NCBI ROFL: It's dogs…it's dogs in tights (TIGHT tights!)

By ncbi rofl | April 19, 2010 7:00 pm

subadogEffects of a whole-body spandex garment on rectal temperature and oxygen consumption in healthy dogs.

“OBJECTIVE: To determine whether a full-body spandex garment would alter rectal temperatures of healthy dogs at rest in cool and warm environments… …PROCEDURES: Each dog was evaluated at a low (20 degrees to 25 degrees C [68 degrees to 77 degrees F]) or high (30 degrees to 35 degrees C [86 degrees to 95 degrees F]) ambient temperature while wearing or not wearing a commercially available whole-body spandex garment designed for dogs. Oxygen consumption was measured by placing dogs in a flow-through indirect calorimeter for 90 to 120 minutes. Rectal temperature was measured before dogs were placed in the calorimeter and after they were removed. RESULTS: Rectal temperature increased significantly more at the higher ambient temperature than at the lower temperature and when dogs were not wearing the garment than when they were wearing it. The specific rate of oxygen consumption was significantly higher at the lower ambient temperature than at the higher temperature. CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Results suggest that wearing a snug spandex body garment does not increase the possibility that dogs will overheat while in moderate ambient temperatures. Instead, wearing such a garment may enable dogs to better maintain body temperature during moderate heat loading. These results suggest that such garments might be used for purposes such as wound or suture protection without causing dogs to overheat.”


Photo: flickr/zebedee.zebedee

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  • Ian Tindale

    Why do the dogs need those extended feet things – what was the purpose of those?

  • Steve

    They’re so Ka-yuuute. That’s why.

  • Thomas

    Damn you Ig Nobel! It’s you and your prize that each year forces scientists to outdo each other in cruel experiments on animals.

  • Normand Schepis

    Do you believe in spooks


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