NCBI ROFL: Don't ask, don't check my gag reflex.

By ncbi rofl | February 12, 2010 7:00 am

coughLove is in the air at NCBI ROFL!  Tuesday-Friday this week, we will feature research articles about love in its most physical form (okay, we just mean plain ol’ sex).  Enjoy!

The gag reflex and fellatio.

Extracts from the 1950 paper:

“In a study of consititutional psychopathic personalities especially the sexual deviants, it was found during a routine physical examination that the gag reflex was frequently absent. This was a more definite finding in those homosexuals who admitted fellatio. This observation, first made at an induction station in 1942, was studied further in 1,404 patients at a neuropsychiatric military hospital in 1944… …All were given a complete physical examination and psychiatric work-up. The gag reflex evaluation was made in each case. It was tested by manipulating a tongue depressor around the uvula, soft palate, and pharyngeal vault. Normally, the stimulus innervates this area and produces the gag reflex. In subjects practicing fellatio this reflex is absent even when the tongue depressor is inserted well into the vault of the pharynx. The positive test, i.e., the absence of the gag reflex, depends on the desensitization of this area due to conditioning, this being brought about by the repeated control of the reflex during the act of fellatio… …The findings having been established the test was employed routinely in the neuropsychiatric clinic. Frequently it proved valuable in detecting the malingerer who attempted to obtain a discharge by professing homosexuality. Presented with the gag test findings the soldier would invariably change his story or admit having lied for selfish gains.”


Image: flickr/kevindooley

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