NCBI ROFL: This paper was obviously written by men.

By ncbi rofl | April 6, 2010 6:00 pm

4336246593_7f894f5b0fHand motion segmentation against skin colour background in breast awareness applications.

“A hand is an essential tool used in breast self-examination, which needs to be detected and analysed during the process of breast palpation. However, the background of a woman’s moving hand is her breast that has the same or similar colour as the hand. Additionally, colour images recorded by a web camera are strongly affected by the lighting or brightness conditions. Hence, it is a challenging task to segment and track the hand against the breast without utilising any artificial markers, such as coloured nail polish. In this paper, a two-dimensional Gaussian skin colour model is employed in a particular way to identify a breast but not a hand. First, an input image is transformed to YCbCr colour space, which is less sensitive to the lighting conditions and more tolerant of skin tone. The breast, thus detected by the Gaussian skin model, is used as the baseline or framework for the hand motion.”


Photo: flickr/briser50

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  • nobody

    This is the best research ever :)

  • Joanna Cake

    OK, I don’t know many women whose breast skin is the same colour as that of their hands – not unless they’ve had an all over spray tan anyway. And the trouble with this type of research is that it encourages women not to check their breasts unless they’ve had their nails done first, which means that a lot of women wont be feeling for lumps.


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