Lefties Cry Discrimination Over iPhone's Faulty Antenna

By Eliza Strickland | July 2, 2010 11:53 am

iPhone-4Believe me, there are many inconveniences that come with being left-handed: Your childhood art projects look like they were accomplished by jittery beavers on account of those damn right-handed safety scissors, and simple kitchen tools like can-openers and soup ladles can become the enemy. But now we lefties can add in a high-tech complaint: The iPhone 4’s antenna problems are particularly troublesome to the likes of us.

The iPhone 4’s sales have been spectacular since it debuted last week, but consumers immediately noticed a glaring problem with the metal band that wraps around the phone’s perimeter and acts as an antenna; holding the phone in certain ways interfered with the antenna and could lead to dropped calls. In response, Apple advised customers to “avoid gripping it in the lower left corner” when making or receiving a call. That’s when a U.K. group called the Left-Handers Club got irate.

According to The Telegraph, spokeswoman Lauren Milsom issued a blistering statement:

“It seems ludicrous to suggest that 10 per cent of potential users should be told they have to adopt a less natural hand hold to use this latest technology. I would strongly suggest that Steve Jobs employs left-handers in his design and testing team in future, and urgently address this issue to ensure the phone is fit for purpose.”

Lefties are reportedly not the only ones upset about the apparent design flaw. One couple that’s suing Apple says their phone’s faulty antenna has caused them “emotional distress,” and class-action lawsuits are starting to spring up.

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Image: flickr / Jorge Quinteros

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  • Poodle_Slayer
  • http://www.nicky510.com Crow

    You’d really think that they’d test the phone “in the real world” but I believe that signal strength is determined while the phone is in a test fixture – not held in the hand. I don’t think lefties should be too irate over this one since righties cover up that strip with the palm of their hand and, given the 10 to 1 ratio of righties to lefties, even if only 10% of the righties held the phone with the antenna covered it’d still equal the incidence of lefty-holders. I.e. IF Apple tested the phones “in the hand” with only righties doing the testing they’d still see the problem.

    But the good news is that the topic has just inspired a new cartoon. So yay for technology!

  • Shakin

    I’m lefty. I hold my phone in my right hand. RIGHTIES typically hold their phone in their left hands, and therefore are more likely to have problems with the iP4. Left-Handers Club is likely just looking for publicity. Unfortunately, they are undermining the general belief that lefties are, on average, of higher intelligence. Thanks a lot, Left-Handers Club!


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