Is the Force With Your iPhone? Find Out With the Lightsaber Duel App

By Smriti Rao | March 19, 2010 11:04 am

starwarsappGeeks across the galaxy, rejoice! Soon you’ll be able to release your inner Jedi and vanquish evil forces with your iPhone–or rather with the new “Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel” app, due to be released next month.

The new dueling app builds on an existing iPhone app, “Lightsaber Unleashed,” which was a one-person game that turned your screen into a glowing lightsaber, and made an official-sounding “whoosh” as you brandished your phone. But the new app is a two-geek affair that promises to enhance your lightsaber experience.

If you and a friend both have the app, you’ll be able to use Bluetooth to duel with one another–although it isn’t yet clear how the app declares a victor. Advertisements for the new app also declare that it will feature 11 new characters from the Star Wars series, which presumably means that you can decide whose lightsaber you want to wield, and whether you swear allegiance to the Rebel Alliance or the Dark Side.

Plus, for the many people who think lightsaber duels are pointless without dramatic accompanying music, here’s some news. The app has thoughtfully provided a selection of music to pick from as you duke it out.

THQ Wireless, the makers of Lightsaber Duel have also ramped up the graphics and animations and hope to have the product ready by April. There’s still no word yet on how much it would cost to download. The previous app was free.

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Image: THQ Wireless

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  • Jenz

    Ach! Must have clicked the Gizmodo Bookmark by mistake…

  • Andrew

    That is absolutely awesome! I love the normal lightsaber app… I generally find myself swinging it around alone while everyone around me tells me it’s pointless. But now having an ability to fight will be that much better! I would love to know how it works…

  • Doug Hogg

    To get an idea on how it will work, try iSamurai: Critical Strike, our two-player iPhone game sword-fighting game which uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


    Doug Hogg
    Toy Kite Software

  • Deviled

    This is AWESOME!

  • Tony Garkez

    Lol….i can see it…how the future of mobile mmorpgs will be …. everytime you encounter an enemy, you whip out your mobile and start slashin about….if they could somehow implement this into the upcoming star wars would be amazing..
    As a pro gamer am so happy that I am born in these times 😀
    – Tony Garkez – Admin at Cataclysm Leveling Guide &
    wow cataclysm guide

  • Gizmod

    what is the name of the built-in music that comes with the app? i’d like to know


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