NCBI ROFL: Sex Differences in Approaching Friends with Benefits Relationships.

By ncbi rofl | June 18, 2010 7:00 pm

couple“This research explored differences in how men and women approach “friends with benefits” (FWB) relationships. Specifically, this study examined sex differences in reasons for beginning such involvements, commitment to the friendship versus sexual aspects of the relationship, and partners’ anticipated hopes for the future. To do so, an Internet sample of individuals currently involved in FWB relationships was recruited. Results indicated many overall similarities in terms of how the sexes approach FWB relationships, but several important differences emerged. For example, sex was a more common motivation for men to begin such relationships, whereas emotional connection was a more common motivation for women. In addition, men were more likely to hope that the relationship stays the same over time, whereas women expressed more desire for change into either a full-fledged romance or a basic friendship. Unexpectedly, both men and women were more committed to the friendship than to the sexual aspect of the relationship. Although some additional similarities appeared, the findings were largely consistent with the notion that traditional gender role expectations and the sexual double standard may influence how men and women approach FWB relationships.”


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  • john

    yeah right.

  • ODS

    You hit on the main point by stating the different motivations men and women have for entering a FWB situation. I think another key point that you need to delve into is the reasons why people crave this sort of connection with another person. I’ve found that most people who are okay with a FWB relationship are those people who recently had a bad breakup and aren’t ready to fully let someone else in again and be committed or perhaps those people with busy schedules (not much time to date with a full-time job), etc. There are multiple factors that lead people to enter into these relationships. Personally, I met this guy Kevin about a year ago on one of those online dating sites and we both preferred to keep our relationship casual and fun. Needless to say, we were both coming out of some pretty bad break-ups. We’re officially together now (5 months after being casual) but I will admit, I think we’re the exception. We both wanted a relationship, but neither of us were ready for it at the time. Keeping things casual enabled us to slowly build on our relationship, and so here we are! Regardless, I don’t think FWB usually end on the best note but sometimes there are exceptions =)


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