The Science Will Be Televised: DISCOVER Appears on Colbert Report & Fox News

By Andrew Moseman | March 11, 2010 11:06 am

DISCOVER hit the airwaves yesterday. First, Editor-in-Chief Corey Powell appeared on Fox News to talk NASA and Mars—specifically the agency’s idea for “Tumbleweeds,” or inexpensive round explorers that could bound around the surface of the Red Planet, tossed by the wind. Given the uncertain state of NASA funding, Powell says, the future of exploration could look a lot like these intrepid little bots:

Secondly, if you stayed up late enough to catch the end of “The Colbert Report,” you saw Sean Carroll—who writes for the DISCOVER blog Cosmic Variance—talking time, the multiverse, and his new book From Eternity to Here. Besides surviving the cauldron that is talking to Colbert while still hitting some key scientific points, Carroll also accidentally thinks up a great title for an album:

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Check out Carroll’s cover story for the March issue of DISCOVER, “The Real Rules for Time Travelers.”

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  • Julian

    I saw this on this morning! I always cringe when I see people being interviewed by Stephen because he’s just so good at being the antagonist, but I noticed Sean held his ground and got across good points. An interview on The Colbert Report is the true test for holding your composure.

  • jcm

    Fox News covering science news? I’m surprised!

  • CW

    Ditto on what Julian said! It was a nice interview indeed!


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