Proof That We Live in the Future: Tweets From a Robot Astronaut

By Eliza Strickland | August 3, 2010 1:24 pm

robonaut-tweetsAstronauts aboard the International Space Station have been tweeting from space for six months now, making that Twitter phenomenon officially old and busted. So what’s the new hotness? Tweets from an ISS-bound robot astronaut.

Robonaut 2 is currently cooling its heels at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, awaiting its scheduled trip to the International Space Station on November 1st. Once on board the ISS, the two-armed humanoid bot will help out astronauts with their duties; it expects to be particularly useful on tasks that are “too dangerous or boring for astronauts.” But it will also find time to tweet.

Already, Robonaut 2 has addressed some pressing questions via Twitter with answers like these:

“Robots are non-gender by design. I’m an it.”

“No, no relation to Hal. Don’t know if I’d want to admit to having him on my family tree if I was. Def. don’t condone his actions”

Fans can get much more information from the first robot astronaut during its “twitterview” tomorrow. Send a question marked #4R2 and Robonaut will begin answering them at 10 am CST.

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Image: flickr / NASARobonaut

  • Rhacodactylus

    I gotta wonder, was it intentional that he looks so much like C-3PO? I guess you don’t get to work for NASA without loving Star Wars

  • Justin Lapp (ActualityScience)

    Why have I not heard about this guy yet? And why do I envision the robot as a bumbling goof who is always getting in everyone’s way aboard the space station? Maybe comment #1 is right, it’s the resemblance to C-3PO.


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