NCBI ROFL: I still think listening to country music is degrading.

By ncbi rofl | February 9, 2010 7:00 am

BallasyrkellypicLove is in the air at NCBI ROFL!  Tuesday-Friday this week, we will feature research articles about love in its most physical form (okay, we just mean plain ol’ sex).  Enjoy!

Degrading and non-degrading sex in popular music: a content analysis.

“OBJECTIVES: Those exposed to more degrading sexual references in popular music are more likely to initiate intercourse at a younger age. The purpose of this study was to perform a content analysis of contemporary popular music with particular attention paid to the prevalence of degrading and non-degrading sexual references. We also aimed to determine if sexual references of each subtype were associated with other song characteristics and/or content. METHODS: We used Billboard magazine to identify the top popular songs in 2005. Two independent coders each analyzed all of these songs (n = 279) for degrading and non-degrading sexual references… … RESULTIS: Of the 279 songs identified, 103 (36.9%) contained references to sexual activity. Songs with references to degrading sex were more common than songs with references to non-degrading sex (67 [65.0%] vs. 36 [35.0%], p < 0.001). Songs with degrading sex were most commonly Rap (64.2%), whereas songs with non-degrading sex were most likely Country (44.5%) or Rhythm & Blues/Hip-Hop (27.8%). Compared with songs that had no mention of sexual activity, songs with degrading sex were more likely to contain references to substance use, violence, and weapon carrying. Songs with non-degrading sex were no more likely to mention these other risk behaviors.”


Photo: Wikimedia/Nicholas Ballasy

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  • Michael

    Generally, music is more of a reflection of a culture rather than an influence on it, although there is a distinct influence no doubt.

    Having said that, and examining the current most popular songs, we are in very deep cutural poop….


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