Augmented Reality Tattoos Are Visible Only to a Special Camera

By Smriti Rao | February 17, 2010 2:00 pm

021510_rg_ThinkAnApp_02If you’ve been dying to get a kick-ass dragon tattoo but feel like it might not go over well with prospective employers or your mom, then here’s a sneaky, roundabout way to satisfy your yearning. You can get the tattoo using augmented reality–and for an extra dose of kick-ass, the dragon will flap its leathery wings.

The concept was developed by a Buenos Aires-based software company called ThinkAnApp. In the video below, you’ll see a guy’s arm tattooed with what looks like a plain rectangular box. But that box is essentially a barcode. The company has devised a camera with special software that reads this barcode, and then superimposes an animated image.

Dvice reports:

When viewed through a specially equipped camera, the seemingly plain box design suddenly displays a three-dimension dragon. The possibilities for art projects, information distribution, and social engineering via body art inherent in this idea are fascinating.

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Image: ThinkAnApp

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  • Haruspex

    This isn’t a specially equipped camera. It’s a normal camera with software which interprets the image. Flash has been doing this for some time:

    The only innovation here is putting the barcode/icon on the skin and being able to read it off of a curved surface.

    It’s a cool gimmick, but ultimately it doesn’t need to be a tattoo. It could be a temporary rub on, or Sharpie drawings, or what-have-you. There are bigger implications here than tattoos.

  • person

    it’s be cooler it you could use an actual bar code tattoo, and not some stupid looking square

  • brent posada

    One small step for man, one giant step for retard-kind! Come on, if you don’t want a tattoo that people are going to see, you don’t need a tattoo period! It’s art! Love it. See it. Don’t hide it in a retarded black box!

  • poet_ishmael

    This should be incorporated into the better managed social networks within three months.

  • Buzz

    It`s be cooler it you could use an actual bar code tattoo.


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