Bulgarian Politician Punished for Playing Farmville During Budget Meetings

By Smriti Rao | March 31, 2010 10:24 am

Zynga-Farmville-FacebookOn Facebook, the Farmville updates are impossible to avoid–someone is looking for a cow, someone else is watering their crops. People who have never played the game may not understand how addictive it is, but here’s some proof. The game can not only suck away large portions of your day, it can also, as one councilmember in Bulgaria’s second largest city found out, get you demoted.

While many distracted politicians twiddle their thumbs during meetings or frantically jab at their Blackberries, city councilors in Plovdiv were apparently playing Farmville during budgetary debates.

The Escapist writes:

Council Chair Ilko Iliev “strongly scolded the eager internet farmers,” who nonetheless continued to spend time on their farms while attending council meetings.

Finally, during a meeting last Thursday, in order to send a message to the rest of the Farmville-playing community, one councilmember was given the boot.  Councilor Dimitar Kerin was voted off the budget committee, said fellow councilor Todot Hristov, because “he needed more time for his virtual farm.”

The Escapist added:

But he’s not leaving without a fight. “The troubled councilor has defended himself by saying he was not the only one in the City Hall watering virtual egg plants,” according to a report by Novinte.com. “He said he had reached only Level 40, whereas Daniela Zhelyazkova, a councilor from the rightist Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party, was already at Level 46.”

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Image: Farmville

  • Jojo

    I am really sorry for Bulgaria. A great country, but the politicians are really unprofessional and unable to do anything. They are just interested in how and what to present to the continually degrading auditory which is almost without opinion and without responsibilities. The reality shows have washed the brain of the capable persons and the young are in a serious trouble with this.

  • http://kosova bleona

    un dua te kem nje farmville

  • http://get-farmville-bot.blogspot.com/ Dante Steptoe

    I’ve been playing facebook farmville for a some weeks now. In fact, the only motive why i made a junky facebook account was to play few of the games my wife kept playing.

    I can personally say that the game is actually trash. Everything seems to take forever to do. The goodies are not even really bonus , those are just incentives to put more time with the game. All the recent items like animals and decorations that have been coming out needs FV cash. I will never EVER PAY for one of the worst designed games ever so they are ruining any chance of me staying with the game since each thing is now needing bucks. The only other means to get FV is to level. They compensate you one FV for a level. But what’s the catch? the experience require at higher levels to level, will make you need to consume weeks to get one level and your award for every level is the ability to now plant several new plants and do it again for another level. A lot of the plants you unlock have awful pay outs and in some cases, they are so bad, that you will never ever plant them. Not even once. Other alternative?. spend real $ on the game to play, a pretty bad concept?. really not fun at all.

    What honestly pissed me off was how they demand you to have neighbours to be able to spread your farm. Not one of my buddy play this s***, so I had to invite unknown person and let these strangers add me to FB, giving them my personal information just to broaden a farm it literally does not make sense. I was certainly not going to add strangers just for neighbours, so I created fake facebook accounts and false farms just to add neighbours. I can also log in to these buddies and send myself gifts everytime I want to. This is probably why you see so a lot of monthly players of the program all the fake accounts because I can not be the only one that said to themselves I am not friending unknown person for FV.

    There are a lot more errors with he game too like gifts disappearing, out of sync issues, farms not saving properly, animals disappearing and the list goes on?.

    My best opinion stay far far away from this game. I can not even call this a game any more. It is a chore. Maybe that is what they were aiming for, making it tough work like running a real farm who knows

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss word.]

  • http://www.redmicrowave.net/ Isim Mismi

    You missed me, next time AIM better.


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