NCBI ROFL: President Kennedy's death: A poison arrow-assisted homicide.

By ncbi rofl | July 15, 2010 7:00 pm

800px-JFK_limousine_cut_off_ver.“‘President John F. Kennedy’s death was a neurotoxin-assisted homicide’ is the hypothesis of this study. A review of medical evidence demonstrates evidence of a neurotoxin-assisted homicide. The convergence of three independent actions, or the signature traits of a neurotoxin-assisted homicide- the emergence of neurological signs consistent with a neurotoxin-induced paralysis, the induction of a small neck wound consistent with a flechette-transported neurotoxin entry wound, and the execution of a coverup to eliminate neurotoxin evidence, supports this hypothesis. This review suggests, JFK’s death had all the signature traits of a neurotoxin-assisted homicide.”

Bonus figure:


Fig. 5. Flechette-transported neurotoxin with Popup Fins.


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  • KrisJ

    This manuscript is clearly written by a madman. However, what is really weird about the whole thing is that the Editorial board of “Medical Hypotheses” seems to consist of people like Arvid Carlsson of Göteborg University, a Nobel prize winner no less and then some other big names for good measure…

    In any case, another blow for the peer review system… it clearly doesn’t work…

  • Wavefunction

    Medical Hypothesis sometimes has very thought-provoking articles. The downside is that one has to endure sludge like this which also gets swept in. By the way, Med Hypo is not really very peer-reviewed so I don’t think this is a blow to the peer-reviewed system. I for one don’t mind a journal or two like this (but no more!) where crazy-sounding ideas are propagated. After all, one out of ten may lead to something interesting.

  • Kirian

    Doesn’t this belong in, say, AIR?

  • Duane

    I believe it’s more inclined towards the Enquirer or Daily Mail

  • Jose

    So I guess we now know it wasnt the huge gaping hole or the brain matter spread over the trunk that killed him. It was a poison dart. I guess we can start rewriting the history books.

  • The Thomas

    “Here’s the plan: you’re gonna shoot him with a poison dart that’ll kill him dead.”
    “And what are you going to do?”
    “I’ll distract the coppers by shooting him in the head from the 5th floor of this book warehouse then racing away from the scene of the crime.”

  • rizzle

    wow…. So much faith in ‘Science’. Retards…

  • Matthew Brown

    More lunatics and their conspiracy theories!

  • Bryan

    That particular journal is not highly regarded within any field. This should be kept in mind. Of course, popularizer journalists benefit from keeping the public ignorant of a journal’s lack of status within the scientific community, since this helps them take cheap shots against a profession that they, themselves, for the most part, didn’t have the acumen to actually practice.

  • John

    This seems as if it was written by the same person who uncovered how Ben Franklin discovered
    penicilin and used it to kill off the dinosaurs. Anything is possible if one has no idea what they’re talking about.

  • C-Moore-Butt

    To The Thomas & rizzle , there are a few books around you guys should read, ‘High Treason 2’ is a good start… no big gaping hole mate…Lee did NOT kill JFK x

  • biodork

    The article assumes as one of its knowns that there exists “the execution of a coverup to eliminate neurotoxin evidence”…fail.

  • Tim

    The odd thing is that there was a man at Dealey Plaza who has been dubbed “The Umbrella Man”, as he was the only person seen carrying and opening an umbrella on that 66-degree, sunny day. As President John F. Kennedy’s limousine approached the umbrella man, the man opened up and then pumped the umbrella above his head, then spun the umbrella rapidly from east to west as the president approached and passed by him.

    I’m not saying that I believe the above story…but the “Umbrella Man” is just something that makes you go “hummm.”

  • Jockaira

    Kennedy died in 1963…Why are we still talking about it?

    Maybe it’s just the public preoccupation with presidential gore…yeah, I know, weak but clever!

  • Elnamo01

    The poison dart hit him when he was behind the Stemmons sign in the Zapruder film, but it wasn’t fired by the umbrella. Dark Complected Man, the Umbrella man’s friend, positioned himself right on the edge of the sidewalk to get the best angle on the approaching President. The more directly the target approaches you, the more stationary it seems to aim at. The Umbrella man was back a few feet. But DC man was as well-positioned as possible without stepping into the street. He fired a poison projectile from a device he held in the middle of his body just above his waist. It had a site like one of those old waist-held cameras. Oswald’s backyard photo camera was like that. But DC man must have had some telephoto power, The President was 30-40 feet away when it was fired. When they saw it had hit, the umbrella went up and DC man started waving. Between the dart’s hit, but before DC man’s hand went up, the “Magic Bullet” hit from behind. It was nice for the conspirators that the head shot killed Kennedy, because that made it easy for Oswald to get all the blame, but they weren’t depending on it.


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