NCBI ROFL: And the most awkward sex of all time award goes to…

By ncbi rofl | July 23, 2010 7:00 pm

49836398_d660043ade_bCoitus as Revealed by Ultrasound in One Volunteer Couple.

“The anatomy and function of the G-spot remain highly controversial. Ultrasound studies of the clitoral complex during intercourse have been conducted to gain insight into the role of the clitoris and its relation to vagina and urethra during arousal and penetration. Aim. Our task was to visualize the anterior vaginal wall and its relationship to the clitoris during intercourse. Methods. The ultrasound was performed during coitus of a volunteer couple with the Voluson(R) General Electric(R) Sonography system (Zipf, Austria) and a 12-MHz flat probe. The woman was in a gynecologic position, and her companion penetrated her with his erected penis from a standing position. We performed a coronal section on the top of the vulva during the penetration. Main Outcome Measure. We focused on the size of the clitoral bodies before and after coitus. Results. The coronal section demonstrated that the penis inflated the vagina and stretched the root of the clitoris that has consequently a very close relationship with the anterior vaginal wall. This could explain the pleasurable sensitivity of this anterior vaginal area called the G-spot. Conclusions. The clitoris and vagina must be seen as an anatomical and functional unit being activated by vaginal penetration during intercourse.”


Photo: flickr/jemsweb

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  • Rhacodactylus

    Dammit, this kind of study is going on right down the hall, and the only study I get selected for is watching some monkey in a basketball game.

  • Joanna Cake

    I’m pretty sure I could have told them that without all those wires and probes!

  • Aygar

    I would have thought the most awkward sex of all time would be the sex in the study where they were using an MRI to image the interior region. The couple has to get to arousal and then freeze while the MRI did its thing, all within a 3ft diameter tube.

  • Amos Zeeberg (Discover Web Editor)

    I think Aygar is referring to this:

    Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal

    And, courtesy of Improbable Research, some video:


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