Shell Eco-Marathon: Meet the 1,000-MPG Cars of the Future

By Andrew Moseman | March 29, 2010 2:45 pm

High school and college engineers can do a lot with a lawn trimmer engine, bicycle wheels and a few wires—like build prototype cars that get in the thousands of miles per gallon. Here we bring you the best images from this weekend’s Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition.


A Powerful Prototype


All weekend long, prototype cars built by students around the country and shipped down to Texas battled it out. They ran 10-lap races around the 0.6 course of city streets in downtown Houston, striving to be top dog in miles per gallon.

The cars in the prototype division, like this one from Loyola-Marymount University, didn’t have many of the luxuries of the normal cars driving by and wondering what was going on. But those normal cars also don’t run at more than 1,000 miles per gallon, as many racers achieved.

The winning team in the prototype category, from Universite Laval in Canada, achieved nearly 2,500 MPG. (See a full list of winners here.)

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  • Lee

    Not 1000-Mile Per Hour cars…. Miles Per Gallon. If you’re a 12-yr old and writing for this blog I apologize b/c you probably don’t know the difference. If you are an adult, then yes, you are an idiot, probably another member of the liberal media giving out misleading or completely distorted facts, confusing the public at large, no doubt due in part to your own lack of education.

  • Amos Zeeberg (Discover Web Editor)

    It’s a typo, Lee—settle down. Fixed now.

  • anon

    There’s a typo in the title unless all those cars were going incredibly fast.

  • anon

    didn’t see the other posts, sorry

  • http://Yahoo REWA

    It wud of been awesome if cud get 1000MPH by harnessing natural resources, rather than by the MPG. The only one w/ such energy wud probably be nuked! HAaa,…great job guys, looked like every1 had a blast, like thoz young folks doing thoz robotic contests.

  • yrag

    LOL!!! Lee you are a classic (Right-Wing) jack*ss.

    Somebody writes a COMPLETELY non-political article and gets categorized by you as”probably another member of the liberal media giving out misleading or completely distorted facts”.

    You and your trigger happy Right-Wing fellow travelers are just salivating to jam tour wacko politics into anything and everything.

    Scurry off now and upload your next completely inappropriate rant from FOX and Rush Limbaugh. Fool.

  • Marshall

    If this is Shell oil company they’re talking about, I find this ironic since there’s a one and a half hour long documentary on YouTube (whose name eludes me at the moment) about how Shell was involved decades ago in the buying up of patents of car engines that had already been developed back then which were getting 100 to 200 and even up to 1000 mpg. These were real cars that had modified engines installed, not like a lot of these weird contraptions shown here.

    Shell intimidated and even contract murdered, apparently, the inventor of a 200 mpg engine that was installed in a Buick Roadmaster. The inventor refused to sell the patent rights to Shell and was later found mysteriously dead in the Nevada desert. Other times, Shell paid big bucks to other patent holders of high mpg engines and then the patents “mysteriously” disappeared from all records of the U.S. Patent Office. These engine ran the cars they were installed in at full power, also.

    You don’t see the media talking about this stuff, because the media is owned by big corporations such as Shell Oil. We could all be driving around 200mpg cars now, but big oil will never let the technology proliferate because it’s obviously too big an economic threat to them.


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