Speed Bumps of the Future: Creepy Optical Illusion Children

By Joseph Calamia | September 7, 2010 11:23 am

Today, West Vancouver officials will roll out a new way to keep drivers alert and slow them down: a little girl speed bump. A trompe-l’œil, the apparently 3D girl located near the École Pauline Johnson Elementary School is actually a 2D pavement painting, similar to the one shown here.


In what sounds like a terrifying experience, the girl’s elongated form appears to rise from the ground as cars approach, reaching 3D realism at around 100 feet, and then returning to 2D distortion once cars pass that ideal viewing distance. Its designers created the image to give drivers who travel at the street’s recommended 18 miles per hour (30 km per hour) enough time to stop before hitting Pavement Patty–acknowledging the spectacle before they continue to safely roll over her.

The illusion is part of a $15,000 safety program that will run this week, led by the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation and the public awareness group Preventable.ca. As drivers approach, the police will monitor the fake girl’s effects. Despite fears that drivers may stop suddenly or swerve into actual 3D children, David Duane of the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation told CTV news that the bump was meant to bring attention to driver-caused pedestrian injuries, and that the fake girl should not cause accidents:

“It’s a static image. If a driver can’t respond to this appropriately, that person shouldn’t be driving….”

In 2008, Philadelphia used similar, virtual speed bumps–more common in Europe–in its “Drive CarePhilly” campaign. Philadelphia, however, chose a less anthropomorphic route–opting for three spikes.

UPDATE: Preventable.ca answers some questions about the experiment in a new blog post.

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Image: Handout/Preventable.ca via PhysOrg.com

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  • Mikey G

    I don’t like it, what happens when these drivers get conditioned to looking at these images and then plow right over a REAL child..
    Its gonna happen…

  • Nemesis

    I agree with #1… took the words out of my mouth.

  • Wilson

    Great, now people will learn to ignore children running in the middle of the road thinking they’re just speed bumps.

  • http://hockeybias.com Guy at HockeyBias dot com

    I agree with one through 3 above… There’s a better way.

  • Sepp

    And when the person swerves to avoid the ‘child’ they’ll hit a real one who’s playing on the pavement. Clever.

  • steve

    We don’t need added distraction on the road. There are enough distractions without trying to trick someone into slowing down. Educate the people, don’t just play on people’s reactions.

  • Jim

    I agree with #’s 4-5 above. This is a bad idea of really scary proportions. Ask the people responsible for tornado or tsunami warnings what happens when the public becomes conditioned to false alarms. And even 1 small child hit by a car because “I thought it was one of those 3d kid drawings” is a risk no sensible community would take.

  • mik73

    #6 is spot on though: Playing with people’s reactions while they’re sitting in a 2500 pound moving projectile of steel and glass isn’t very wise. It’s an unwarranted added distraction that puts real kids lives in extra danger for a variety of reasons stated. Never mind the creepiness factor of running over these things on a daily basis. Or the expense of constantly repainting them after vandals add extra…ahem…’appendages’ or ‘clothing options’, etc.

    And the sad truth is that yes, there are alot of people on the road today who shouldn’t be driving. This is not the most responsible way to discover who those people are.

    I just watched the video on their website. The effect is cool enough. And I think the ‘panic swerve into pedestrians’ scenario is unlikely (unless you’re bombing down the road at unsafe speeds already, in which case this image *is* a significant risk). But the desensitization factor of this will conversely be enormous. Seeing a kid on the road and having been trained through hundreds of ‘fake’ drive-overs, you might *not* slow down that split second needed to safely determine if this is just another visual trick. Don’t assume people will *always* slow down for any visual cue. As mentioned, after hundreds of ‘false alarms’, human nature will kick in and the results could be tragic.

  • Sammie

    Who comes up with this stuff? The extent of the dumbness is breath-taking. The fact that the person who swerves into a real child “shouldn’t be driving” will be cold comfort to that real child’s family.

  • Joseph Calamia

    Thanks for the comments. The video mik73 mentioned is available here: http://www.preventable.ca/2010/09/shifting-attitudes-with-illusions/#more-1069

  • FB

    I agree with #1 through, well, everyone.
    This is SUCH A BAD IDEA. Astonishingly bad.

  • Dr.

    Wow, people on here are idiots. And obviously crappy drivers.
    You probably get freaked out by chalk drawings on sidewalks. Better avoid the image of the shark coming out of the pavement – it’s coming to get you. Run!

    This crap has been done in Europe on higher speed roads and guess what, people weren’t getting into accidents.

    Everyone is an expert on the internet.

  • Dr.


    I guess repetitive near-misses of dumbness on your part eventually lead to your comment. Tragic indeed.

  • sloop

    Ummm a real child will be moving so I think drivers will know the difference.
    “Educate the people, don’t just play on people’s reactions.” Ummm people have been educated not to drive crazy in areas with lots of pedestrians, and they still don’t. And if you people read the article the child appears 100 feet away, 100 feet is farther than you people are thinking so at most a driver will hit their brakes, not swerve all crazy like you people are predicting.

  • http://blog.oneduality.com Lonnie

    I agree with most of the comments for obvious reasons but what I don’t get is .. why virtual speedbumps? .. I know that where I am from, the real thing works pretty well at slowing people down unless they want a damaged car.. and in areas where speeding has been a real problem, they are evenly spaced out enough that it makes no sense to floor it when you get over one because you’ll be coming to the next.

  • Jesus

    agree with Dr.
    think this is great.

  • http://blog.oneduality.com Lonnie

    “Ummm a real child will be moving so I think drivers will know the difference.”

    Perhaps – but it’s still a disturbing idea.. not only that but because it’s not a REAL speed bump, anyone who travels that road on a regular basis will know it’s not a real kid, and will probably just fly by after a while .. it will have the greatest impact on those who see it for the first time.. I still say REAL speed bumps work better.. a sign warning of speed bumps, then some actual speed bumps.. you either slow down or you risk damaging your car.

  • Antony

    It would be smarter to hire midgets, dressed as children, to dart in front of traffic. The fact that this is a “smarter” idea reveals the level of intelligence of the original.

  • D9

    Except it wont work. With both eyes open you can clearly see the difference between standing object and road painting.

  • Me

    Not to mention that someone will brake quickly on seeing this for the first time and the idiot tailgating him/her will slam into them…

  • Donovan Colbert

    There is no doubt this is a bad idea. When someone freaks out and slams on their brakes at the last minute causing the person behind to rear-end them, or over-reacts and swerves into oncoming traffic or some other obstacle, blaming it on the *driver* is, without exception, stupid.

    I’m not afraid that I would respond this way. I don’t want to be on a road-way where the driver in front of me or coming the other direction reacts this way. It isn’t a matter of my driving skills, it is a matter of reason and logic.

    “It’s a static image. If a driver can’t respond to this appropriately, that person shouldn’t be driving….”

    Not good enough. The logic is that it is appropriate to trigger accidents to weed out bad drivers.

  • MurrayC

    I agree that eventually drivers will condition themselves into thinking that a real child is nothing more than a painted “speed bump”. Hhhmmm…… instead of little kids, let’s make the paintings of skateboarders, and maybe we’ll get lucky and hit a few (“I thought he was just a painting, not an actual d!ckhead on a skateboard “)

  • Climbersaurus

    The problem isn’t bad drivers, the problem is the system letting bad drivers drive in the first place. Driving classes should be mandatory or taken in school but it’s not, at least in BC.

    But I agree, this is a bad idea, and unfortunately I feel there will be some legal implications if someone gets into an accident over this.

  • Eddie

    I cant put into words how stupid I think this idea is.

  • Beaver

    this how we will reduce the population. kill them befor they breed.

  • Moron

    Whoever came up with this idea is a moron! I agree with the first comment, this will lead to children being ran over because they will become accustomed to see that on the road and will slow down at first but eventually they will associate the image with a child so whenever a real child walks into the road, *SMACK* they will hit them. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in my entire life!

  • tony

    C’mon people. Don’t be such fools. This is a PARKING GARAGE, not a road, and people aren’t going that fast anyway. Plus, the images are before a *speed bump*. Nobody is going to get conditioned to drive fast over children or else they’ll hit a bump really hard.

    Are you really such a dumb driver as to think it’s ok to do that? Well do us all a favor and take yourself off the road; you’re too dangerous. (And if you think others are that stupid too, then clearly you’re not safe on the road under any condition, paintings on the ground or otherwise.)

  • Jerry

    Well, on the bright side, if we do accidentally run over a kid, we will have a hell of a defense.

  • Anonymous

    > I agree with most of the comments for obvious reasons but what I don’t get is
    > .. why virtual speedbumps? .. I know that where I am from, the real thing
    > works pretty well at slowing people down unless they want a damaged car.. and
    > in areas where speeding has been a real problem, they are evenly spaced out
    > enough that it makes no sense to floor it when you get over one because you’ll
    > be coming to the next.

    In Canada, raised speed bumps are a hindrance to plowing snow.

  • http://scorcher.org/ Jym

    =v= The supposedly-funny remarks about running down kids and getting away with it illustrates a real problem with many motorists, and shows why this isn’t a good idea. A variant based on the work of Edgar Mueller — particularly “Crevasse”– would be a better way to go:


  • jdizzle

    This would be better if they could actually make it look like the ball was moving, and then the virtual kid ran out into street randomly, if anything that might help develop people’s hand-eye coordination. Even better, instead of a little girl, it could be a guy in a ski mask and a shotgun pointed at you, then I could practice my shooting while driving techniques too.

  • jdizzle

    Whoah, even better, how about Zombies!!!

  • ELN

    If you actually think a 3D drawing of the SAME girl you see over and over, is actually real, you really should either a- get off drugs or b- not drive!

  • Alpha7

    Uhh, how about using a yellow triangle with the word “SLOW” painted inside instead. Wouldn’t that put the message across a bit more clearly than something without any question will at the least confuse and at the worst needlessly alarm and/or disorient drivers?

  • http://vampon.blogspot.com Tryon

    2-D and 3-D kids on the roadway? Someone’s in 4-D.

  • Nonny

    “Its designers created the image to give drivers who travel at the street’s recommended 18 miles per hour (30 km per hour) enough time to STOP before hitting Pavement Patty…”

    This to me seems like a bad idea from a different perspective. I am thinking of the people who are stopping in the middle of the lane with no apparent reasoning behind it. Isn’t stopping in the road considered making yourself into a hazard? I don’t know about you people, but stopping in the middle of a lane (parking garage or not) is very likely to make you into a hazard. Someone behind you may not know the reason why you stopped or if they are REALLY careless they may not have noticed that you stopped at all since that isn’t normally a place where someone would stop.

    I really hope that this doesn’t catch on and get used outside of the parking garage pictured. For multiple reasons.

  • Whatevs

    Once someone sees one of these “speed bumps” once they will be speeding right over them from then on. The old fashioned speed bumps work every time.

  • Richie

    Funny how the original problem is first to be overlooked…….don’t speed and you won’t have any of the problems listed or discussed/posted.

  • Lee

    Older drivers will not be able to handle this.

  • Mario

    I sometimes wonder how people get these jobs, where responsability for them is:
    A 5 minute thought will be considered a thouroughly planned action.
    More frightning are those who hire these people (Imagine what they have between their ears)

  • iheart9krev

    Just paint or stage a fake accident scene along the side of the road. Cars ALWAYS slow down to see an accident.

  • Marius

    I totally agree with the above statements that drivers will become conditioned to treat images of children on the road as speed bumps. Of course, the West Van RCMP has never been that intelligent and is the laughing stock of the lower mainland, more so now than ever, so no big surprises there. The only question is how many innocent children will die before they begin to suspect that this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

  • camle

    I can’t help but wonder what this ‘art’ would look like in a week, c overed with tire tracks, etc.. and when somebody peel out over it. lol~!

  • Thom

    Drivers may avoid them all together in a panic and plow into other objects or animals – awful. Get over your speed issues for crying out loud. That money can be better spent

  • Tim

    What happened to common sense? Who thinks of this crap?

  • Shanaynay

    Leave it up to Canada to make the child hitting device, o canada

  • Mia

    wow, really?
    come on, this is way worse then roadkill honestly. Everyones gonna think its ok to run over children, Im not agreeing with this “new” invention. Get rid of it.

  • sean


  • Zach

    Why not just have your police issue tickets to people who are speeding, especially those speeding in a school zone. That’s could serve as a good deterrent. Just a thought, but what do I know.

  • guygrand

    Lose the kid – instead use a police officer with a gun drawn … THEN – when they run over the fake cop – you can write tickets galore … Sad it comes to this – seriously. Then again – Canada – hmmmmm – how about a Moose?

  • Erik

    In other news, sales of Pink bouncing balls plumet

  • Trilln451

    OK, hang on – Pavement PATTY?? Am I the only one who didn’t get a mental image of a hamburger patty? Someone didn’t think too hard when they were naming it – or DID THEY??


  • http://cox.net Chaser

    you all have way too much time on your hands.

  • http://yahoo Heldanez

    This does not make sense to many people. Campaings with billboards on the streets, roads, highways, etc. tv commercials suported by goverments with messages about pay attention on the road conscious that drivers should not be distracted with any other device for instance a cell phone, should save more lives. People let’s stand together for our people with commom sense too!. Nice try but it won’t work.

  • http://yahoo Heldanez

    This does not make sense to many people. Campaings with billboards on the streets, roads, highways, etc. tv commercials suported by goverments with messages about pay attention on the road conscious that drivers should not be distracted with any other device for instance a cell phone, will save more lives. This won’t disgrace a family.
    People let’s stand together for our beloved ones with commom sense !. Nice try inventing something to avoid accidents but it won’t work

  • Melmoose

    @ #54

    Ha! I agree, and the girl will be squashed INTO hamburger for that patty.
    Bon appetit

  • lashawn reed

    I think it will be another boy cry wolf story, if you think about it. if you dont i do

  • Disgusted

    What was wrong with REAL speed bumps? They always worked great. Why try and fix something that is not broken?

  • dre


  • http://yahoo dale howerton

    i thank thats a great ideal creepy but great! less tear on the auto mobile and a known factor to get these lead foot people to slow down

  • miles

    wow great job government great use of tax dollars. Who would possibly think this would be an effective traffic control measure.

  • Gary

    I agree with Number 1 , Mikey G.

  • Oldguy

    I like the way they painted the man next to the column so you won’t hit it either. Looks so real.

  • Rod

    horrible idea…i agree w/most of you…drivers will get conditioned, albeit gradually, to not respond quickly enough to real kids…it’s inevitable. however, #51’s gotta clever point about using cops instead of kids…people would probably speed up instead…

  • sm

    i think it would be cheaper and less hasseling in the long run if they just put a normal speed bump or rumble strips to slow traffic down.

  • T

    WTF!!!! In South Africa the bad people, they place a plactic doll in the road to make drivers stop, 4 what??? To get HI-JACKED!!!!!! Very, very bad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.YourLiquidVitmins.com Ronald

    This is just plan dangerous, could cause more harm than good in my opinion.

  • http://betteresults.myecon.net My Econ

    Old Technology could take care of this, road crews could stand out by the
    road with signs that say road work ahead, they definitely hold up the
    traffic around here, lol

  • CHP Officer

    This is called 20001(a) C.V.C. California Vehicle Code felony hit and run……. lol

  • Ryan

    This is a terrible idea. The conditioning will happen whether you think it will or not. Everyone will start to keep an even speed thinking the child will disapear when they hit that magic distance closer than 100 feet. This will just cause kids being hurt or even killed when someone then slams on their brakes to stop because it’s a real child and they can’t stop because they’ve gotten too close without thinking. There is a very simple solution to this, I agree with those of you above that say people have been educated because they have. Stricter laws are what are needed. If someone is caught speeding in a high pedestrian area they should be given a ticket and a very strong warning that next time their licence will be revoked. As such, the next time it should be for a week, and longer and longer if it happens again. If it’s been revoked three times, then take the damn thing away for a few years. Once they have to take the bus and go out of their way for awhile maybe they’ll remember what so many people have forgotten now. DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RITE!

  • Laura

    Where can I get one? 25 MPH means 25 MPH….not 30, not 40 but 25. Pay attention when you drive as you should!

  • Racer X
  • David

    How’s this? Put speed sensors in the road. When a car passes over them too fast pop-up spikes to blow out the tires. A warning sign 100 yards or so before that happens should suffice. Any idiot that goes ahead anyway gets a heavy fine, plus their out another set of tires. Getting what they deserve.

  • Rhonda

    This is only a test, people. This is to see if it works, hasn’t been but into effect yet. Get your panty’s out of a wad.

    This is nothing new when it comes to being a teaching aide. Police academy’s have used illusional targets for shooting range practice for years. This helps them to become better policemen. Driving schools use illusional targets to improve your reflexes on the road. The object is to make people more aware. If you think that it may be a “fake” target are you going to take your chances and not slow down when you see one????

    Think outside the box and become more aware of your surroundings. I see so many drivers on the roads today that don’t even know how to back a vehicle up. I say go a step farther and make everyone take at least a mandatory weekend driving class before you can get your license.

  • Jason

    While I think this is a stupid idea (and plan to do a burnout on Patty the first nightfall I see one of these things) I noticed a lot of people pondering what’s wrong with normal Speed bumps

    And since no one has stated the obvious…

    The problem with real speed bumps is that they kill people. You can’t drive over them fast because they’ll wreck your car if you do. This is the obvious function. The (maybe) not so obvious side effect is that they don’t just slow down you

    They slow down ANYONE in a car. Police – Ambulance – Firetrucks. The whole lot.
    Brain Death occurs in less than 6 minutes.
    90% of heart attack victims survive if treated within 2 minutes – survival rate drops to 10% if treatment is delayed to only 6 minutes!
    Every minute earlier you receive treatment for a stroke saves something to the tune of a million brain cells.

    Not sure why so many people are asking what’s wrong with normal speed bumps. This stuff should be common sense to anyone over the age of 12. You should be able to just look at a speed bump and determine is function and its flaws.

    Statistics show that speed bumps actually kill more lives (by slowing traffic) than they save by well… doing what they’re made to do – slow traffic.

  • http://www.Ycreditrepair.com John

    Agree with most. Stupid idea.

  • Ycreditrepair.com

    Yep dump

  • seismicsam

    I agree with #1 through # 78

  • beast boy

    this only works the first time they drive through it, then they know it’s there and will not slow down, kinda dumb

  • commonsense

    This is a bad idea.
    While it may seem clever, and do a great job for the first few months, people will become desensitized to the image of this child in the road and eventually not even bother slowing down.

    Once it reaches that point then it’s only a matter of time before a real child becomes a speed bump.

    If you want to create a speed bump that you’re sure people will slow down for, you simply make one that will destroy their tires if they hit it too fast.

  • the guy that hates retards

    I think we should hire people that don’t have jobs, or the older generation to sit beside the road with a shotgun and a radar gun and shoot the dumbass drivers that can’t go the posted speed, over or under… either is a hindrance.

  • John Pop
  • Liz

    Dumb. Really, really dumb.

  • Sunny woolson

    Here’s an idea. Usually in these speed trap stituations, sets a member of law enforcement and hands out tickets to violators.

  • Joseph Calamia

    Thanks again for the comments. Just to clarify @54, the name “Pavement Patty” is a joke–I don’t believe the drawing has an official name.

  • http://yahoo jim m

    how about using an image of the word SLOW DOWN rise from the pavement or
    SPEED BUMP. even the yellow lines used to mark the existing speed bumps rise in 3D

  • tammy

    I agree with the conclusion that this will result in accidents causing death or injury to pedestrians and possibly motorists.

  • Kate

    I have not seen any mention about the possibility of a child’s possible fascination with this brightly colored little girl with her ball in the road. How many of you have seen “that child” in a parking lot who wanders away from their parent to go check out something. I think that “Patty” would definitely pique the interest of some little kid. I have 5 kids, 4 of them girls…..I know that they would definitely be interested. I would like to think that my kids are much better behaved than most these days and know not to run away from me, especially in a road or parking lot, but not all kids are so well behaved. Is a driver going to see a child who might be standing there with “Patty”? What if that kid happens to be dressed similarly to “Patty”?

  • bryce

    what would you expect……………. its a Canadian invention!

  • Sheer Brilliance!

    Awesome.. I can finally fulfill my fantasies of ramming over virtual children. Child haters everywhere rejoice. Thank you BCAA for wasting technology and taxpayers money to s**t out ideas like these.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2010/09/07/speed-bumps-of-the-future-creepy-optical-illusion-children/ Ken Wood

    More proof that the Canadian Government are terrorists to their own people. What kind of moron dreamed up this B/S? What kind of moron approved* this B/S??? Just like the first poster posted, what happens when people get used to these “speed bumps” and actually runs over a REAL child??? When a person, at the last moment, realizes that there is a “child” in their path, they will slam on the brakes and cause accidents. And then, when they realize that it is an optical illusion, they will get upset. When they get upset, they will disregard ALL of the optical illusions AND actual children in the street, thinking that they are actually an optical illusion and run the kids down!!!

  • http://MSN RealProblemis

    Speeders usually have no regard for the law. Tickets don’t help because they can buy their way out of punishment. We need a system that punishes the guilty. No lawyers please just laws that are enforced.

  • Betsy Ray

    I agree especially with the person who mentioned older drivers. I’m an excellent driver, but I am hyper-conscious of potential dangers as I get older. I’m afraid that if I encountered that anywhere (even in a garage) my first instinct would be to slam on the brakes. And we all know what happens when you do that: there’s always some jerk on your bumper who will respond by honking and slamming into you. Realistic optical illusions of any kind in the middle of the road are bound to be extremely distracting to a significant number of drivers; and we don’t need more distracted drivers!

  • NotsoBrightEh?

    Brilliant. Next they’ll be painting these on airport runways…

  • Catholic School Teacher

    To Ryan (Comment #72) who wrote:


    I couldn’t agree with you more. Driving is not a formal or ceremonial act or procedure prescribed or customary in religious or other solemn use: rites of baptism; sacrificial rites….

    Mind you, many people think driving is a right. Others think it is aright.

    Congratulations on your well-thought out essay. Many of the other words were spelled rite (right?)

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION IN SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO SPELL! (BTW, “Attention” is the name of that nice looking young man in the back of the school. Just pay him a few dollars and he’ll be on his way. Yes, pay Attention.)

  • Goober

    Whoever came up with this idea should just be shot in the face. Its really as simple as that.

  • Will

    Slow Children. 1000 POINTS! woot!

  • Jaime Lynn

    I have to say, this has to be the dumbest idea EVER!!!! The fact that this stupidity even made it onto pavement anywhere truly amazes me!

  • Xavier Quintanilla

    well in the city i live at they have 3 feet wide speed bumps that will work better than this illusion -__-

  • Smarterthanyou

    Just wait for the graffiti artists who paint obscenities. How about the child rapist that gets run over trying to abduct her. Will she have a coat in cold weather? Someone’s got too much time on their hands for such nonsense. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Dave

    why didn’t they just make a fake giant pot hole?

  • http://www.hghreviews.org/ Alex

    Sounds ultimately dangerous, people get used to seeing speed control devices and gradually get used to them, after a time it’s like they are not there. If a real person was in the road, the driver might not get the trigger in time to do all they can to avoid a real accident

  • http://www.idcredit.org/ Moby

    Maybe they’ll just keep raising the stakes: first it’s a middle-aged man crossing the road, then an old lady, then a young girl, then a mother pushing a triplet stroller, etc.

    The real question is what the heck is wrong with the speed bumps of the past: actual speed bumps.

  • Rafael

    Come on now people! The illusion doesn’t move or run. Children do.

  • Dick

    Awesome, they should put this more and more and destroy those stupid speed bumps that ruin my shocks. f*** speed bumps.

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss word.]

  • Shlong

    Speed bumps sucks. This one works and doesn’t break your shocks.

  • travis

    people slamming on their brakes for no reason and honking. we need more of that.

  • Tony K.Ansa

    BETTER IDEA: Onstar has a mechanism that can electronically slow down a (stolen) vehicle, for example. Venues that want vehicles to slow down in their vicinity might be able to install similar mechanisms on street poles. We have traffic-light cameras at most intersections. Could speed-attenuators be far behind?

  • Bob Vila

    People need to not drive so fast if they get conditioned to ignore Kids in the street thinking they are just speed bumps then they are wrong to begin with, the point of a speed bump is to make you slow down. The resaon you slow down for curent speed bumps is so you don’t damage your car, should running over a kid even if its not real be any less important to you, people need to slow down weather or not its a real kid or just a picture.

  • P B Pandey

    interesting comments.Have to thought properly before placing those bumps.

  • http://blogstalk.com blogger

    I hope this doesn’t lead to desensitization. It would be catastrophic if this causes less caution when approaching real children.

  • Onlooker

    I think a row of ominous spikes would have been better. I agree that continuous sight of a child running in the street may cause drivers to expect the next child in the street to be a bump and run the child down. How ridiculous an idea.

  • Macey*

    Wow. This is painted inside a praking garage? Where there is a wall directly in front of you? Anybody stupid enough to speed in a parking garage while heading in the direction of a concrete wall is a true idiot. This will never be an effective speed control device, no matter where you put it. THIS WILL NEVER WORK! wtf is this? I mean this is what our tax dollars are paying for? Wow. I’m so glad our taxes are fixing to go up. Maybe they can paint a 42 year old women walking her dog in the middle of the road or a school bus?! I wonder what other clever ideas these morons plan to paint. WTF!?!?! I am truly appauled to see that this is the country my parents have handed me. I may be only 19, but good Lord….you’ve got to be kidding me! And to think, it’ll be my generation that receives this messed up country….well…all I can say is…We’re screwed…

  • MobileTexter

    The people that came up with this concept couldn’t see the problems that are going to occur here? This is a very bad idea. Dumb Canadians.

  • Toorae

    How about we just keep the real children of the street, hmm?

  • Neverceasingtobeamazed

    It’s Canada. What do you expect.

  • http://yahoo Chris

    So this idea, as good as it may seem, brings a question to mind. How long will this detour drivers from speeding, before they get used to the idea that every child they see playing in the road is just an optical illusion? How long will it take before a real child possible resembling the illusion is actually playing in the street and an approching driver seems to think that he/she is an illusion and decides not to slow down. Can the creator of this intelligent idea live with themselves knowing the fact that they are responsible for the death of an innocent child?
    This idea sounds like a great idea, However I feel that it is just a matter of time before a real life child is struck by a speeding car. I do like the intent though, it just hasn’t been thought thru.
    So here is a suggestion, How about using a speed activated “pop up patty” If there is a vehicle comming at say 5 kmh over the posted limit, then about 50 feet up the road a Durable Plastic Pop Up of a child springs from the ground. This obsticle should be mounted on springs so that if a vehicle does hit it then it will not be damaged. It could also have an Emergency sensor that will know when the speeding vehicle is an Emergency Vehicle. ( they use this technallogy for stop lights). Once the vehicle has slowed to the posted limit then Pop Up Patty will reset. Make this a strong enough Pop up that will cause minor damage to a vehicle that does strike it. If you have to pay for a new grill in your car, or new headlights then maybe you will slow down and obey the posted speed limit. Just an Idea.

  • Iulian

    The worst idea so far. Why don’t not use a picture of a policeman. People will get conditioned to ignore children running, and with a good reason.


    This will cause problems, someone will run over a child and sue the company that made these “speed bumps” and win a large settlement.

  • jimmyHump

    Let me just pile on here because this idea is so foolish as to warrant repeated flogging. I’m simply stunned that anyone would think this is a good idea. I watched the video and gauged my own reaction. First, my attention is drawn to the fake child in the road which would distract me from other potential real visual bogeys. Second, as the child appeared more and more real, I could feel my reaction to want to slow down. Yay, right; mission accomplished! But, it’s a stress reaction. And, I’m trying to make sense of what I’m seeing. I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out what is going on. I’m spending a lot of energy determining what’s happening – all distracting me from the task of driving. As a good driver, I will probably gradually slow down. A slightly distracted driver will probably stop short or slam on the brakes causing a hazard to traffic following. And, I will begin to ignore this little girl. My brain wants to avoid stress and confusion, so it will learn to ignore her. So, now I’m ignoring kid shaped obstacles. Also, what happens when I’m speeding along ignoring the little girl and the person in front of me isn’t yet desensitized. Now, I will be watching the person ahead of me like a hawk to see what their reaction is going to be – again taking up an inordinate amount of my focus. And, when I’m desensitized, do I consciously decide to slow down in the vicinity of the little girl? If so, where? – at the point where she seems real or as I actually run her over? As a good driver, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here, and I’m afraid of being calibrated differently from the drivers around me. All of these questions are handled beautifully by speed bumps and speed limit signs. As a parent, I don’t want there to be any confusion for drivers when it comes to kids in the street. I can’t imagine why anyone would think it’s worth the risk to the safety of pedestrians to try this experiment.

  • Mike

    I like the idea. It will be more cost effective. Let wear and tear on the vehicles and I think it will make people take a second look when they see the child to make sur eit is not a real child.
    Although, I do see an issue with people that are DUI(Driving under the influence) they COULD swerve to avoid the child and hit an on coming vehicle or run off the road. But, that will just prove they should not have been driving in the first place.

    But, All in all I do like the concept.

  • http://discovermagazine.com Michelle

    Nothing good can come of this. Why would you even TRY to use a kid in this manner, drawing or otherwise? Makes no sense and is somewhat sick if you ask me! I just hope no real children get hit as a result of people getting used to seeing and running over these things!

  • Nathaniel

    Here’s an idea, how about instead of a CHILD in the middle of the road, get the artist to paint a spilled bucket of MONEY and see how many people slow down for that?

  • Beth

    I agree with 1 through 5!!! This is not going to end well!! As for the one who posted 6 if educating people worked they wouldn’t need to come up with these crazy ways of slowing people down!! I see this crazy driving all the time and right down a side street where the speed limit is 20mph these people do 50mph or more and you can see the kids playing in the road as soon as they turn onto it but they don’t slow down they speed up!!! It is ridiculous how some people drive!! They just don’t care!!!

  • Richard Simpson

    I think it is a good idea because it makes people more circumspect towards pedestrians in the road. This is especially true at 18 to 20 mile an hour speed limits where children might be in the road. Also I agree with one of the comments that if a driver can’t read into each dangerous situation then they shouldn’t be driving at all. Drivers tend to go over the requested speed limit in these zones and anything that will slow them down is effective.

  • Sarah

    Comment #1 hit the nail on the head – that is EXACTLY what’s going to happen.

  • Will

    Lol, great these people actually get paid! I agree with so many others here, just how many more things can these people expect people on cell phones, doing their make up or reading and writing text to be able to pay attention to?

  • Beth

    I really like what Chris in 121 said!! That is a great idea!!!

  • Chicago

    Why not just paint a big pot hole in the road? Most drivers will slow down except for those few that try to speed up to jump over the hole.

  • http://www.usstriping.com Steve

    I have dealt with traffic calming for many years and also founded a few pavement graphic companies. This application is not a good idea for many reasons, all of which have been listed above in other remarks. The Japanese did this years ago by placing 3D geometric graphics that appear to be restricting the roadway width and slowing people down, not running over an object. DOT agencies now use a simple painted or pre-formed graphic in the side line of roadways to get this visual effect as well. As most have stated already it will take only one pass to realize this is not real and then what? It will be interesting to see what the courts will do with this once this happens for real.

  • Kevin

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t habitually drive over speed bumps at 50 kph. I think doing this has a better chance of slowing people down than signs or painting them like normal

  • CJ

    Cool effect, bad idea in practice. REAL PENALTIES FOR HITTING A CHILD OR SPEEDING IN SCHOOL ZONES instead of slaps on the wrist would work better.

  • Richard

    I agree with the comments that the picture of a child is a bad idea. I suggest using a picture of a traffic official. If real traffic officials are hit by a confused driver, it will just be karma.

  • http://TorontoSun Veeboski

    Never mind implementing ideas to increase safe driving after the fact. Why are we giving these individuals in driver-caused pedestrian accidents licenses in the first place.

    I am a firm believer that the source or the root of the problem is where corrections need to take place. Maybe a tally should be taken to see what age group and sex these drivers that are involved in driver-caused pedestrian accidents and make changes accordingly.

    If we as drivers cannot do what we are supposed to do when behind the wheel then we ourselves should take a step back to see what serious consequences can come about.

    I wonder if these drivers that completely ignore the rules of the road have children themselves?

  • Pavement Patty

    Looked through all the comments. The main lines of thought among the major population still are:
    1. Oh no, we will kill real kids (can’t be trusted with the new speed bump)
    2. Those dumb Canadians (of course we had to slap Canada for coming up with the idea)
    3. Who needs speed bumps anyway

    But don’t worry folks if I stay we’ll live in symbiosis

  • trevor

    I think you should just be aware anyway, wether its a school zone or not.

  • Hole

    People will hate these because they will feel fooled; nobody like feeling like a fool.
    These will only work once per driver; real speed bumps work every time.
    Defeating a real speedbump takes a jackhammer; defeating these optical speed bumps takes 2 second and some paint.

    Sometimes “new” isn’t “better”.

  • mfritz0

    Forget about painting a child, paint a police car straddled across the road, that’ll slow them down.

  • Leonard

    STUPID SCIENTIST. Can’t you think of something better to contribute in our noble field?

  • The MAN

    Everybody is missing the point. What we’re TRYING to get you morons to understand is that it’s FAR safer to run over a child at slow speed than to hit them at a high rate of speed. The main reason is it does a lot less damage to your car.

  • mfritz0

    Or, better yet place rows of glued on bump strips with bright LEDs on both sides so traffic can read the slow down message that appears as a 3d sign stretching across the road from both directions. The leds could be on trapazoidal glue on strips with cables connected to them on the side of the road. This way at times when no children were present they could be switched off but still would be a reminder to anyone going to fast.

  • khxdt

    This is a poorly written article.

  • melissa

    whatever happened to good old yellow speed bumps that kill the front end of your car? shouldn’t that slow ppl down?

  • Grandma

    In theory the 3D will make you slow down but as a concerned grandma I think the idea of a child is not good at all. Even though it doesn’t apppear too real, any other type of distraction just adds to the strong possibility of hitting a real child. I like the idea of a SLOW DOWN NOW sign. I have seen that in a few bad sections of roads or when there is a warning of an accident ahead. that works very well and would cost a lot less to paint in 3D. It takes a community and everyone getting involved to make it safe. In my residential area there is a school and play ground zone just over little hills which you would not believe how busy that corrner can get. There are idiots driving like it is a speed track and if I ever see them I yell at them and throw my arms around telling them to slow down. They see me and get the idea. And if you get their plates you can report them. It is a crime in action. A lot of people don’t know that. Along with the electronic sign that tells people how fast they are going, and the cop who hides in the school parking lot periodically all help. Our area now does not have the numerous idiots.

  • Ron from Edmonton

    Are you prepared for the lawsuits when children are being killed by drivers expecting speed bumps? You had better rethink this decision. Pure folly.

  • JH

    We are talking about CANADA, right? This is par for the course…bunch of idiots. Of course, this could actually be another one of Obama’s ideas!

  • Mark

    “It’s a static image. If a driver can’t respond to this appropriately, that person shouldn’t be driving….”

    More like, “If a kid can’t stay aware and respond to oncoming traffic, that kid shouldn’t be playing in the street.” Same logic applies to Bus Stops.

  • Chris



  • Mom D

    All the speed bumps and flashing lights and signs of the past have not stopped motorists from speeding in areas surrounding school and playground zones and other areas of reduced speed. I like the idea of humanizing the consequences of breaking the law rather than motorists speeding through their busy days and try to avoid a monetary penalty. Anyone who thinks drivers would become complacent to pedestrians because of a drawing on the street is foolishly mistaken. I have seen these 2D images and they truly do cause traffic to slow and proceed with caution. It is definitely not a distraction…..it’s an eyeopener because the drawing is in the sight line of the driver and appears to emerge on the road with ample time to reduce speed. Education of pedestrians and drivers will always be, first and foremost, the best solution. Unfortunately some people never learn!!

    Painful to watch….horrific reality of some of the drivers on the road every day.


  • princeish

    Maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Here in NJ, vehicles are now required to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, as opposed to the old law that requires vehicles to “yield”. I try to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and have done so, but sometimes you can’t stop, because cars/trucks behind you are following too closely, and going to fast, and really don’t give a damn!

  • Ty

    I love it! We need this in America. American’s are too stupid to understand the basic concept of “slowing down” in school zones; time for a change. Just make the speed bumps different. Boys, girls, different clothes, old ladies, squirrels … whatever … switch it up and no need to worry the silly conditioning problem.

  • wow

    this is so dumb, you’d think it was an Obama idea.

  • Mom D

    “153. wow Says:
    September 9th, 2010 at 11:46 am
    this is so dumb, you’d think it was an Obama idea.”

    your comment has no merit
    You have taken this forum to make a generalized political statement that does not address the topic of the discussion in any way.

    I AM CANADIAN. As many Canadians do, we base our judgement on what is good for the majority and not on the name of a political party.

    I have many many American friends as my child attended a top US Prep school and is now on full scholorship to an American University. Many of them were not aware that winning an election does not mean that the leader of our beloved country will remain so for a full 4 yr term. The PEOPLE determine the length of leadership. If the Prime Minister has lost the confidence of the PEOPLE, he/she will be forced to call and election anytime during that 4 yr period to determine whether the person/party in power at the time is still the person/party that WE want to lead our country.

    We are not defined by a political party. WE ARE defined as CANADIAN first

    I close by saying, if you have valid, educated opinion on the implications, good or bad, on the effect of this idea to slow down traffic, then by all means post to this discussion. Please don’t trivialize the seriousness of this issue by a general political comment.

    We recently had a tragedy in our small town when a driver ignored not only flashing school bus lights but a huge, yellow sign with flashing lights on each side indicating a school zone. The driver was traveling above the speed limit and struck 1 of 2 children crossing the road to the waiting bus. The mom watched it happen from the front step of her home and the dad came on to the scene and had to witness his 6 yr old son dead and pinned with his head under a wheel till equipment could be brought in to lift the car off. The trauma forced on the parents, the sister that did not get hit, the bus full of children that witnessed their school mate hit, the bus driver that saw it all unfold, the blood, death can never be trivialized by blame on a political party.

    Perhaps it takes shock value to make people realize that a life can be lost

  • Ummm

    “29. Anonymous Says:
    September 8th, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    >I agree with most of the comments for obvious reasons but what I don’t get is
    > .. why virtual speedbumps? .. I know that where I am from, the real thing
    > works pretty well at slowing people down unless they want a damaged car.. and
    > in areas where speeding has been a real problem, they are evenly spaced out
    > enough that it makes no sense to floor it when you get over one because you’ll
    > be coming to the next.

    In Canada, raised speed bumps are a hindrance to plowing snow.”

    Dear Anonymous,

    In Buffalo, NY, speed bumps do not hinder the plowing of snow. Try again.

    This is insanely stupid. Sorry BC.

  • basher

    I love how brave people are when they think they’re anonymous…probably the same people who smile and agree to everything to your face(spineless). If people actually PAYED ATTENNTION when driving they would ALREADY KNOW what’s coming up and ACT ACCORDINGLY! But I guess that COMMON SENSE is not so common.

  • mike

    Why don’t they paint a picture of a hole in the road? or even a deer..the point is just to make drivers wake up and be aware of the speed. But I do agree that they shouldn’t use a child, bad drivers will get used to ignoring children on the road.

  • Vader

    It takes an intellectual of genius proportions to advocate an idea this stupid.

  • http://www.1cheapkennethjaylanewatchesforsale.co.cc Balthazar

    After reading this I thought it was incredibly informative. I appreciate you taking the time to place this weblog piece together. I once once more discover myself spending way to considerably time both studying and commenting. What ever, it was still worth it

  • bobby joe sue

    Damn, she is wearing some big ass shoes.

  • Faraz

    Why cant they simply put a 2D /3D image of the word ‘SLOW DOWN’ when the driver approaches it. That would be a nice realistic, safe speed bump instead of an image of a child.

  • http://www.alternativeenergygoods.com L P

    Just put a huge bump on the road.
    This will cause stupid pedestrians who dont pay attention anyway to get kill.

    Maybe I am wrong and this is a good way to get rid of this stupid pedestrians anyway.


  • http://www.alternativeenergygoods.com L P

    I love your idea. A sign that cones to life as you approach it.
    What about the picture of a cop with a radar as you approach it.

  • Mom D

    It seems that the image of a child being used as a deterrent is what offends people the most.
    The concept does work so perhaps a different image less unnerving would also work as well such as suggestions of an adult, a police car, SLOW DOWN, the speed limit….etc.

    I have first handedly witnessed the effect of the 2D image placed in a testing area where there was no school and no posted reduce speed signs in a residential area and in every instance the drivers slowed. Random interviews of drivers responses were all positive. It did not cause sudden breaking, panic, swerving ..etc. The drivers merely slowed down as they perceived a need to proceed with caution

  • http://www.alternativeenergygoods.com L P

    Are this kids crossing the street STUPID, probably parents do the same. Crossing the street with out looking???

    This is evolution at work, sorry to say this.

    Parents should teach their kids to pay attention to cars instead of being righteous about cross walks.
    Parents are the teachers of this bad habits and when accidents happen, they want to blame everyone else. TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR NOT TEACHING BASIC SURVIVOR SKILLS.
    If my kids got ran over, yes I will be sad, but also know they did not have the tools to survive.
    Be well.

  • Mom D

    “162. L P Says:
    September 9th, 2010 at 1:04 pm
    Just put a huge bump on the road.
    This will cause stupid pedestrians who dont pay attention anyway to get kill.
    Maybe I am wrong and this is a good way to get rid of this stupid pedestrians anyway.

    WOW!! BRILLIANT!! :S GUH (please don’t procreate for the better of all mankind)

  • Rick

    All that will happen is that people who frequent these roads will get used to the effect, and then when a child is playing down the road just before this ‘speed bump’, the driver will mistaken the child for the effect and run over her.

  • Hmm

    I think the “desensitized” arguments are partially correct. I mean, most drivers in Vancouver are desensitized to STOP signs, seeing as no one pays attention to them anymore. 😛

    Come on people, real children move, this illusion is right in front of a school where the speed limit is 30 km/h. If you are having “swerve” problems, you are going too fast and not paying attention to begin with. YOU are the hazard on the road, not the illusion.


    I agree with #1. I was just thinking the exact same thing before I even read your comment!! Who is the moron who thought of this one and who were the idiots that agreed that this was a great idea??

  • Jennifer Ceja

    I agree with #’s 1,2, and all else who say the same thing as #’s 1 & 2. Once the driver realizes it is just a painting, he/she will no longer react to it the very next day he/she comes to pick up their children at school or the next time he/she drives by the school.

    Usually people do not drive by schools if it is not their usual route of travel to someplace in particular or the school where their children go. So, these drivers that frequent the school’s street, will drive down that street later that same day or the next day.

    They will realize, the first time, that the figure is a painting and will ignore it the very next time. What will that solve? You would have to change the picture, several times a day, every day of the year!

    So, a hologram would be better and cheaper. You could set up a hologram, that has MOVING children, with different children EVERY few minutes.

    What about setting up cameras that can capture the license plates of the speeding drivers? You can then send them outrageously-priced tickets.

    It might take a while, but they will soon no longer be able to afford to drive fast. You would have to set up cameras at distances apart so you can catch the speed of the vehicle as well as the license plate.

    You can still set up the hologram, but still set up the cameras for that kick in the butt.

  • David

    These paintings on the pavement are the greatest idea ever. Only a moron would think that ANYTHING meant to slow down traffic is bad. So slow down, stop trying to blame someones good idea for your bad driving habits. Oh, and stop whining.

  • http://www.deviledegg.org/ Deviled Egg

    This seems like a horrible idea! I smell a lawsuit in the near future.

  • Lucy

    How INCREDIBLY disrespectful to children. Why not a woman? Or a (no pun intended) visible minority? Hey! Vancouver! Try a sinkhole!

  • Kim

    You have to be kidding me. Its a sick idea and they don’t realize the danger there actually putting people in. I agree with the first few statements made. People will ignore the speedbumps and not even realized when they hit a actual child. All I can say is shocked and disgusted.

  • jesse

    what happens when someone doesn’t realize they’re looking at a hologram, get STARTLED, “A-HOLY SHI*T!!!!” and then swerves to avoid — jumping the curb and mowing down a half dozen seniors?

    well…at least the holo-kid is safe…

  • Jennifer Ceja

    Jesse, they are not going to swerve! They are going to see something in their path and slow down. The hologram or this painting is no different than an actual thing in their path!

    Just read what Mom D says (164. Mom D Says: ).

  • http://engtech.wordpress.com engtech

    So much agreement with the previous comments… WTF were they thinking?

    This will condition drivers to ignore kids running across the street.

  • John K

    Totally inappropriate. There are enough distractions with kids, we don’t need anyone giving us more. Our driving will become sensitized to fake images and eventually real life tragedy will occur. Have your heard the story about the boy that cried wolf.

  • Jennifer Ceja

    But, practicing for the real thing, makes you better prepared. For instance, when nursing, doctors, and paramedics practice CPR and advanced cardiac life support, they are better preparing themselves to do it right the next time it is real!

    So, thanks to the little boy who cried wolf, the towns-folk are prepared to get there quick when someone else cries wolf for the first time. :-)

  • clueless

    Wow a bunch of uneducated people here that are internet experts. If you havent driven over one of these dont comment. No one will be slamming on their brakes or swerving out of the way.
    This kind of art has been around for quite a long time. Get educated before commenting.


  • Rodney Ray

    Instead of just putting one raised regular speed bump that’s stretched out across a driving lane, why not put six to eight of the raised speed bumps, one behind each other, in the driving lane. I’ve never seen this type of 2-D/3-D image type speed bump here in the United States. I agree with alot of comments that drivers might become accustomed to the painted image in the street. Then again, maybe not. I don’t know. I think my idea is best, but that’s just me!

  • gypf

    this is dumb. Once you drive over it once you’ll know that its there and not slow down any more.

  • Jason

    Not sure if you read the article below the image or not, but this is a trial morons. (“As drivers approach, the police will monitor the fake girl’s effects.”) And the guy with the “Canadian Invention” comment… seriously? How do you know how to write? You clearly can’t read: “…In 2008, Philadelphia used similar, virtual speed bumps–more common in Europe…” But that’s ok my Fox news generation of retards, fortunately this article can be read over and over and over again. Work on the comprehension, then work on contributing something intelligent to the conversation; as opposed to speculation… Also, any time I’m driving at 30Km/hr, if something appears to be in my way on the road, I “SLOW DOWN” or come to a “GRADUAL STOP”. I don’t know how you guys drive through school zones, but I typically drive slowly and cautiously, and don’t often “swerve” or “slam on my brakes”. I would also like to point out that these images are static and don’t “jump out” at you. Whole room of glen becks in here… jeez

  • Morgan Bee

    that girl has big shoes, but this is a good idea

  • Gene

    These idiots obviously never heard “don’t cry wolf”.
    Punks just out of school, for certain…

  • tylo

    wow all you guys, the city puts these things in roads were drivers should only be going 30k an hour! it is just to make drivers slow down in school zones and stay alert!

  • Diablo

    Well everybody is right in a way but inreality what will a drunk person do? A drunk person can barely see and has very bad judgement on the road so an image popping up to inform them there driving to fast will just cost more of a problem then what would happen without it.

  • Steve

    I have never seen such a profoundly dumb idea. This on isn’t just dumb. It is almost certainly going to result in the death of a child.

    Painting pictures of children on the road teaches drivers to run over those pictures of children. As a trick to get a driver to slow down, it will work once on each driver. After that first time, people will learn that it’s ok to run over that picture of a child.

    Careful drivers will always look at the picture before running over it. But those aren’t the ones you have to worry about. Inexperienced drivers, who are often ‘texting’ or talking on their phones while driving, will learn to ignore pictures of children in the road. Those distracted, inexperienced drivers won’t even look at them.

    Later, when it is a real child who just looks like the picture, she will get run over.

    Be careful what you teach. They often learn something other than what you intended.

  • jujube

    I have driven over these in Europe. They are somewhat disconcerting, but once you get used to the fact that it’s only paint, people stop slowing down. The best way to get people to slow down is to put a physical obstacle in their way (i.e. a blob of pavement).
    There is a reason they are getting rid of them in Europe. They have not reduced accident rates, only cost – obviously, paint is cheaper.

  • Steve

    To those who believe this a good idea send photos of your own children to be used in the likenesses. Hey, it’s the least you can do to help with the project that you support. Oh… now that it is your own child’s face on the pavement you suddenly feel creepy about the moronic idea. That feeling is called wisdom.

  • dave

    As if drivers didn’t have enough distractions. Why not put real speed bumps? That would force people to slow down.

  • eyesdaby

    With so much technology these day’s why can’t they design a system similar to cruse control that limits a cars speed to the posted signage. You’ll never see it cause that would do away with radar and speeding fines which most countries depend on to tax a driver to death EG. Australia.

    Eyesdaby on DaRock

  • janskyview

    Simple things, best things: drawings should picture a real speed bump…

  • http://www.globalbiketours.com louis

    i think this is a brilliant idea

  • http://facebook matt

    i agree with 192. who ever came up with this idea should be fired or shot! I agree with David Duane if you can’t tell if its a drawing or a real person then you shouldn’t be driving.

    Hey David get your brains examined!!! Most people should NOT be driving! you just pointed a loaded gun to alot of innocent childeren. and how do you know the speed bump is working or the cops who are monitoring actually slowing down the traffic. for that matter what are we paying cop saleries for anyways, to watch speed bumps? I see cops sleeping on the job, hanging around do-nut shops, eateries, for more than just their alotted lunch time, what are they doing inspecting the food, giving a french fry a speeding ticket, having a do-nut emergency. haha all kidding aside, I wish the world was covered in speed bumps, we all need to slow down. I always thought that modern technology should lead the way,!

  • http://facebook matt

    who needs a snow plow in a parking structure anyways! I read some of the comments up above and i think that everyone is right, or at least thinks they are. i see visions from the movie Death race 2000 going through my mind. lets turn the virtual 3-d images into real kids and see how the public responds to that one!

  • http://gmail Concerned Citizen

    Why not use old people instead of kids!!!!???

  • Logikal

    #12 and #38 nails it. You people posting “this is a bad idea” and “well, this will just cause people to dodge pavement patty and hit a real child” are absolutely ridiculous. The point here is to bring awareness to the road. Didnt you people take a drivers test to get your license ? Remember the point? Accountability and Attention to surroundings is primary, fundamental driving etiquette. If you cant avoid obsticals, regardless of how many or what they are then take the bus.

  • Laura k

    This is stupid but smart, i wouldnt perfer it!

  • Laura

    I would just throw my friend Taylor out in the road to slow cars down.

  • Chase

    As a professional transportation engineer, this is probably the stupidest thing that I have ever seen, even as a temporary measure.

    From the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 8 – Warning Signs:

    “Warning signs are intended to provide advance notice to road users about unexpected and potentially dangerous conditions on or near the road. The conditions to which warning signs apply typically require that road users exercise caution, and may require that drivers slow down, in order to travel safely in the presence of a hazard.

    In order to retain the public credibility of all traffic control devices, consistency in application is necessary. Insufficient warning signing may leave road users unprepared for encountering hazards, while over-signing or exaggerated signing may result in complacency. It is important, therefore, that warning signs accurately convey the severity of the hazard about which they are warning.”

    Nowhere does it suggest that a warning sign should attempt to shock or surprise drivers into lower speeds. This sign simply adds to the “visual noise” of the roadway, distracting from real hazards.

    A few scenarios immediately come to mind when a driver encounters the sign, all of which are undesirable.

    1. A distracted driver observes the sign with insufficient time to slow down and engages in dangerous evasive maneuvers potentially endangering other motorists or pedestrians around him or her.

    2. Drivers who have not encountered the sign slow down when they see the sign, and then speed up again (likely in an annoyed state) after they realize that it is just an illusion, and not an actual child.

    3. Drivers who have already encountered the sign ignore the sign and continue to drive at their original speed, becoming accustomed to not slowing down for the image of a child on the roadway.

    The fact that no ‘erratic’ driving behavior has been observed so far is essentially meaningless. It only takes one driver who causes some kind of a collision to create a negative impact that was not there before. The risk introduced by this pavement marking should be completely unacceptable given the virtually non-existent benefit.

    This is just a publicity stunt which will have no lasting effect on driver behavior or speeds on any roads. It is well understood and substantiated by research that the only way to safely change driver speeds for the long-term is to change the perception and geometry of the roadway (e.g. streetscaping, narrowed lanes, speed bumps/humps/tables, bumpouts/chicanes, and/or additional consistent long-term enforcement, etc.).

    There is nothing wrong with trying to bring public attention and education to the very real issue of motor vehicle fatalities and pedestrian safety especially as it relates to children. However, there are better ways to do it without increasing the risk to drivers on the road today.

  • http://techopolis.ca Cesar Diaz

    It is amazing that the government is suggesting people are stupid.
    Government do not want people to think, what is the future of this country when their people are deprived of thinking?
    This sign will only create automatons and when they find a real kid on the street, they will just “slow down” and run him over.

    I shiver when I think what will happen when “we” do not have instructions even to wash our hands in public places. My kids will render themselves useless “when there’s no instructions”. Next generation will be a generation of “follow the instructions people”. What happened to “old fashioned enforcements?. God help us.!!!

  • Concerned West Van Citizen

    bad … Bad … BAD IDEA!


    Driver’s speeding in West Vancouver


    Pedestrians are placed at high risk – particularly the elderly, disabled, and children. This is independent of potential damage and/or injury to other vehicles, property, and innocent passengers and/or drivers.


    Schools and areas where drivers are heading south from above Highway 1 and/or travelling along Highway 1 (amongst other locations).


    The WVP traditionally facilitates radar/speed checks for about five consecutive days. Regular drivers on these routes become aware of the temporary speed monitoring and slow down accordingly. The police leave … the speeding returns.


    Three strikes and you are out!

    If anyone (i.e. not limited to West Vancouver residents) gets three speeding tickets in the West Vancouver municipality within three-years, their driver’s license is suspended for three months.

    Loss of privilege is traditionally an effective reality check. Three months of paying for cabs and/or travelling on public transit should promote the intelligence to be a few minutes late for “that appointment”, versus the inconvenience of losing driving privileges.

    Objectively, resolving the cause effectively eliminates the concern.

  • http://farwestcoast.com bornbad

    Danger…good Idea, bad application.

  • whoa_red

    Idea: paint a rough, chewed up road ahead, as if it were under construction. It wouldn’t provoke slamming on the brakes or swerving, but would definitely slow drivers down.

  • Gerald

    More kids will be killed or injured with this system. It looks so real, with time some drivers will ignore this and one day will hit a real child.

  • pat pecord


  • Ron from Edmonton

    Do we really need to practice running over little 2D girls?

  • Kerra

    Well this is a dumb idea for speed bumps!!!!! why not put this at the beginning and end of school zones?????

  • John

    Stupid, stupid idea! If you have to trick drivers into slamming on the brakes, then how do you explain ‘that’ to your Insurance company? It is bad enough that we now have radio broadcasters pronouncing Canada as Ka-NA-AH-Da but this speed bump crap is going too far!

  • jo

    Anything new always is a bad idea ,if it can save lives its great. they had fake cop cars near the road and it seemed to slow people down. So maybe they can actually make it work. IF people are speeding in the first place its not going to make a difference. Speeders dont care and never have cared.

  • John_12

    I don’t want my car to drive over a child picture. It is just horrific and disgusting!

    BTW, what happens if a driver got startle and got a heart attach?

  • Walleyer

    What happens if this is around for a while and the odd personstarts to get to used to the bumps and takes a different route one day. Thinks it’s just a speed bump and runs right over your kid. Who’s at fault? It’s sounds like a big mistake down the road!

  • m

    great idea! its cool! i like it
    ppl shd stop nagging and complaining
    i like this pavement very artistic too

  • Jon

    I drive for a living and I really do not think this is a good idea.
    Others have already gone over all of my reasons.
    I would like to comment on a few comments I have seen on here though.
    Doc and others seem to be for the idea, and think that the only people that would react poorly to the 2d image are those that cannot drive well.
    I would venture to guess that Doc and others that share his viewpoint are probably the very same poor drivers that this was designed to fight.
    The same ones that charge up to work zones in the closing lane, merge onto highways by matching the speed of the cars on the road and expecting them to move out of his/ her way, following too close and going lane to lane trying to get to nowhere faster.
    These are all habits of people that “think” they are great drivers. They believe that they drive much better than the common person, so they can safely drive this way.
    These are the drivers we need to get off of our roads.
    Most accidents and most gridlock on the roads is caused by driving too fast and following too close. If nobody would speed, and always maintained a safe 3 car+ following distance, then most accidents would not occur, and everyone would have a much faster ride to work every day.
    And we would waste less fuel, and thus add less emissions to the air.
    What is not to like.
    Increase education of all drivers, and we would not need pavement paintings.

  • phydroxide

    It is interesting that a similar article was met with resounding applause. These comment forums are interesting phenomena. When the first group of people dislike it they light a fire until the rest fan a flame of hate. When the first group of lemmings like it they fan the fire until the subject at hand has been set on a high pedestal.

  • solarunit314

    I’m with #86…only have” SLOW DOWN ” printed across a big virtual BRICK wall, Possible damage to self and personal expense is always more affective.

  • cheryl

    I would be afraid people will become accustomed to this sight and not pay enough attention to real children,Would it be right to put up a dart board with a baby’s picture on it to teach people not to throw darts at babies?

  • http://mcpolka.com Johnny

    UMMMMM, after a while drivers will become less likely to slow down for what they think are children because they LEARN. I live in BC and Vancouver in particular. Sorry I was not educated here, and see nothing but politicians playing little games that are pure illusions intended to keep the voters minds off of real issues. EXAMPLE an advertising campaign a few years ago designed to take city counselors out of their responsibility in their neighbourhood showed a whole pizza and a picture of a slice, it stated which would you rather have? WELL VANCOUVER I WANT UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, I do not want my representation divided, it should be focused. Not looking out for false images on the ground or in chambers. Eventually these false images are taken for granted NOT as what your small minds intend. It is a way to get attention, for a moment and in time it is part of a learning process and neglected

  • Opinionated Ontarian

    Well I have read many idiotic things before from elected officials, but this takes the cake. What about those drivers who have really good driving records and who adore kids ? Imagine yourself driving up to this and realize it is just a painting, so you proceed over this speed bump. It is quite creepy to consider driving over a “virtual” child anyways.
    I have always wondered about the mentality of anyone in law-enforcement (ie. those who make the rules we are to obey.) I have never trusted cops, and I never will. Suppose some child does get killed or seriously injured. Isn’t that bad enough? You will have the city and other gov’t officials trying to hide the incident as being their fault in the first place. Sweep it under the rug B.C. and say farewell to that distraught mother !

  • http://www.zurmat.com Habibies

    Awesome for fast drivers and speeders :)

  • Michael

    I think the idea of the image of a police car in the middle of the road is interesting. Anyone who doesn’t slow down will eventually run into a real police car. Now that’s going to work. Of course in the long term it will cost the tax payer a whole lot more due to the cost of replacing all those police vehicles. Just leave the image of the child, there are so many more of them.

  • Mark

    Beyond stupid…only a dumb arse socialist would think this is a good idea.

  • Sarah

    @ 117: lol.

    also, i think i may be the only one who’s noticed this but, what is a child doing chasing a ball around a parking garage?

  • http://www.MichaelCarmonaJr.com Behaviorist

    This is a horrific idea. People will be practicing running over a paining of a child, and when they run over a real child, their response will be, “I thought it was a painting”. Habituating people to the act of running over children will result in a real live accident. In learning theory, practicing incorrect responses is poisonous!

  • Dan

    Dumb idea. The fake speedbump or pothole is different — there you play on driver’s inclination to self-preservation. You engage a natural sentiment that might be relaxed. And it’s self-reinforcing — if you get conditioned and think all potholes are fake, you get a wakeup call when you hit a real one — at no cost to anyone but you. Totally different cognitive dynamic with the fake kid in the road. Not rocket science.

    And for those who take this as an opportunity to say that government is stupid, I’d bet ten to one that the idea was sold to the city by a private entrepreneur. These sorts of “innovations” are pitched to officials pretty constantly I think.

  • http://thatissocool melissa

    that is so cool it looks really 3d

  • http://www.purchasehgh.org HGH

    It looks like almost everyone dislikes this idea and me too actually. The painting is well done but better put a road sign there. It’s unbelievable how people get those crazy ideas.

  • http://www.xerxy.com Hawa Abdullah

    this is really cool and beautiful i like it… :)

  • http://www.g6me.com Sania Aslam

    illusion but sometime it will be dangerous for drivers


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