NCBI ROFL: Oh, snap! You got burned!

By ncbi rofl | March 24, 2010 7:00 pm

fireTop 4 ridiculous ways to get burned:

Bouncy castle burns.
“The bouncy castle has become a de rigeur garden accessory for children’s parties. The premise is a simple one, to contain and entertain the masses. A large and sturdy construction of a tough polymer, normally PVC, is inflated by a large air pump. The floor is the key section of the castle. Despite the appearance of being a multi-panel affair, air flows freely throughout the floor, consequently landing on one side will assist take off on the other. Any ensuing injuries would typically be the result of either colliding with fellow bouncers or awkward landings. None to date have been reported to in the peer reviewed literature. We report the case of a friction burn sustained following an afternoon in a bouncy castle.”

Face burns caused by flambé drinks.
“This study was conducted to identify the epidemiology of face burns in Korean adults caused by flambé drinks in the hope of developing preventive programs. We reviewed the medical records of 25 patients with burns caused by flame drinks that were admitted to the Hallym Burn Centre, Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul, Korea, during the 30-month period of July 2002 to December 2004. The injuries occurred while drinking and spilling the whisky on the flame (68%) during the hours of social gathering and festivity.”

Wild water rapid burns.
“Swimming pool water slides are becoming increasingly long and adventurous. This case report and survey suggest that they may carry with them a notable risk of friction burns.”

Pavement temperature and burns: streets of fire.
“STUDY OBJECTIVE: To measure pavement temperatures over a 24-hour period to determine when patients are at risk for burns and to report cases of pavement burns with predisposing factors… …CONCLUSION: During summer days in the desert, pavement is often hot enough to cause burns and does so with regularity in the southwestern United States. No one should be allowed to remain in contact with hot pavement, even transiently.”

Photo: flickr/Foxtongue

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  • Anonymous

    “We reviewed the medical records of 25 patients with burns caused by flame drinks that were admitted to the Hallym Burn Centre…”

    I misread this at first and thought, “Gee, doesn’t it seem like a bad idea to serve flame drinks at a burn centre?”

  • Macie Venditti

    I really liked this article, this one will go right into my stumble upon webpage :)


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