High-Tech Cat@Log System Announces When Your Cat Is Scratching Himself

By Smriti Rao | April 14, 2010 11:42 am

cat@log-twitter-per-gattiMany cat owners worry/wonder about what their buddies are up to while the humans are away at work. Are they eating the houseplants? Sleeping on the kitchen counter? Prowling next door to bother the neighbors’ pet bird?

Now, researchers in Japan hope to bridge the gap between humans and their pets by rigging cats with sensing devices that help owners track their felines’ activities.

Cat@Log, one such sensing device, allows you to snoop on your cat as he goes about his daily schedule.

You can track his movements, map his territory, and even see what he sees thanks to a bulky device that can be strapped on your kitty’s collar. The tech site Recombu says that Cat@Log comes loaded with a camera, microphone, microSD card, an accelerometer, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Recombu writes:

The GPS hooks up to Google Maps to create a territory map, showing you where your cat goes when he’s out and about, while the camera gives you a ride-along view. The accelerometer can also interpret certain actions like scratching, going up and down stairs, eating, and jumping, all of which can be used to update a Twitter-feed – or even a full-on blog – of what your cat is up to all day long.

The Cat@Log is great, especially for anxious owners who are away on holiday and wondering if the cat-sitter is doing a good job, writes Recombu. You can also be assured your cat won’t be lonely on Twitter as he’d have Sockamillion (Sockington), the famous tweeting cat, for company.

Here’s a video of Cat@Log in action:

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Image: Cat@Log

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