Want to Monitor the Earth's Magnetic Field? There's an App for That.

By Joseph Calamia | July 13, 2010 10:44 am

solarisSure, your GPS-enabled cellphone might tell you which way is north, but why settle for a mere compass when you can monitor the Earth’s entire magnetic field?

According to its developer, Tomasso, a Droid app called Solaris weaves together data from several satellites that monitor the Sun’s activity and its effects on our planet’s magnetic field.

NASA satellite team STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) provides information on “Earth-directed solar ejections.” NASA’s SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) also gives stats on what the Sun is sending our way in the forms of solar wind and energetic particles. Finally, the NOAA’s polar orbiter satellites provide information on the Earth’s weather.

Combining this information, the app allegedly can show (almost) real-time changes in the Earth’s magnetic field from solar activity and even indicate when trapped, Sun-spewed subatomic particles are making a spectacular show, in the form of the northern or southern lights.

The app can also tell you when to look up since, as reported by Gizmodo, the “Phone vibrates when geomagnetic storm level rises or aurora may be overhead at your location.”

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Image: Solaris / Tomasso via AndriodPIT

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  • http://www.autumnlake.com Mark

    Solaris is pretty cool. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but it could be handy. The “Tricorder” Droid app is another one I really like. It measures the status of the Sun, among other things. The SOL display has pics that seem to be from STEREO and SDO. Plus it looks like the Next Gen/Voyager LCARS display panels. Gotta love that.

  • http://www.calsolareng.com California Solar Engineering

    There’s an app for everything these days and I think it helps people understand what learning can be.

  • Marie

    No Solaris for iPhone though?

  • Tom O’Reilly

    Solaris developer here. No Solaris for iPhone, at least not yet. Solaris was inspired by the excellent “3D Sun” for iPhone – check it out!

  • lynn

    can either solaris or tricorder be used on an android phone?

  • lynn

    can solaris or tricorder be used on an android phone

  • Tom O’Reilly

    “Solaris Alpha” is available on the Android market for $1.99

  • Tom O’Reilly

    Solaris developer here again:
    Solaris Alpha is available on the Android Market for $1.99


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