NCBI ROFL: Does semen have antidepressant properties?

By ncbi rofl | October 1, 2010 7:00 pm

condoms“In a sample of sexually active college females, condom use, as an indirect measure of the presence of semen in the reproductive tract, was related to scores on the Beck Depression Inventory. Not only were females who were having sex without condoms less depressed, but depressive symptoms and suicide attempts among females who used condoms were proportional to the consistency of condom use.For females who did not use condoms, depression scores went up as the amount of time since their last sexual encounter increased. These data are consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize depressive symptoms and evidence which shows that the vagina absorbs a number of components of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of administration.”




Thanks to Ahnika for today’s ROFL!

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  • Rhacodactylus

    Hmmm, very interesting, but isn’t it also likely that certain personality types are less likely to use a condom, and that those same personality types might be likely to determine self worth based on sexual encounters?

    I’m not saying in any way that that is the case, I’m just saying that with retrospective studies it’s hard to make claims for the effects of a substance, even one as awesome as semen.


  • Rhacodactylus

    This explains those old detergent commercials where the tube socks danced their way into the wash.


  • LuchinG

    Of course they weren´t depresive; they were just risk junkies.

  • Jinian

    Depressives are more realistic, part n.

  • Sinead

    Shhh people above, study says have more sex! Let’s just run with that =P

  • Keith

    There is, of course, a much simpler explanation. Who likes condoms? Probably almost no-one. So anyone having sex without a condom is going to feel better — it’s a better experience, something not to have to worry about, and a fairly yeuchy contraption not to have to use. GOK how you control for that though.

  • Cathy

    I believe they should have controlled for whether the girls in question were in a monogamous relationship. Usually, only a girl in a long term, stable relationship will risk unprotected sex (in college anyway – teens are much stupider.) This could be the reason she isn’t showing as many depressed symptoms, compared to her single swinger counterparts. The study should have also controlled for whether a girl is on birth control, which is the other major reason she might not be using a condom.

  • Sarah

    This is definitely an advantage of a monogamous heterosexual marriage versus the other forms of sexual relationships.


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