Circuit Board Chic: Motherboards Recycled Into Shoes & Underwear

By Smriti Rao | April 7, 2010 1:43 pm

Upgrading to a newer, sleeker computer is always fun, but it can leave some clutter around in the form of old hardware. If you can’t recycle the old junky parts, perhaps you’ll consider refashioning them into brand new shoes, sneakers, or even underwear–thus putting the chic in circuit boards. Here are some ideas on what you can do with old electronics parts.

Exhibit A:


Artist Steven Rodrig shows how to re-use circuit boards to create fancy heels that are guaranteed to put the skip back in your step. These decidedly uncomfortable-looking shoes will be a welcome addition to the closet of a woman who already owns uncomfortable stilettos. If she must teeter in pain, let her do it in style–circuit board style.

Exhibit B:


Why should girls have all the fun? Fellas can step out for a night out with the nerds in these circuit board sneakers made by artist Gabriel Dishaw. Created out of old typewriter and computer parts, the shoes were fashioned simply out of junk and some glue. While these geek-sneaks might help dazzle on the dance floor, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pass safely through a security check with these bad boys.

Exhibit C:


Wait, underwear? Yes. After an evening of burning up the dance floor, ease into a night of relaxation with artist Emiko Oye‘s creation–the un-ironically titled “Population Control 2.0” shorts. You are guaranteed a good night’s rest, knowing that no part of your old computer has been wasted.

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Image: Treehugger/Steven Rodrig/Gabriel Dishaw/emiko-O

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