NCBI ROFL: Double feature: Personalities of punks and perils of their pointy parkas.

By ncbi rofl | June 21, 2010 7:00 pm

341529621_2f0c63640cSelf-image of punk rock and nonpunk rock juvenile delinquents.

“The purpose of this study was to provide some understanding of punk rockers. Although they have received media attention in the depiction of their unusual hair and clothing styles, there is limited information about their personalities. In this study a delinquent group of punk rockers was compared with a delinquent group of nonpunk rockers on self-image, a personality factor related to teenagers’ mental health and adjustment. Each group consisted of 20 subjects, 15 males and 5 females, aged 14 to 17. Subjects were administered a Screening Questionnaire, the Offer Self-Image Questionnaire (OSIQ), and the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) while detained at a Southern California juvenile hall… No significant differences were found between the groups. The importance of these findings is that even though punk rockers may look and act unusual, they may actually be similar to other groups.”


“Punk” rock can be bad for you: a case of surgical emphysema from a “punk” rocker’s leather jacket.

“Stab wounds to the thorax are seen in the emergency department (ED) and can be caused by a variety of mechanisms. This case highlights an unusual cause of injury: a leather jacket with spikes on the back of it. This type of jacket is often worn by “punks” as a fashion statement. We report that falling onto such a jacket may result in accidental thoracic injury leading to subcutaneous emphysema. A thorough clinical assessment is mandatory to exclude underlying lung injury or pneumothorax.”


Image: flickr/mando2003us

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  • Anon 1:50


    Moot, moot, MOOT!

    When grampa Spikies up there in the photo is the image of a ‘punk rocker’, it is so over-the-friggen’-hill-down-the-valley-over-and-done as to be relegated to nostalgic hipster Halloween wear.


  • l@m3

    how old is that guy in the picture? he looks to be my grandfather’s age.. Put some real punks up there and interview them… ffs discover magazine sucks..

  • soubriquet

    Oh god! and he’s drinking fake australian rat’s urine too, brewed in england.
    Maybe he used to be a real punk, twenty years ago, but forgot how it’s done.

  • euphrosyne

    I guess all the REAL punks are in here, telling that guy why he’s not a punk.

    Geez, you guys are sad.

  • RationalThinker

    Yes, punks are just like any other group . . . conforming to the social norms of their tribe. A majority of people seem prone to doing this.

    There IS something to be said about actual non-conformity (by setting your own internal standards and expectations rather than relying on the approval of third parties), and there is some great punk out there.

  • TrollSmash!

    Just children playing dress up. I have a friend who is an ex-punk. She would wear her spiked hair so high that she had to drive her car with her head out the window. Go punks!

    Punk= bulls*** held together with safety pins.

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss word.]

  • DubbleCheez

    I thought punk was something that is on the inside. The mindless youth of today take a quick glance and make a judgment. I am almost 40 years old and know that punk is an attitude, not a haircut. Although you may believe that you are punk, you are actually just a cog in the machine. Your tattoos, multiple piercings, hairstyle, leather jacket, Doc martins, and ripped jeans are just a costume. You are a phony and will be exposed for what you really are. Punk is cynicism. Punk is rebellion. Punk is anger. Use that anger. Anger is an energy. Cut your hair. Go to college. Get a job at XYZ Corp. and tear it apart from the inside. Break the laws that you don’t agree with and share that with your friends. Call your local representatives and tell them how you really feel. Fight the norms. Shake the foundations and bring the walls down.

  • cdub

    What #4 said.

    Also… punks aren’t allowed to grow older?

    Get off my lawn, dummies.

  • CubicleBoy

    Excellent re-cap of SLC punk.

  • craig chaos

    Hahaha! Damn, am I going to get any money for that picture? I can’t believe they used a picture of me! And first I’m not old enough to be someones grandfather, hell, I’m only 31, that picture was taken when I was like 26 at the Melody Inn. And no one interviewed me for shit so don’t think I made any of those comments about spikes on jackets killing anyone, I could care less..

  • arse

    I think the idea that anyone can make a judgement based on a picture probably has way to much time on his or her hands. The debate on being “punk” or “hipster’ or “metal” or what ever the hell you think you are, is stupid and juvenile to discuss. Nobody and I repeat nobody, gives a sh*t what genre of music you listen to and how you decide to dress yourself. That is the moot point. Unless you spend the majority of the time collecting star wars figures, you will keep your comments to yourself. Oh and p.s, I happen to know the ass***e in this picture and he is friggin awesome.

  • andyfark

    What #10 said. That is, indeed, Mr. Craig Chaos, a fixture of the punk rock scene here in Indianapolis. If he’s a grandpa, he started f**king at the age of 10 and so did his non-exsistent kid….

    [moderator’s note: edited curse word]

  • Tybalt

    To those saying that the guy in the photo is ‘no punk rocker’ I’m going to ask you the ages of the people in NOFX and Bad Religion. You know, influential punk bands that are still around putting out albums? Greg Graffin has a fucking PHD for f***’s sake. Honestly, age has nothing to do with being punk.

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss word.]

  • Jockaira

    Being “Punk” or most other societal subtypes is not a matter of age…It’s an attitude!

    I can remember when calling someone a “punk” was an instant invitation to losing half your teeth…how times change.

    Punk used to be an insult

    Gay used to be fun

    And Rock ‘n Roll wasn’t a discordant cacophony of rhythmic noise.

    [Note to Moderator per #13: I guess this means that four-letter words are cuss words…but more than four, just colorful adjectives. (No I’m not complaining about your standards, just chuckling…at myself too. This word has become so common that I didn’t notice it until I read your note.)]

  • headsign

    Punk? Isn’t it mainly about wearing shockingly sexy Vivienne Westwood style fashion and listening to the ultimate and most rebellious accomplishment of Rock’n’Roll?
    Add any random attribute.

    @Jockeira: in its own particular time, Rock’n’Roll was always perceived as a “discordant cacophony of rhythmic noise”


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