Book-Balancing, Rubik's Cube-Solving, Pi-Reciting Geek Girl Goes Viral

By Smriti Rao | March 26, 2010 10:03 am

You would think that kids these days would have something better to do with their time than balancing 15 books on their heads while manipulating Rubik’s cubes and reciting the mathematical constant pi to a hundred digits.

But no. In the latest geek-tastic viral video, a young lady who calls herself “Bookonmyhead” carries out just this stunt. The video was posted in November but just went viral in the last few days; by now it has racked up more than 131,000 hits. Mashable says the girl is 18-year-old Lauren.

The 42-second video is pretty cool but comments left on YouTube allege that Lauren had solved the Rubik cube prior to the taping and that the books were superglued together—which is why they didn’t slither right off her head. Whatever! When was the last time you balanced 15 books on your head, messed with a Rubik cube, and got so many pi digits right? We thought so. Now watch.

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  • Ashley

    Thank you for saying something possitive. Lauren is an awsome girl!

  • Kapellez

    resrch gr8 bro …


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