Is This the Peak of Peak Panic? Peak Chocolate, Peak Maple Syrup, & More

By Jennifer Welsh | November 19, 2010 11:26 am

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  • Bob Davis

    If all of that oil got down there the last time that God judged the earth and buried millions of animals that eventually turned into oil, perhaps it is time for Him to create some more oil?

    Not that I want judgment, but we have become so corrupt and we have polluted the bats and bees almost out of existence. If this world does not end soon on its own, then we will destroy it ourselves – unless people start rebelling against the companies that are destroying our world.

  • Alex

    Five thousand-ish years is an impossibly short period for organic matter to be converted to oil (you are talking about the flood myth in Christianity, yes?). Furthermore since most of that organic matter is probably algae, and we’re talking about a huge amount of biomass that had to have accumulated over geological time as algae sank, I somehow doubt that a one-offish mythical event created all the oil deposits in the world.

  • Doug Watts

    Starving people with cholera thank you for this. Keep up the good work.

  • Doug Alder

    With the advent of global climate change and the exponential growth of populations this is just the start of peak *.*

  • Scott Sinnock

    Malthus was probably right. How long can we stave off the inevitable?


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