NCBI ROFL: No bra + Wringer washing machine = squished boob.

By ncbi rofl | May 18, 2010 7:00 pm

REA_washing_machine_with_wringer The Wringer washing machine: an unusual cause of breast trauma.

“A 66-year-old woman… …sustained a left-breast injury with a wringer washing machine. While manually feeding clothes through the rollers of her wringer washing machine, her left breast was drawn into the rollers when her blouse became entangled with the clothing she was wringing. The patient was not wearing a brassiere. Her husband immediately responded to her cries for help by disconnecting the electricity to the washing machine and pressing the emergency release for the rollers. This washing machine was immediately discarded.”

washing machine

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  • Glenn

    “her blouse became entangled with the clothing she was wringing.”
    The fact that: “The patient was not wearing a brassiere.” is irrelevant, unnecessary , … but titillating, I guess

  • jcm

    One more reason to wear a bra!

  • Flying Orca

    I wonder whether there’s a connection to an old family saying, perhaps somewhat common in New England, along the lines of “I haven’t had this much fun” (or “there hasn’t been this much excitment”, or whatever) “since Grandma caught her tit in the wringer.”

    No foolin’.

  • John

    Just downloaded the article… it had pictures. Wish I hadn’t downloaded the article.


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