Today's Demonstration: How to Hack an ATM—With Video!

By Allison Bond | July 30, 2010 3:56 pm

ATMAlthough money may not grow on trees, it can spew from an ATM–at least if you’re computer security expert Barnaby Jack. He demonstrated recently at a security conference in Las Vegas how to get an ATM to spit money for minutes on end. Jack purchased the ATMs online, and says the tools required to hack them cost less than $100, according to Technology Review:

“After studying four different companies’ models, he said, “every ATM I’ve looked at, I’ve found a ‘game over’ vulnerability that allowed me to get cash from the machine.” He’s even identified an Internet-based attack that requires no physical access.”

Of course, Jack didn’t reveal how exactly he hacked the machines… but he came pretty close. In one demonstration Black explained:

“The device’s main circuit, or motherboard, is protected only by a door with a lock that is relatively easy to open (Jack was able to buy a key online). He then used a USB port on the motherboard to upload his own software, which changed the device’s display, played a tune, and made the machine spit out money [for several minutes].”

Some ATMs remain very vulnerable to remote attacks as well, Jack explained, such as those designed to accept software upgrades over the Internet. For example, a hacker can circumvent an ATM authentication system by installing his or her own software, which the hacker could then exploit using someone else’s information or a fake card.

Jack said he hoped the demonstration would spur manufacturers to make ATMs more secure. Maybe we’re just cynical, but with every new lock or security measure, won’t new hackers arise to bypass them?

Check out Tech Review‘s video about Jack’s demonstration. The best bit—hacked ATM plays silly music and spits out money—starts at 1:15:

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Image: flickr / thinkpanama

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  • Rhacodactylus

    Just get a couple of the guys designing slot machines in casinos over to the ATM pant and i think they’ll get your problem solved.

  • emmanuel

    it is really terrible, i wonder what on earth can really give man a total security. is not better to nipe this trend now b4 it could really get out of hand.

    • Iweeo

      theres no such thing as total security!
      and by the way, big companies must loose from time to time some money in behalf of poorer people, since Robin Hood is no longer in our lives

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  • Appam

    what the fuck

  • dev raj

    how to hack atm box via atmcard

  • Xfusionpower

    what is money made from?? paper… what is paper made from?? trees

    Money does grow on trees

    • Camaroguy19772003

       jackass money is printed on fiber liner not paper! go look it up before you make an ass of yourself!

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