Video: A Hairy Carpet of Daddy Longlegs Fends off Predators

By Allison Bond | July 27, 2010 5:12 pm

Look closely: This hairy, pulsating carpet is actually a group of harvestmen, an arachnid commonly known as daddy longlegs.

This aggregation of harvestmen helps fend off potential predators. When one of the arachnids senses danger, he moves his body up and down to create a vibration; a whole jiggling group of daddy longlegs provides an even greater deterrent. There’s nothing quite like teamwork to make your skin crawl. Via Boingboing:

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  • MT-LA

    Ha!..I just creeped out every girl (and some of the guys) in my office with this vid.
    I know the theory is that one of them will vibrate when sensing danger, but this video just seems to show that, when disturbed, daddy-longlegs start to walk around. They dont seem to be bouncing or vibrating at all

  • Rhacodactylus

    Holy crap . . . screw environmentalism . . . I’m done

  • Brian Too

    I’ve never found daddy longlegs disturbing for some reason. I’ve never seen them do that before but it still doesn’t bother me. It’s just interesting is all.

  • работа девушкам

    Im going to say what everyone else have not said above, but i must say ,Your are truly well-informed.I cant believe how much of this I just wasnt aware of .Thank you for publishing more information to this topic for everyone .Im truly thankful and really impressed.

  • Judy Foret

    I thought that way too! That was a little creepy, though. The ‘predators’ must be removed immediately to avoid any danger.


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