NCBI ROFL: Penis stuck in a PVC pipe? We have a solution!

By ncbi rofl | December 17, 2010 7:00 pm

pipesRemoval of a Long PVC Pipe Strangulated in the Penis by Hot-Melt Method.

“Introduction.  Penile incarceration for erotic or autoerotic purposes has been reported in a wide range of age groups, and often presents a significant challenge to urologic surgeons. No ready method has been reported for removing a polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipe entrapped on the penis. Aim.  To present our experience in using hot-melt method to remove a constricted PVC pipe on the penis. Methods.  A long melting split was made on the PVC pipe entrapped on the penis by using the long narrow branch of forceps heated on a gas stove. Results.  The heated forceps was able to make a melt split on the PVC pipe. Consequently, the PVC pipe was removed by pulling the edges of the pipe apart without much difficulty. The total operation time was 20 minutes. Conclusion.  Penile incarceration is a urologic emergency, for which resourcefulness is required in some unexpected cases. Hot-melting has proved to be an easy and effective method for removing penile strangulation by a PVC pipe. To our knowledge, it is the first report about the removal of PVC pipe entrapped on a penis.”

pvc pipe

Photo: flickr/mel0808johnson

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  • http://Reddit Adam

    This would have saved me a $4000 doctor bill.

  • Joseph G

    “Penile incarceration” – I love it! And the fact that this is a common enough problem for there to be procedures to deal with it… you’d think us guys would be more careful when it comes to our equipment 😛

  • Matt B.

    How do you maintain the erection long enough to study this, much less actually need the remedy? Wouldn’t having someone melt PVC near your penis ruin the mood in less than 20 minutes?


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