Man Claims That Aliens Are Pelting His House With Meteorites

By Joseph Calamia | July 21, 2010 10:35 am

meteoriteMaybe, for a man in northern Bosnia, the sixth time is the charm: Radivoke Lajic claims that six meteorites have now struck his home.

The chances of being struck by a meteorite are extremely small, but, according to Lajic, his home has served as meteorite target practice since 2007. According to The Telegraph, where we found this story, Lajic says that the rocks tend to come when it rains. Ok, sure–and maybe Paul the psychic octopus can predict when the next one will come hurtling down.

A Wired article from last year cites a 1991 study by The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada of worldwide meteorite strikes near humans and built structures. The study records only a total of 57 strikes on human infrastructure in the 20th century.

Never mind facts and statistics, though! Lajic has set up a meteorite museum in his backyard. The Telegraph also reports that he has paid for a steel girder for his home by selling the first of the meteorites and has now launched an investigation into the magnetic fields around his home. Maybe it would have been better to take the cash from the first rock and move?

Lajic’s explanation for his home’s apparent meteorite attraction is that aliens are out to get him. He told The Telegraph:

“I have no doubt I am being targeted by aliens…. They are playing games with me.”

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Image: flickr / Tobin

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  • Joe Bogus

    How many times in the past 20 years have we seen this same yarn? Are we having a slow day?

  • David

    Meteorites, shmeteorites – my aliens abduct me on a regular basis and have their way with me.

  • geeta

    Why is it still a ‘claim’, given that it is not difficult to check the rocks to determine they are part of non-earthly material?

  • Roger

    When it rains? My guess is that his house is near a mountain. In Colorado rocks break off and fall off mountains all the time. Rain tends to bring more down. They can pick up quite a bit of speed and bounce amazing distances. If his house is anywhere near a mountain, I’ll bet the rocks match the rocks from above his house.

  • Roger

    Theory #2. The “aliens” are neighbor kids with a good sling or homemade catapult.

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