Will The iPad Blend? Watch and Find Out.

By Smriti Rao | April 6, 2010 11:13 am


Over the last few days, questions surrounding the iPad have normally been along the lines of: When will I get my paws on one? What apps should I get? What if I break it? But the question over at the blender company Blendtec has been more straightforward as everyone wondered, “Will it blend?”

Over the last few years, the company has been producing videos that showcase the industrial strength of their commercial blenders. In this video, they set out to find if Apple’s tablet can be blended into an iPad smoothie by chucking it into the “Total Blender” and turning in on. Needless to say, we gripped the edges of our table and wept a little (ok, a lot) as the brand-new iPad was smashed to smithereens.

Past “Will it Blend” videos have shown objects like glow sticks or an iPhone being demolished by the roaring blender. Blendec’s website proudly states:

The Total Blender two jar package includes both the standard 2-quart BPA-free jar, as well as the new BPA-free 3-quart jar featuring a precision tuned 4” blade and a patented fifth side. This larger five sided jar / 4″ blade combination creates a more powerful blending vortex, allowing you to power through tougher blending tasks with ease in less time.

Are you ready? Then watch what happens here.

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Image: Apple

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  • http://blog.denniswilliamson.us Dennis

    I would expect nothing less from a blender with a starting price of $400.

  • Juan

    That’s absolutely great. I’m wondering if I should buy an iPad or a Blendtec. I’m thinking the blender.

  • Kevin

    I’m glad I saw this. The next time I need a blender I’ll buy a Blendtec. It’s definitely more useful than the iPad. Thank you.


    Gosh darn it, I could have swear that the I-Pad was much tougher than that. Then again, a blender that’s worth $400 better be able to crush rocks and more. I guess that I-Pad had to be sacrificed for the good of the blend.LOL

  • george

    you are such a loser!!! why would u do that?? just another apple hater, loser

  • Al

    I’m not a Apple fan, but not a hater, all I can say is what a waiste of an iPad. I also think my KitchenAid blender could tear it up too.

  • Viva

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, and a major waste of in iPad/money. If whomever is behind this foolishness wants to waste technology, find a charity organization to donate one to who could make use of it. Bloody idiots.

  • Robert

    You guys are stupid. Have you not seen the series before. It just basically shows that nothing can stand up to the power of their blenders. They even put cubic zirconium in there.

  • http://www.autowebexpress.ccom Jim in France

    Listen haters, if I had a product that could blend anything on the planet I’d be blending it up as well. That was probably the best $500.00 this company could ever spend. Much cheaper than some greedy ad agency charging 100,000 for a 30 second commercial on TV. Suck it up and Blend!!

  • vincevega

    Haters gonna hate. Just blend it, bitches.

  • Ferociousaurus

    This company never spends more than a few hundred bucks on commercials that have made them famous internet-wide and almost certainly have brought them a ton of business. If you don’t think one $500 iPod Touch Jumbo is worth that, you’re a moron.

  • Mick

    Am I the only one who noticed that he destroyed the ipad by beating on the blender he was using. ONE TOUGH BLENDER!

  • Wowsers

    It’s a commercial for the blender people. besides, you can get an ipad jr for under $200, or a ipad jr with the built in cellphone add on for less that $100 (with a two year contract.) PDA/MP3 player should fit in your pocket.

  • Lucas

    Hey dont destroy the ipad, you can use that to put your coffe cup or plates etc

  • johnny

    Blendtec Blender: Will It Blend?

  • Billy boo

    This commercial was seriously very eye-opening. Even though I’m not an apple fan, I’ve been a little curious about ipads. Just a LITTLE. But seeing this, I realized I can get an amazing blender or a shiny toy that will ultimately prove useless since I have both a PC and an iphone. BlendTec blender all the way!

  • Anon

    its. a. giant. iTouch.
    what can it connect to? its power chord. can you upgrade it? no
    face it, its a widescreen ipod touch.

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss word.]

  • tom gray

    will sarah palin blend? please put her in there……

  • almus

    Seriously what is with all your bleeding hearts crying about one broken Ipad. I hate to break it to you folks, but 500 dollars isn’t a lot of money. Being able to associate themselves with the Ipad and make a hilarious video of their super blender turning that s*** into dust is well worth the 500 hundred. A charity organization? God some people are just absolutely brain dead. I’m going to whine because you intentionally broke a 500 dollar toy! BAHH! 1 million dead iraqis doesn’t really bother me, but you destroyed a f***ing ipad?! I could have surfed netflix on that!

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss words.]

  • Super chickin

    Am I the only one to notice the iPad still working after he smacked it 3-4 times on the blender?? Behind the cracked screen you can see the touch keyboard pop up. That’s one tough pad.

  • Laura

    I’m sure the ipad contains some hazardous materials. I hope he didn’t breathe too deeply.

  • http://www.aeato.com Madelene Murrock

    I really like the iPad. I am amazed with his ability. Kudos for Apple which has made a good product.

  • Steve

    You’d better hope it’ll blend… it can do sod-all else of any use!

  • http://www.bit.ly/WealthMakerPromise Wealth Maker

    Extremely smart buddy! It’s a matter that has always intrigued me personally as well. Enjoyed reading it. — Massive Free Targeted Traffic — Wealth Maker http://bit.ly/kYa6g8

  • john

    Steve Jobs posted in at least 6 of these comments.


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