NCBI ROFL: 8% of Swedish men are peeping Toms.

By ncbi rofl | October 8, 2010 7:00 pm

tomExhibitionistic and voyeuristic behavior in a Swedish national population survey.

“We examined the prevalence and correlates of self-reported sexual arousal from exposing one’s genitals to a stranger (exhibitionistic behavior) and spying on others having sex (voyeuristic behavior) in a representative national sample. In 1996, 2,450 randomly selected 18-60 year-olds from the general population of Sweden were interviewed in a broad survey of sexuality and health. A total of 76 (3.1%) respondents reported at least one incident of being sexually aroused by exposing their genitals to a stranger and 191 (7.7%) respondents reported at least one incident of being sexually aroused by spying on others having sex. Exhibitionistic and voyeuristic behaviors were examined for possible associations with 9 sociodemographic, 5 health, 4 risk-taking, and 17 sexuality variables. Both paraphilia-like behaviors were positively associated with being male and having more psychological problems, lower satisfaction with life, greater alcohol and drug use, and greater sexual interest and activity in general, including more sexual partners, greater sexual arousability, higher frequency of masturbation, higher frequency of pornography use, and greater likelihood of having had a same-sex sexual partner. Consistent with previous research in clinical samples of men with paraphilias, respondents who reported either exhibitionistic or voyeuristic behavior had substantially greater odds of reporting other atypical sexual behavior (sadomasochistic or cross-dressing behavior). There was evidence both for general and specific associations between sexual fantasies and their corresponding paraphilia-like behaviors.”


Photo: flickr/Bengt Nyman

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  • Rhacodactylus

    It’s the Viking heritage, just too much repressed pillager still left in there =)


  • Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    Great, better statistics makes for better resolution of deviant behavior. 😀 OTOH I have had girlfriends who have reported anecdotes on flashers, so at least its consistent with data.

    Rhadodactylus, we swedes are a war tired lot. Been there, done that. Statistics reports, IIRC, more frequent problems in our society in some areas (if nothing else, the frequency of suicides, I think).

    Mind, our society has moved in relatively short time towards an individualistic one with a rather working social net for those who get problems. So the impetus may have increased while the threshold has been lowered. (And again you can no longer hide problems within a family, see the argument above.)

    Also, the longstanding explanation of everything moody at Swedish, Finnish, Russian et cetera latitudes – the absence of light during winters and the frequency of seasonal affective disorders. Dunno how it holds up in all such societies though. Sort of the same situation with the statistics discussed here (in the post, I haven’t read the paper), no (or little) comparison.


    And why exactly are you pointing out that apparently 8% of Swedish men are voyeurs?

    As if women don’t spy on others having sex!

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