    Replace it with an image on toast. That’s much less offensive, right?

    Excellent find. There must be events in human physiology and medicine that happen with extremely low frequency, like this case of oral fertilization assisted by violence, but happen often enough (once) to appear in the medical literature. I’m wondering what we’ll see next.

  • Jason

    Is it April 1?

  • kees

    lol @ “some cattle changed hands”

  • Nightwish

    Very old story.
    First came out around 1988.
    Never heard that they had prove that it was really true.
    So for me its a hoax
    discover magazine is out of new interesting news?

  • Mary Sue

    @Joe and @The Brummell… BoingBoing used a Creative Commons photo of a pregnant woman’s stomach. And yes, some of us are religious and some of us actually have icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary on their desks, and refer to her unironically as such. Doesn’t mean you have to be jerks when Ian made a very reasonable and evenhanded request (I do believe her son had something to say about not being a dick, as a matter of fact. Really, that’s what the original Aramaic said, not the sanitized “do unto others” stuff).

  • Phil Nichols

    Being mostly ignorant of the female parts down there, how does one urinate lacking a vagina? Could go on for awhile, but will leave it go at that.

  • Megan

    @Phil Nichols,

    I can’t decide if you’re trolling or just woefully ignorant of female parts: women do not urinate using their vaginas, but rather through the urethra, which is adjacent to, but not inside of, the vagina.

    • Alexealuton

      See, I understand that women pee through the urethra, but it still comes OUT through the vaginal OPENING.  So Phil and I are still wondering how they can pee if there is no opening for it to come out of.  :/  You being douches and simply saying “you don’t pee through the vagina” does NOT answer the question OR make you smarter than anyone else.  It seems you still can’t explain it, or else you probably would.  Also I did try to Google how it would work but to no avail.

      • wut

        Wikipedia “vagina” and notice that it is an entirely different orifice. How is a grown man not aware of this? 

  • Phil Nochols Is Dumb

    Phil, see the part of the article that says “Inspection of the vulva showed no vagina, only a shallow skin dimple was present below the external urethral meatus and between the labia minora.” … See the words “urethral meatus”? The urethral meatus is the urethral opening, i.e. where the piss comes out for your feeble mind…

  • Yarrgh

    “Being mostly ignorant of the female parts down there…”
    “That’s what she said!”

  • WTF Phil???

    Seriously? You thought women urinated from the vagina? Interesting. So, either you are 12 and a virgin, or… nope, that is the only logical explanation.

    On another note, to Ian, who felt the need to complain about the depiction of Mary, you don’t think that a girl without a vagina who gives head, then ends up being stabbed once and is injured in such a way that it creates an opening to the GI track and the uterus allowing sperm to enter at just the right moment when pregnancy is possible is not divine intervention? I have no idea whether this story is true, I suspect not, but a scientific explanation does not disqualify it as miraculous even in the theoligical sense. Geez. I really hate people who are so bound to antiquated views like science is anti-religion and vice versa.

  • David

    @ Mary Sue,

    Who’s son? Ian’s? Ian is a woman?

  • Freedomboy

    I do not think these icon images are actual photos, pretty sure they are older than that. so one man’s iconic image is another man’s randon painting. So, along with the quotes Christians are so fond of using from thousands of years ago, I say let anyone use old paintings as they see fit, Christains surely do.

  • JimJohn

    @ WTF Phil??? Agreed. Scientific plausibility and divine intervention are not mutually exclusive. Don’t personally see the hand of God at work in conception via blowjob, but who’s to say? On a separate note, I once had a really, truly great blowjob, and it was the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had.

  • Oh Wow

    I have to say…ive enjoyed reading the comments much more than the article itself.

  • Tom

    @ JimJohn
    Not that I’m religious or anything, but I’m guessing that someone who was would tell you that God works his miracles in mysterious ways. Either that or God has interesting hobbies.

  • Joel

    @theindigantchristians – How about you stop propagating implausible and unverifiable stories about Mary and an immaculate conception, and then the rest of us will promise to stop thinking of those stories when someone else gets pregnant without having intercouse?

  • Kai

    how would she pee?

  • Chaon

    What’s all this about women having vaginae? Nobody ever tells me anything.

  • Blaven

    Sounds a lot like this old legend: The line “Precisely 278 days later” in this article is suspiciously close to the “Exactly 278 days later” in the snopes link. How well was this article researched?

    • Skizzlet

      I feel so much smarter having read the article you posted simply because the author of said article CITED REFERENCES!!! wooooow! This seems somewhat of an ancient sport anymore, proving the legitimacy of where you gained your information….hmmm

      Anyone who reads anything and proselytizes their life in anyway due to what was read, without checking the validity of the material, is moronic.

  • Glen

    Kai – you’re an idiot

  • J.L.

    At least they’re saying, “miraculous conception” instead of “immaculate conception”. I hate it when people refer to the Virgin Birth (Mary was a virgin) as the Immaculate Conception (Mary was conceived free of Original Sin, which allows her to avoid passing it to Jesus). Wow, I just read that comment and I feel like a pedantic jackass.

  • marcelino

    The miracle here is the fact that a 15-yr old girl with no vagina; was able to hide that fact [myspace, facebook] and had 2 boyfriends to boot. Then again with all the school districts ending gym class, her girl peers may have never noticed.

  • Rob

    This happened in the late 80s, before facebook and myspace.

  • superman

    You guys are being infantile in regards to insulting Phil. Someone with the will and desire to learn is something to be respected. Far worse is someone that has no interest in acquiring the knowledge.

  • cait

    if she had a vulva i doubt anyone in her gym class would notice, i dont remember spending any time looking up other girl’s vaginas when i was changing after gym.

    on another note, if there were lacerations in her stomach only, then those guys had a very long way to swim to make all the way to the oviducts (the only way they could get into the uterus) making this story even more unlikely, but still plausible i suppose

  • Ceffie

    @Blaven: “The line “Precisely 278 days later” in this article is suspiciously close to the “Exactly 278 days later” in the snopes link. How well was this article researched?”

    278 days later would be nine months. Y’know, as in most typical pregnancy terms?

  • Otis Driftwood

    My Grandpappy t’was for of regaling us with tales of such strange things as women who didn’t have belly buttons, of the snake girl who was born looking similar to a late mid term pollywog, with rows of sharks-teeth, it was said she could swim under water and stay there over three hours. He said the people who come up from inside the mountains every twenty or thirty years took her, and everybody rested easy after that but none of em had any idea why they’d want her.
    I can’t vouch for Grandpappy, but some folks born where mountains feed rivers live near creeks and rivers all their lives, and never learn to swim, never much wanted to get in roiled or muddy water, or any water they couldn’t see the bottom…maybe them ladies with no belly button was hatched!!!
    Maybe they had a communal clutch of eggs gathered in some undercut in a rivers bend!!!
    Maybe they is alien space invaders from right around here close!!!
    Maybe they is lots uh stuff.
    Maybe they think cornbread fed is the new white meat.
    They painted all sortsa insane crap in caves out in the Mojave…I was lost a long time in the bluffs and drifts…looked at a lot of caves….they painted a big story with some sort of pigmentation, on the weirdest stuff they traced their hands as a signature of the witness on the wall.
    And there aint NO Tutti Freakin Fruiti in YOU’R immediate future!!!
    You should watch house of 1000 corpses, and The Devil’s Rejects. I’m hopin tha Fam all gets up as “The Devils Embraced” and we get to Party to another in the collection Zombie joints.
    A trilogy would be so damn schweet….aaahhhh man….I’m just sayin.
    Maw always said I was full of the Devil…she didn’t know tha half of it.
    Anyway, they said “The Black Dahlia” was born with a similar mutation which came to be but one more tantalizing tale in “Lurid Detective Magazine”.
    Usually they just got pictures of a bloody spot and a chalk outline here and there.
    You could count on 3.2 nipples peeking through lacy underthings, along with tales of how “The Killer Prefers Brunettes”, and The Girl Scout who went alone to sell to that nice old man that lived in the creaky old gabled house on the edge of town…well by gawd I’ll bet “it puts the lotion on it’s skin”, so it won’t “get the hose again” now and does it right snappy too.
    S’wut happens when you listen to Grandpappy, n read his old picture pulps.

  • NerdyGirl

    For the love of google, can’t anyone use a search engine anymore?

  • Joe Z

    @Ceffie: they also say 40 weeks, which comes to ~10 months, but who’s counting?

  • Gah

    @Chaon – Nice call! :)

    @Blaven – “How well was this article researched?” – If you’d read it properly you would have noticed they said they copied and pasted most of it. Check the image at the bottom and you’ll see it’s been sourced from Pubmed (a medical publication database) from an actual article published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It’s a case study that has been documented in a scientific journal. I don’t blame you for being skeptical though! It’s a ripper of a story! :)

  • ceffie needs more snopesing

    aktualee most pregers take about 10 months
    the whole 9 months thing is after most people notice they ‘may’ b pregnant. so that aktualee would be a premee baby ghetto child.

    not surprising given the fubar’d Reproductive system on this one. it is ‘possible’ however unlikely that this is a legit story and if it is it certainly would fall under a the stratification of ‘Miracle’

    as far as the whole female anatomy lesson. . .your on the internet LOOK IT UP you lazy asses

  • rob johnson

    Fail! she is built for speed and comfort

  • BeenPregnant

    @JoeZ: Normal human gestation is 40 weeks. Since there aren’t an even four weeks in a month, it does work out more or less to 9 months + 1 week.

  • Mer

    Ian: Who cares if both “both Catholics and Muslims give Mary a special place.”
    They’ll get over it if it bothers them.

  • ForPitysSake

    Precisely 278 days is umm… well… gimme a second! Oh! it’s 278 days. Right? Right. So 9 months is umm… oh jeeze I know this… umm… Oh! it’s about 270 days isn’t it? 30 times 9 and all that… right? Right! So, precisely 9 months is rather vague but it’s not quite 278 days, whereas precisely 278 days is exactly 278 days.

    So ummm… Right! 278 equals 278 which is similar but not equal to 9 months. You getting my drift here yet Mr literal?

    Yea I’m looking at you ceffie.

  • Discordian

    You guys don’t really, I mean REALLY honestly believe that Mary gave birth as a virgin to the son of a god? Are you also in the same camp that believes Joseph and Mary never had any more kids? Failure to consummate is grounds for divorce, and if I had been Joseph, I would have been f^&*ing ticked off. Hate to be that guy and go off abou.. ah… but… holy crap, I see The Virgin Mary in my Bloody Mary garnishes! I love olives. I bet that 15 year old made a good cocktail, too! I mean, 15 and working in a Bar? WOW! What a life. Do you think she used holy olives, or just celery?

  • Lord Mangina

    Mary was a whore. This chick needs anal.

  • Ian

    Just reading through these responses I can see why Governments are limiting funding to science. I’m Discover must be very proud of its readership.

  • http://none JJ

    dude, there’s no way. If “oral conception” as defined above would actually occur as-described (no gastric/stomach content, fellatio, etc) we’d have no porn industry…I’ll let y’all connect the dots on that one. What DID get her pregnant was the fact that she was STABBED, and then the saline rinse swished around some of the still-alive sperm from the stomach into the abdominal cavity before being stiched up. Otherwise how the hell would the sperm miraculously have made it through the stomach lining to where the Egg would be, osmosis?

    Using the Virgin Mary makes no sense at all whatsoever. And all it did is cause a battle of theology vs religion vs science on this blog, instead of what the actual article is talking about.

    In line with the ROFL tag, it would’ve made more sense to use a still-frame from that episode of Family Guy where Sperm-Stewie is shooting his way past competing sperm in order to reach the Louis’ Egg.

  • Katie

    @Phil Nichols – wow. Do you have NO concept of anatomy whatsoever? women don’t piss out of their VAGINAS. They have a urethra for that. And while it’s in the same location, it’s NOT the same thing and does not develop from the same precursors.

  • procrastinating

    These comments are better than the article!

  • shocked

    @ WTF Phil?? “I really hate people who are so bound to antiquated views like science ”

    Did you really say that? Seriously??? I’m trying to think up something to say here, but you have already made my case, all on your own.

  • MrSpiffy

    @Discordian: It’s pretty apparent you didn’t study religion much (which is fine). It’s mentioned multiple times in the Bible that Mary and Joseph had other children, usually stated as Jesus’ brothers and sisters. So, yes, they had sex, and probably plenty of it. Better brush up on your knowledge before blasting Christianity next time, chief.

  • MrSpiffy

    @shocked: He said “views like science is anti-religion”. Took me a couple reads to catch it, too. Should have used quotes.

  • Jay Matthew

    I can’t believe that you people read that entire article and the only thing you can bring up is that the icon of some picture is somehow offensive. You religious nuts need to get over yourselves really quick. I mean who cares what picture is at the top of the article? It’s not a actually photo of woman who had some storybook “emaculate” performance with her reproductive system. All that drawing is, is a picture from a storybook, like Bob “the builder” or Dora “the explorer”; although they’ve actually be on TV before so i guess they’re more believeable than the fiction that’s conjoured in your mind when even the name “The Virgin Mary” is mentioned. Have a nice day.

  • Bryn

    A picture of Mary for an article about a girl with no mary?

    Lovely stuff.

  • weeklyrob

    Phil says he doesn’t know anything about anatomy, then asks a simple question. You people blast him. What’s wrong with all of you?

    As far as whether it’s a hoax or not, here’s the link to the case in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (though it doesn’t help much):

    Apparently, this all happened at Mafeteng Districts Hospital, Lesotho.

  • BoB BaBai

    Truly the most interesting thing about this article to me: “[Ed. note: There is no abstract, so we’re including most of the original article below. It’s a bit long, but trust us–it’s worth the read!]”

    1 page, 552 words, 6 paragraphs. If this is long, what pain he must go through in order to speak intelligently about global warming, or campaign finance, or Lord help us, what he will have for lunch.

    Sorry, I guess I missed the point.

  • JJ

    Yes, without a vagina she would have been able to urinate normally.

    However, an egg is required for reproduction. A period is the usual way of flushing unused eggs. “Can’t remember ever having a period” but her body is obviously producing eggs.

    So they get reabsorbed along with the mucus, but in this miracle case one hooked up with a sperm?

    Yeah, this story is a hoax, so the picture of Mary is particularly appropriate.

  • Suzanne

    After the birth of my second, my dad asked me a question that led me to believe he thought everything came out the “same hole”, too. He’s in his 70s. You’d think that would be enough time if this was something people could easily learn on their own with no decent instruction in biology. I expect it’s not that uncommon (in the US where so many people are afraid of sex ed, especially) for men to not understand how the female genitalia work. Heck, I bet there are a few women out there who don’t, either. It’s sad and I’m always impressed with people who are willing to ignore the possibility of being harassed and belittled and ask what amounts to a stupid question in order to become less ignorant! Good for all of them!

  • Katie

    @MrSpiffy – I think Discordian is actually agreeing with you. He’s saying it’s obvious they DID have sex and therefore children. However, Roman Catholics FIRMLY believe Mary never had any other children. They prefer to believe that she remained a virgin the rest of her life. When taking a test in catholic school once there was a question about this. I asked the nun “but doesn’t the Bible say Mary and Joseph had children after Jesus?”. She gave me a dirty looked and walked away without answering me. Crazy Catholics..

  • Ryan W.

    I have a solution to the iconography issue – please take down any actual photographs of Mary H. Christ since they offend people who have fake pictures of her on their desk.

  • YouKnow

    there’s great pizza @Ians.

  • The Writegeous Kneejerker


  • Roger

    The absence of a vagina is called vaginal agenisis and affects approximately one in 5000 female infants. There are various ways to surgically correct this, none of which seemed to me particularly satisfactory. Google it or see

    So far as I am aware I never did meet a girl who had no vagina. Anybody else have a different experience?

  • elijaya

    You think this is miraculous or funny?! There was a story several yeasrs ago about a police bullet that passed through the testicles of a perp and ended up in the reproductive tract of a virginal teen. Nine months after the shooting, she gave birth to a healthy child. Doctors and police surmised that a miniscule amount of sperm had attached to the bullet and, as the bullet lodged in the woman’s repro organs, the sperm proceeded to fertilize an egg. Wacky stuff, no?

  • Roger

    Elijaya, you need to look at

  • Doug

    Um. With no vagina, what happens during/after her period?

  • BP

    First, virginal births are nothing miraculous. They happen. No, not regularly, but they happen. So, yes, mary could have been a virgin.

    Did she give birth to the son of god? who knows? Depends what you believe. Why worry about the details when it’s the end message that matters?

    @Katie: “Roman Catholics FIRMLY believe Mary never had any other children.” – that’s not what I learned in catholic school and that’s not what I believe. And before you make other stereotypes, I’m pro-choice.

    I call hoax on this. If the sperm survived past her mouth, the stomach acid would have killed it. If it “miraculously” survived and swam aout of a cut in the stomach, how did it get into the reproductive tract? There was a “single stab-wound in the upper abdomen.” That’s how it got out, now how did it get in? Or do you all think a females’ eggs roll around in the abdominal cavity?

  • AXH

    Seems as if I piss out of my vagina. Granted, not the ‘vagina’. But, seriously, give the guy a break. The pee absolutely comes from within my beautiful Goddess-taco, not a flat indent of skin. This guy had a point and y’all emasculated him! Come home w/ me sweetie, we’ll get yr head back in the game. As it were.

  • ana

    Phil… people do not urinate out of their vagina. What are you, the 40 yr old virgin?

  • Drew


    search “swallow it”

  • theDevil

    and there was light …

    ….sadly even after the light is opened those idiots are still flashing their flashlights…

    sad ….

  • Steve to the izo

    its cool they gave away cattle in the end

  • preggo

    Actually, normal human gestation (the actual time between conception and “full term”) is likely closer to 38 weeks than 40. It is true, however, that doctors count “Pregnancy” with a 40 week time frame.

    Its a bit confusing but, they calculate due dates as 40 weeks after the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle… not 40 weeks from the approximate conception date. So, when a women says they are “8 weeks”.. it means it has been 8 weeks since her last period, not necessarily its been 8 weeks since the baby was conceived.

    Also, women who conceive from in-vitro fertilization are put on a 38 week calendar, not 40 weeks. This is because the doctors know the exact date of conception, so they can trim those two extra weeks off.

    Hope that helps with the whole 9 or 10 month debate thing!

  • LB

    @BP Actually, the female reproductive tract is not a “closed system” as you envision.. the openings of the Fallopian tubes are in communication with the peritoneal cavity. This is one of the reasons women sometimes have endometriosis.

  • LadyNana

    Also, check out:

  • Tis True

    This is in fact a true occurance. I went to the British Journal of Gynaecology website and found the publication myself.

  • lolsuz

    Given the historical disgust associated with female genitalia in Western society, I am not in the least bit surprised to see a man ask how a woman can urinate if she doesn’t have a vagina. Frankly it would not have surprised me overmuch to see a woman post the same question. The same ignorance is still sometimes present in grown married men with children of their own, so accusations that this question was posed by a 40 year old virgin or a 12 year old boy display, well, a great deal of ignorance about the persistent ignorance of such matters. I wonder just how many men reading these posts were relieved that someone ELSE answered the question so they could get the answer without being the one raked over the coals. And I suspect that more than one woman read over these posts and thought, “oh, I didn’t know that!” The unfortunate truth is that knowledge of genital anatomy is frequently insufficient world wide, and getting all puffed up and pointing fingers at “idiots” does nothing to help.

    In 1994 I worked with a very sweet woman who was in her early 50’s and grew up in the country. One day she related to me the story of her confusion and shock upon finding out how babies were born- she was informed of how the process worked by the nurses who wheeled her into the birthing OR to delver her first child. No one had told her and she had been too shy to ask before then, figuring that her baby would get born the same way everybody else did- however that was. (Given her reticence about sexual matters, it would not surprise me in the least if this same woman is ignorant to this day that she urinates from her urethra and not her vagina.) A little rough estimating tells us that this happened somewhere in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s- FAR too late for such ignorance to persist in an industrialized country. Did I tell this dear, sweet woman that she was an idiot? No, I empathized with her about the real point of her story: her fear and embarrassment of arriving at childbirth with no idea what was going to happen, and having to be told by complete strangers who were shocked by being asked such a question by a grown, married woman in full labor.

    So long as negative connotations are attached to sexual matters, this sort of ignorance will persist. So don’t punish those bold enough to publicly request information… unless the questioner is a troll, in which case, f*** ’em.

  • MarkEcky

    I expect many men incorrectly use the word “vagina” when they mean “vulva.” I did, until looking it up just now. Ignorance, not feeble-mindedness or virginity, as some have suggested. (Don’t have to understand an engine to drive a car.)

  • Clinton

    I did not have sex with that woman!!!!

  • Shannon

    Actually using the virgin mary is quite appropriate since this girl, lacking a vagina thus was a virgin, became pregnant.

  • Radz

    Christian idiots are posting on here but you guys are giving somebody s*** about not understanding the vagina? Your stupidity prioritizing is all screwed up…

  • HappilyEverBefore

    My first girlfriend didn’t have a vagina.

    Not that I know of anyway.

  • Reow

    I call bulls***.

  • FastJack

    Reminds me of that demotivator: Abstinence – it’s 99.9% effective

  • Jimbon

    This is absolute horses***. A lie.

  • Beckers

    I think this article should be submitted to Mythbusters.

  • Cara Lee

    This was someone’s Lucky Day!

  • YURI

    Myth plausible or busted…???????????

  • Obama

    i dont know about it but YES……… We CAN!!!!!

  • Manolo Matos

    For those who thought it wasn’t real. Check it out…

  • Rach

    RE: 3. Ian Says:
    February 1st, 2010 at 8:43 am
    Could you remove the icon from this article? I appreciate you are making an association with the ‘miraculous’ but given you have a perfectly scientific explanation then it’s not miraculous in the theological sense. Furthemore think about the use of the image since both Catholics and Muslims give Mary a special place in their respective faiths.

    –I think what they are saying is that Mary was impregnated during a knife fight.

  • Jer

    Agreed with Rach.

    Religous nuts are dumb if Mary didn’t want to be held in relation to such articles she shouldn’t have had her picture taken in the first place.

  • JP

    “Given the historical disgust associated with female genitalia in Western society…”

    Are you aware of the multi-billion dollar porn industry? Disgust? Western society puts it on a pedestal, much like in the aforementioned 40-Year Old Virgin.

    Sam Harris got this chick pregnant with information.

  • InquireWell

    @Nightwish and others who think this is a hoax – if you click on the Pubmed link below the article(See:, it will take you to the title of the actual scientific article, a case report published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Here is the journal article information: Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 1988 Sep;95(9):933-4. So, yes Nightwish, the story has been around since 1988 because the case study was published in September of 1988 in volume 95.

  • abp


  • Landover Baptist Faithful Servent

    Hallelujah my LORD!!!!! We have seen the signs and have been warning the masses about the end times. The second coming of or Lord is here. He has been born of a virgin once again. She MUST protect our Lord with the help of the church before the Anti-Christ finds him. NOW IS THE TIME TO REPENT!!!!!!!!

  • rsnicksiv

    Fuck that antichrist! This ain’t gonna be your mother’s coming of the Messiah. This is going to be Blowjob, Knifefight Jesus. He was born of sperm sucked by his vagina-less mother stabbed into the very womb in which he gestated.

  • Knockgoats

    Quick! Someone call a waaahmbulance for Ian! He’s been clutching those pearls so hard he’s bleeding from both palms!

  • esty

    Unbelievable. So many women can’t get pregnant even doing everything right, and she can via getting stabbed after oral sex? If you ever needed proof that your parents were right when they said the world wasn’t fair…

  • Michael J.

    I think Otis Driftwood said it all. All of what, I have no idea. But it was still well said. Indeciferable, but well said. I’m still trying to figure out what ol’ Otis was trying to say, but damnit, it was well said.

  • RunningOnEmpty

    I like my steak medium rare.

  • Owlmirror

    I note that the author of the original journal article, Douwe A. A. Verkuyl, is still alive and apparently productive and publishing, according to the list that comes up when his name is clicked. He [Wikipedia lists several other individuals with that personal name who are all male] appears to no longer be in Lesotho, but (according to a PLoS One paper that he is listed as coauthor) is at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, United Bulawayo Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as of May 2008.

    Another more recent publication has his e-mail as ‘verkuyl at’, and gives a contact address of “Mevr. Leinweberlaan 16, 3971 KZ Driebergen, The Netherlands”.

    It might be possible to contact him to corroborate the story.

    One of the things that I am wondering is if perhaps some details are missing about the mother. Another possibility that occurred to me — admittedly about as far-fetched as the scenario offered — is that she might be an XX/XY mosaic, and as a result might have a functioning testis as well as an ovary; the knife might have therefore moved sperm from the testis to where it could fertilize the ovum.

    Of course, finding the mother and son to determine the genetic facts of the matter is not a trivial course of action.

  • Malice

    Uh, @Phil Nichols…not to be rude, my friend, but we women don’t piss out of our vaginas last I checked.

    I take it you don’t give head.

  • matt

    Actually, she was stabbed twice. Once in the mouth and then subsequently in the gut.

  • Sam

    The same way that you pee without a vagina Phil, through her urethra.

  • Fred Greene

    So,Genetically the child is the fathers?????? Haha,What’s been going on????? Fred

  • JoeOvercoat

    Yo Joe B, Ian asked nicely, didn’t he?

  • Scott

    LOL at all this stuff about Mary.

    Christianity is just one womans lie about having an affair that got WAY out of hand.

  • stevo

    I’m the 101st!

    Uh,…what were we talking about…?

  • Jockaira

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves…jumping on Phil for asking a simple question. That’s what science is all about.

    You should also be ashamed of yourselves for not being able to imagine that a person lacking in knowledge of female genital physiology would not be logical in concluding that females urinate from the vagina. Such a male (and some females) foreseeably could anologise that since a male urinates through his copulatory organ, then a female might also urinate through her copulatory organ.

    Of course Phil, or any other person still hazy on the details of the question above, is advised to resort to empirical method to resolve the controversy. A few seconds of dutiful observation of a willing subject or a self-observation for females via a mirror should be enough to settle the issue.

    As for the inset of the “Virgin Mary.” It’s just there to enhance the visual aspect of the textual composition and is probably not meant as a comment on anything except perhaps sly humor.

    Get over it. It’s just a belief system.

  • Mahomet B. Furious

    Look, I have really poor impulse control, and if you leave that picture of Mary up there’s no telling what I might do. In fact, I feel a little horny considering her face is exposed. Please be more culturally sensitive.

  • Mary QuiteContrary

    -The whole idea of Mary giving birth to the son of God comes directly from the fact the until the 1800’s man did not know how babies were formed.

    -As far as the sperm reaching the oviducts..would not happen. Connective tissue in teh abdomen would have stopped this from even begin possible.

    -This Story Is A hoax.

  • Anonymous Coward

    I’d just like to point out that whoever used the phrase “beautiful Goddess-taco” made me throw up in my mouth a little.

    Yeah, because I needed -more- confirmation that I was gay.

  • Brad

    Does Mary at the top look cross eyed and like a man?

  • MD so I would know

    @Mary Quite Contrary –

    you are, in short, FALSE.

    The ovaries and the fallopian tubes are in direct connection with the peritoneal cavity (aka, “the abdomen”). so yes, it is possible. there is no “abdominal connective tissue” that would “block” this from happening.

    and ps, its obviously not a hoax. it was published in a major medical journal. at least read the posts ahead of you before you write something idiotic.

  • WOW!!!!

    One sperm says to the other, “Hey, have we reached the ovaries yet?”
    The other sperm says, “No, we haven’t even gotten past the tonsils!”

  • John

    A 15 year old girl who is working at bars and providing oral sex to boyfriends who try to kill her and each other (and brutally stab her), and is now a very young single mother — is truly hilarious. Kudos, Discover.

  • lol@Phil Nichols is dumb

    good choice on name. Secondly, the former boyfriend, he must be like, that bitch got pwned!!!

  • RatBoy

    Notwithstanding the reference to the Virgin Mother… that was one hell of a neat trick!!!

  • chomsky

    @Fred Greene “So,Genetically the child is the fathers?????? Haha,What’s been going on?????”

    that’s standardly the case, champ.

  • Steve

    @otis driftwood:
    Whatever that bit of story about a story was taken from, it was awesome. I wish to read more of the words of Otis Driftwood, or whomever they are quoting.

  • Phrank

    That isn’t even a picture of the blessed virgin mary it is of a ugly dude with a weird neck. not sure why people got bummed out by it unless they dislike bad images of ugly dudes.

  • Bruno

    +1 for Ian and MarySue

  • DupeOfURL

    I recall hearing of a case from the (American) Civil War where a soldier took a Minie ball to the testicles, the Minie ball then went on to hit a woman and she was impregnated as a result. To quote George Costanza, “My boys can swim!”

  • Michael J.

    @ Otis Driftwood

    I think Otis Driftwood said it all. All of what, I have no idea. But it was still well said. Indeciferable, but well said. I’m still trying to figure out what ol’ Otis was trying to say, but damnit, it was well said.

  • TW

    @Joe Z: 40 weeks and 10 months….

    A month is NOT 4 weeks long. A month is 30 days long, on average, which is actually 4.3 weeks. A pregnancy is roughly 40 weeks, or 280 days.

    40 weeks / 4.3 weeks per month = 9.3 months.
    280 days / 30 days per month = 9.3 months.

    So both ways of counting this come out to around 9 months and 9 days. The counting also starts from the last period before conception. Since conception is most likely a couple of weeks after the previous period, the actual time from conception to birth is pretty much right at 9 months.

  • ForeverAutumn

    I was intrigued by the article and then I read the affecting commentary of Otis Driftwood. I read that twice.


  • RayH

    I don’t know, I find the whole story difficult to swallow. Much like the story of the woman with two vaginas, which I also found had too many holes in it for me.

  • andy mackay

    Notice the name of the author of the article?
    Do you have a clue???

  • o.g.

    I find it amusing when someone says, “Given the historical disgust associated with female genitalia in Western society” and then suggests, in reference to trolls, to “f**k em.” Well, to quote Dick Cheney, I guess that means you should “go f**k yourself.”

  • Lmaris

    Love the ignorant religious who protest the use of the drawing of Mary. I call them ignorant because they seem oblivious to the commandment that bars worshiping a graven image. They seem far more obsessed with imagery than the dogma.

  • Michael J.

    My Karma just ran over your Dogma.

  • Knives Out

    That’s incredible.

  • Chaon


    Well thanks a lot you jerk. “Blowjob, Knifefight Jesus” just caused me to jettison 25 years of atheism and find God. I would abuse you further, but I must go out now and found the Church of Blowjob Knifefight Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Aplastic Distal Vaginas.

  • Tubac

    Well all in all I can now formulate as to how our fine President came to existence! A stabbing rehatch of sticky goo so unatural as to embodie the anti christ and freak the world into accepting another Stalin / Hitler clone!no wonder people question his citizenship……where the F#@& did he come from? He was born how? Holy s***!!!! LOL

  • Rosita

    This has got to be a hoax. The “scientific” explanation is ridiculous. Could not happen that way. Period. HOAX.

  • dax

    chaon, i wanna be, umm, HEAD beadle of this here church’o’yorn – dax

  • alex

    Shut up Joe Bogus, Ian is right, the image used this way is offensive and since this is obviously NOT divine conception, it doesn’t belong here.

  • Brucre

    Aren’t we fortunate that ‘Monica’ was not afflicted with this,’ oh sure’, malady.
    Then what would ‘he’ have said,” I did not have sexual relations with that women”
    dah as some would lament. Who said there is a ‘sucker’ born every minute.

  • manny

    now this is science wait until they will come up with (girl falls pregnant from having a (TRJ) A Total Rim Job, and the mans sulliva travelled to find its way to the overias via the middle ear to find her self PREGNANT.) hahahahahaha wot the?

  • Finn girls

    What do you think about this:
    If the girls has no vagina and she has just practised fellatio with her new boyfriend. Then the old guy comes in and is holding very shiny knife. Then the girl cant help but sneeze right to the knife. And when the old boyfriend stabs her the sperm will transfer from the knife to the abdominem or something like that.. 😉

    Greetings from Finland!

  • TheNudeMonkey

    Great picture, maybe not a truly miraculous birth like those in the fables of old, but as close as we’re going to get in the real world.

  • freddly freedom

    Remove the icon! Mary was black! What self-respecting religious fanatic would argue that this IS Mary? She is a white fake!

  • JS

    Big words make anything sound probable.

  • edc

    old fake news is old and fake, discover mag believes anything it reads.

  • to Ian


    Maybe this WAS the way Mary got pregnant? makes more sense then the “Divine Intervention” of God…..

  • Hitler

    This is f*****g fake!

  • Stinky

    But how would she pee?

  • Jendywo

    As a doctor’s daughter, I hear many stories so bizarre you might think they were hoaxes. Fertility specialists all have at least one story of examining a woman who has tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant, discovering an intact hymen, and hearing her complain indignantly, “You’re not in the right one!” Midwives and gynecologists in very poor areas (even in the US) often have stories of delivering girls as young as 9 who couldn’t begin to tell you how babies are made. Arrogant criticisms come from people ignorant of how much ignorance there is in the world – and the suffering it causes.

    In the male, urine and sperm exit the urethral opening, and sperm can back up into the bladder (retroflex ejaculation) so it’s not crazy to assume that the vagina and bladder tube into the same opening somewhere internally. Not crazy; just false. The vagina needs to stretch to accommodate a full-term baby. Thank the god(s) of your choice (for this application, Darwin counts), the urethra does not. Anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone will tell you that a baby larger than a grain of sand would kill you if it had to pass through the urethra.

    Fortunately, we haz the internets! Here’s a picture showing a pretty basic vulva. My gynecologist says that they’re more different than they are alike, and she’s seen enough to know. The clitoris ranges from miniature rosebud to small penis size, and the inner labia can be lush as orchids or almost non-existent; the distance between clitoris and vagina, and between vagina and anus varies quite a bit as well – which goes to show that, even if you think you know everything, you’d be wise to treat each woman as unique. I advocate extensive foreplay – enough to know exactly what your partner has, and if there are funny smells, sores, or discharge, choose something other than penetrative intercourse until everybody’s had a chance to get checked out.

    Many doctors also struggle with the concept of a virgin birth. You can say that no intelligent person believes in at least that part of religious teaching. You can argue that the original language does not say that Mary was a virgin but that she was “a girl of marriageable age” who had been at a retreat with rabbis. But especially within a highly religious culture, where family believes the doctor must accept religious teaching in order to be reunited with his family in the afterlife, there can be a lot of emotional agony around this. As such, doctors would find the inclusion of a representation (however inaccurate) of Mary as well as humor about the child resembling the father to be very appropriate. Dr. Verkuyl’s note about the cattle changing hands is also, I think, a wry remark about the provincial culture – legitimizing conception by blowjob/knife fight via paying a bride-price in cattle.

    According to the medical journal, the girl would have had to be chronically underfed (reducing the pH in her stomach), currently have no food in her stomach, and be on her first ovulation at the time of the stabbing; otherwise remnants of previously unexpelled menses would have gummed up the works. Given that this was Lesotho in 1987/1988, this would be possible, but still have been pretty exact timing. The stab wound would have had to perforate the stomach in just the right area for the swallowed sperm to leak into the peritoneal cavity, or the saline wash of the peritoneal cavity would have had to wash sperm into just the right part of the peritoneal cavity without diluting or killing the sperm. The idea that such a fertilization would result in vaginal rather than epigastric or tubal pregnancy seems pretty unlikely as well. Not impossible, but pretty miraculous.

    A few quick facts about Lesotho: 40% of the population lives on the equivalent of less than US$1.25/day. Half the women under the age of 40 in urban areas are HIV positive. Child labor is common. Education is not compulsory. 90% of the population self-identify as Christian with about half of those being Roman Catholic.

    I am not finding ready information on the practice of female castration – cutting out the clitoris and sewing up the vulva to keep girls from the sins of masturbation and fornication – however it is my understanding that the practice is common in this area. Keep in mind that this area has a common folk belief that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. Girls often have anal sex long before they have vaginal sex, and HSV2 (“genital” herpes) infections in the mouth are common. Dr. Verkuyl does not speculate on the aplastic distal vaginosis being congenital vs. the result of female castration, but that could be a “political” exclusion.

    There are a couple of other ways a virgin, with or without a vagina, may become pregnant. As someone else proposed, she might have at least one functioning, undescended testicle. That is, she could be hermaphroditic – have persistent Wolffian duct syndrome, which would explain the cryptorchidism as well. The trauma could have caused him/her to fertilize his/her own egg. I would expect this would have been discovered at some point, but this is a poor district hospital, and it’s possible that diagnostic equipment was not available, or that, given the cultural atmosphere, curiosity did not go quite that far.

    It is also possible but unlikely for an ovum to divide without sperm, however this cannot result in male offspring. And there are cases where a “twin” zygot has been absorbed into the body of a foetus. This can go undetected, or trigger host-rejection the way transplanted tissue might. Very rarely, the absorbed zygot can lie dormant and then begin to grow at some future point. This would normally cause incredible pain, hemorrhaging, and likely death, but in the enormously unlikely case of a zygot being carried in the womb and activating when the twin reaches puberty, could result in a virgin giving birth to her own twin brother. I am not saying this has ever happened or ever will, but that doctors have felt compelled, for whatever reason, to explain virgin birth – particularly the birth of a male child.

  • the guys who was bored enough to read all these posts..

    Comment number 145, thanks for your input

  • JR

    As for the image of Mary, I respect people’s caring about how their Lady is depicted. However, it is only an image; it isn’t HER. It’s a photo of a (probably) piece of wood or canvas, with paint on the surface. Chemicals upon chemicals. And then the photo is transferred to this computer medium where it’s what, ones and zeroes?

    Not a historian, but it seems to me that the Virgin story that has come down for the past two millennia is a corruption of previous, pagan influences. That locale was occupied by the Romans, and before that, the Greeks. Stories of girls being impregnated by gods abound in both those cultures. Finding herself in a compromised situation (for whatever the reason) might not the young Lady in question have resorted to an altered version of the same tale? Legends change over years, centuries… influenced by people who have a stake in making them *true.* (The economics of organized religion.) In other cultures of that time, there were metaphorical stories of goddesses being renewed each year (Spring’s new life) and later giving birth to their own mate. It’s all a metaphor for Nature, the passing of seasons, etc. but there have always been, and always will be, people literal-minded enough to take it as real.

    The anomaly of the girl in Lesotho seems odd, but technically plausible, and if the documentation in bona fide medical journals is true, I guess it has been explained well enough. It’s not a metaphor for a religious experience, nor is it being put forth as one, though the parallel is hinted at.

  • Alex

    I’m just kind of wondering, why don’t they do a DNA test on the “Supposed” father?

  • Alex

    Oh and phil, I’m 12, and I know what the difference between a vagina and a urethra is…. Dumbass

  • Doctrine of Immaculate Conception

    I just thought I’d add a side not here to agree with J.L. It is nice to see that they didn’t refer to it as an immaculate conception. Although I am not Catholic I am aware that there exists a Doctrine of Immaculate Conception that clearly ideintifies Mary as the Immaculate Conception (being born free of sin and thus stopping her from passing it to jesus, [perhaps so we also accept that she conceived Jesus without having had sex?]) So good choice of words there. As to not posting images of Religious Figures…seriously lost the point of the article there…it’s focus isn’t on the image, it’s on the fact that this happened (whether you think it a hoax or not is regardless) and the choice of image was just a use of linkage for those that still believe that Jesus was “miraculously conceived”. Seriously mind boggling story though. As to Phil’s Post seriously leave the guy alone it’s not uncalled for to be unfamiliar with the workings of the female uretha (unless one’s a little twisted and enjoys the art of urinating women…) and at least he posed the question rather than saying “you can’t urinate without a vagina”. Suppose he at least knows now.

  • Interesting!

    I feel almost bad for being the 151st comment, was such a round number at 150, paha. This has been actually really interesting? And true, ‘Mary’ probably was black, so the point about not worshipping false gods is really valid.
    @fastjack , that’s hilarious!
    @Otis Driftwood , WTF?
    @Discordian , STFU.
    @jendywo , you have far too much spare time.

  • luis

    Holy cow!

  • Free Dora Explorer Games

    Funny, my dad always said that you can’t get a girls mouth pregnant. Guess he was way wrong.

  • solartronenergy

    Another excellent reason to avoid violence; you just might get somebody pregnant.

  • solartronenergy

    The story sounds like urban lore to me, however the comments were entertaining

  • tps

    Replace it with an image on toast. That’s much less offensive, right?

    Excellent find. There must be events in human physiology and medicine that happen with extremely low frequency, like this case of oral fertilization assisted by violence, but happen often enough (once) to appear in the medical literature. I’m wondering what we’ll see next.

  • staringintospace

    Copying and pasting this story was the best idea on the internet. I have never enjoyed comments to a story better than this. But now I’m sad. I bet someone is going to tell me there is no Easter Bunny, no Santa Claus and that Elvis is really dead. I can believe a good story like immaculate conception — but a 15 year old working in a bar? That’s beyond the pale.

  • cgauthier

    BP said:

    Did she give birth to the son of god? who knows? Depends what you believe. Why worry about the details when it’s the end message that matters?

    What, the end message that the fictional, torturous murder and zombification of a fictionalized, heretic rabbi 2000yrs ago somehow exonerates those who symbolically cannibalize him? If so, yeah, ok, that’s pretty important…

    I’m surprised no brain-dead zombie eaters, frothing with fatwa envy, have challenged the blogger to post a “picture” of Muhammad yet.

    Some others here have it right: If you, as a Xian (of any stripe), feel that a painting of a character, especially an ancillary one, in your fable is sacred, you are in direct violation of your second most important commandment.

    p.s. I know that many Xians have a much more “sophisticated” theology than this, but it is always so very telling that they get so defensive when someone criticizes the crazies that give them a bad name.

  • Jockaira

    @113 John

    It looks like Discover has become a suburb of

  • Otto Brekner

    I know it is late comment, and it was said before, but the icon has nothing to do with the article. Suggesting some connections with religion without actually mentioning them cast a shadow of doubt over the professionalism of the author.

    • Drew

      What?! The author of a blog called NCBI ROFL that sits around making fun of journal articles… IS NOT THE MODEL OF CONSTRAINED PROFESSIONALISM?! MY WHOLE WORLD IS CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME!

  • elizabeth

    Good point Otto… I was thinking the same thing..

  • Dora the Explorer Games

    That’s exciting news! What a nice way for learning :-)

  • Ned Montecillo

    Beverly Hills city plastic surgeons

  • Andrew

    Lol just a pic guys chill. And before ya flame me, I luvd all the comments. So entertaining lol. Start the flame wars!

  • bet

    come up from the 1st couple of pages in the research motor. Numerous this kind of Search engine marketing Providers are present in the net from we could

  • Clyde

    Sounds to me that this person could be a candidate for a sump pump!

  • Jess

    BUT.. No, that’s not real, if she has inner womanly parts capable of having a child, then her… once a month present… would still happen, the lack of … a certain fundamental pant area … would result in a build up of blood giving her a condition similar to endometriosis, where her insides would fill up with blood and she’d die. BANG AND THE THEORY’S GONE.

    So. Despite being seventeen with a distinct lack of medical knowledge, haven’t i just completely proved this to be bull—- ? Feel free to enlighten me.

    • Drew

      Did you try reading the article? I highly suggest reading the article.

  • Gaurav
  • krumette

    Mind = blown.

  • /b/ro


  • Lily_Rain77

    I would just like to say that for the record, as a woman I can tel you that the vagina and the urethra are two separate things, we do no pee through, our “vaginal opening” as stated by another commenter, They are different holes entirely and not connected in any way, unlike in males.

  • Shannon Campbell

    No, it doesn’t, please get a book. For your own sake, my goodness.


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