Snow Day Special: Warbling Scientists on the Newest Symphony of Science

By Smriti Rao | February 26, 2010 1:18 pm

Scientific superstars like Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins are sounding better and better. In the series Symphony of Science, creator John Boswell uses the auto-tune program so beloved by R&B and pop stars to tweak such nerdy delights as Carl Sagan’s monologues from “Cosmos,” and sets them to electro-funk music. The result?  Highly watchable videos of Sagan and other guest scientists expounding on the magic of the cosmos and our place in the universe. Boswell has put four videos out previously, but here is his latest offering, “The Poetry of Reality.”

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  • Brett

    This doesn’t make science any more fascinating or intriguing to ME. It’s kind of creepy. Sagan and the rest stand on their own two feet.

  • John

    I think this stuff is great. Anything that can be done to make the average person realize that science isn’t just a huge collection of nerdy trivia is worth doing. And if it happens to also be a great piece of art, then all the better.


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