NCBI ROFL: St. Paddy's Day special: Surprise! Drinking makes the Irish more aggressive!

By ncbi rofl | March 17, 2010 7:00 pm

irishyogaCross-cultural comparisons of Irish and American adolescent drinking practices and beliefs.

“The drinking behavior and alcohol expectancies of 168 Irish adolescents aged 15-18 were compared with those of a group of American adolescents matched on age and sex. The Irish adolescents reported less frequent social drinking and less problematic drinking. However, unlike American adolescents, those Irish youth who did drink in a social, frequent manner also reported drinking-related problems. Irish adolescents expect less social benefit, less improvement of cognitive and motor functioning and less sexual enhancement, but greater increase in aggression as a consequence of drinking. These findings are discussed as possible etiological clues to established differences between Irish adult drinking and drinking by adults in other countries.”


Photo: flickr/greyloch

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  • TheBrummell

    less improvement of cognitive and motor functioning

    Wait, some people think they get smarter and more coordinated when drinking? Perhaps this attitude is deserving of more investigation…

    OK, I get it that when drunk it’s common to think one is smarter and more physically capable than is actually true. But at the beginning of the night, before alcohol is consumed, are there any people who think “I’ll have a few drinks and then I’ll be smarter”?

  • IceMan

    So where does Discover get off in believing that a slanderous cartoon is acceptable? This is neither science nor valid research. Your depiction of the Irish is unacceptable and borders liable.


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