NCBI ROFL: A foot needs a nipple like a fish needs a bicycle.

By ncbi rofl | June 25, 2010 7:00 pm

footcensored[Uncensored photo below]

Case report: Ectopic nipple on the sole of the foot, an unexplained anomaly.

“Supernumerary nipples are common congenital anomalies, most often occurring along the embryonic milk lines. We present a patient with an ectopic nipple on the foot. We are unable to explain the aetiology of this anomaly; however, several theories have been proposed.”


Bonus figures:

nipple_foot_images“The patient considered the lesion to be a cosmetic blemish and refused to have it excised. He was advised follow-up every 6-months or to seek consultation if any features of the nipple changed.”

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  • Crow

    I can see it now. Arrested for indecent exposure because they refused to darn their socks.

  • Angry Tomato

    I don’t understand the censor, I thought man nipples were O.K. Especially ectopic ones! Although, rule #34, right? Give it time…

  • Rob H

    I wonder is there is any difference in the nerve and tissue makeup as compared to real nipples? For example, if he has cold feet, does the nipple harden?

  • Rob Roy

    Now THAT would be a foot-fetishist’s paradise!


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