Yo Readers: Who Are You? And What Would You Name a Subatomic Particle?

By Joseph Calamia | July 6, 2010 2:23 pm

pointWe’re copying DISCOVER’s other bloggers and calling out to commenters. Here we give you, Discoblog readers, a chance to speak your minds.

Ed Yong on Note Exactly Rocket Science, Carl Zimmer on The Loom,  Razib Khan on Gene Expression, Daniel Holz at Cosmic Variance, and Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum on The Intersection want to know who you are, what your background is and what you do…

If you want to shout back with more about you and how you found our little piece of the interwebs, that’s great. Or, feel free to answer to any of these questions:

1) What animal would you never want to be?

2) You can have one superpower, but is has to be based on an iPhone app. What would you choose and why?

3) Name one science acronym that you find questionable.

4) You discover a subatomic particle, new species, or near earth object. You have to name it after a science fiction character or living scientist. What did you find and what did you name it?

Also feel free to just tell us how we’re doing, topics you’re most interested in, or favorite stories from Discoblog past.

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  • Em

    I’m just a young CAD Operator with a lot of interest in engineering, technology, and psychology. I’ve been reading the different blogs on the Discover website for about a year after remembering how I used to have Discovermagazine.com as my home page.

    The animal I would never want to be would be a female bean weevil. I know, it’s an insect, not what people generally think of when the term ‘animal’ comes up.

  • http://www.scienceyay.blogspot.com Linda

    I have just received my degree in Physics and Astronomy, and now I’m doing a summer internship in physics outreach. In a few months I’m going to a grad program in science communication.

    If I discovered a subatomic particle, I would disregard the rules set forth in this post and call it a “partyon.” And I’ve always wanted to discover an asteroid so that I could name it after my dog, Comet.

  • MT-LA

    Hey there, disco. I’m Matt T from Los Angeles. Currently a mechanical engineer for the US Navy. I’ve been reading Discover since about 6th grade, and I’ve always found the magazine entertaining and informative. I REALLY miss the “Light Elements” section of the magazine, along with the logic puzzles that used to appear at the end of the published mag.
    Anyways, keep up the good work Eliza (and, I suppose, the other bloggers)!

  • http://doctorcrankenstein.wordpress.com/ Doctor Crankenstein

    I’m a 20 year-old university student from Australia doing a dual-degree In Science (Physics/Computer/Math) and Secondary Education. I’m currently a student teacher at a school with a large proportion of ESL students where I teach basic math and reading. I came across one of the Discover blogs a few weeks ago through Google Blog Search and subscribed to all of them with google reader immediately. They are both Interesting and Informative and in my opinion some of the best science blogs on the internet. I also have a blog myself where I talk about all sorts of things but mostly relating to Science, Education and Religion (I’m an Atheist).

    I wouldn’t want to be a mayfly or any other incredibly short lived creature

    I know nothing about iphone apps. I have an omnia…

    GENIUS: Germanium Nitrogen Underground Setup, a proposed experiment by Gran Sasso and Heidelberg to operate Ge detectors in liquid nitrogen. – I don’t like self professed awesome

    If I discovered a subatomic particle I would call it Asimov

  • Cara

    I am a a woman in my late twenties with practically no formal science background, but a deep curiosity for and love of science. I live in NYC and am a lawyer. I would never want to be a snake (being unable to warm or cool myself would be absolutely no fun). I would want the ability to identify any piece of music at will. I would have found a near-Earth object and I would name it Gorn.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/ Eliza Strickland

    Thanks, readers! Lovely to meet you all. For my superpower I would like to be able to add a cat to any situation, in the style of the add-a-cat app.

    — Eliza, DISCOVER online news editor

  • Joseph Calamia

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Linda, I want a subatomic particle to be called partyon too. A favorite acronym is DONUT, Fermilab’s 1997 project for Direct Observation of NU Tau.


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