Iran Blasts 1 Mouse, 2 Turtles, and Some Worms Into Space

By Smriti Rao | February 4, 2010 10:51 am

mouseOn Wednesday, Iran launched a rocket into space–with a special and somewhat wriggly payload.

One mouse, two turtles and some worms were packed into the “experimental capsule” in the “Kovoshgar 3” (Explorer 3) rocket and were given a one way ticket into the great yonder. The rat, nicknamed Helmz 1, and his buddies will now live out the rest of their lives on the rocket, their movements monitored by live video relayed from the space ark.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad exulted over the success, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, saying:

“We are two more steps away from reaching a point of no return. To a point where we bring all the skies under the domain of Iranian scientists.”

The Iranian Government, long suspected of having an illegal nuclear arms program, has insisted that Iran’s space program is for “peaceful means” only. But the West worries that the rockets built for the space program could be repurposed as delivery systems for nuclear warheads.

Watch a video of the launch here:

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  • Katharine


    Though ethically bad.

  • Dave

    A disgusting exploitation of science. Maybe if they appreciated the “revelations” of biology as much as they do the usefulness of chemistry/physics, such theocrats would look at themselves with humility, rather than leaking utter arrogance in feigning to know that they were made in the image of an invented deity.

  • @Dave


    Quit it. Stop moaning and groaning. Why is it that Iran is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. Progress in science and technology should be welcomed from where ever it emanated. Don’t let your hatred of Moslems blind you.


  • tina

    “We are two more steps away from reaching a point of no return. To a point where we bring all the skies under the domain of Iranian scientists.”

    Lol, yeah, it’s the space turtle that infuses you with all this confidence, right? No one ever did a turtle. So, whatever other nations achieved in space travel – like, I don’t know, sending a man to the moon and back when you just hit puberty – it will be Iran domineering the skies. Because everybody else will wait for you to catch up. Or what?


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