NCBI ROFL: Finally, science brings you…the baby poop predictor (with alarm)!

By ncbi rofl | April 28, 2010 7:00 pm

diaperDetection of predefecatory rectosigmoid wave activity for prevention of fecal soiling in infants.

“Identification of an electrophysiologic sign before defecation can prevent fecal soiling in infants. To identify such a sign, the contractile activity of sigmoid colon was recorded percutaneously in 48 healthy infants. The recorder was equipped with a digital clock synchronized to the recorder so as to set off an alarm upon significantly increased electromyographic activity of sigmoid colon. Examination of the recordings at high speed revealed three types of basal, signaling and predefecatory waves of activities. The ‘basal’ component was comprised of as negatively deflected slow waves. The signaling waves exhibited an increase in amplitudes, cycle rate and conduction velocity, were repeated 8.2+/-1.2 times and lasted for 14.6+/-2.1 minutes prior to defecation, The ‘predefecatory’ waves preceded defecation by 40.3+/-7.3 seconds, showed a significant increase in wave parameters and sounded the alarm. The findings show a method for early detection of defecation that can be used clinically to prevent fecal soiling in infants.”


Image: flickr/keeping_it_real

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