NCBI ROFL: When life gives you camels, make sausage.

By ncbi rofl | September 27, 2010 7:00 pm

camelCamel cocktail sausage and its physicochemical and sensory quality.

“The objective of this study was to compare the nutritional values of camel semitendinosus muscles with those of calves. Then, sausages were made from camel meat, beef and equal proportions of each and stored at 4 degrees C for 45 days. The composition, physicochemical characteristics, sensory properties, and microstructure of the samples were evaluated. The proximate composition of meat from the two species was significantly different. Beef contained a significantly higher amount of vitamin E, whereas camel meat had better profile of fatty acid and higher iron content. Camel meat had a higher pH but similar myofibrillar protein content as beef. Sausages made from 100% camel meat also had higher pH and cooking yield along with higher a* (redness) and lower L* (lightness) than the others. 2-Thiobarbitoric acid values among these treatments were significantly different. Samples containing 50% of each meat had a higher resistance to shear force; however, panelists could not detect any significant difference in tenderness of the samples.”


Photo: flickr/Tambako the Jaguar

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