If Ke$ha Was Into Astrobiology, She Still Wouldn't Have Made This Video

By Eliza Strickland | January 5, 2011 3:48 pm

Need to teach 13-year-old Ke$ha fans about the quest for extraterrestrial life, but worried you won’t capture their attention? Fret no more. Fresh off of YouTube comes a parody of Ke$ha’s song “We R Who We R,” refashioned into an informative and utterly dorky song about astrobiology.

The video credits Jank for the lyrics and video and mrskimful for the music. We applaud the creators for their shout-outs to moons like Jupiter’s Europa and Saturn’s Titan and Enceladus–all promising destinations in the search for microbial life in our solar system. But we have to take exception to the quick, unqualified mention of bacteria that can thrive on arsenic, and the video’s implication that this recent finding stretches scientists’ notions about what kinds of life can exist. Have they not been following the roiling controversy over whether that finding is valid?

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  • Matt B.

    Do we really have to spell her name with a dollar sign? Aren’t we just encouraging people to take things as far as Prince, with his stupid symbol?

    This parody video is well done though. I can’t imagine the original had anything nearly as interesting to look at in the background. Or foreground for that matter (I detest glitter).

  • Jenn

    That was the one thing that bothered me when I saw that video. It was excellently done otherwise.

  • Lindsay

    This Ke$ha parody plays fast and loose with science.

    In answer to Matt B., you know it’s pronounced “KE- dollar sign – HA”

  • http://www.jankjank.com Jank

    First off, let us say thank you for featuring our “dorky” (we’re taking that as a compliment) video! The exposure we received from here is greatly appreciated.

    Second, we’d like to defend our honor just a little bit in regards to the arsenic debate. Certainly, we know it is a very contentious subject, but we felt we couldn’t really do the whole controversy justice in the context of this parody, so we went with the brief mention.

    Are we trying to say this is a comprehensive look at everything about astrobiology? Of course not, and we understand you weren’t implying that it was supposed to be. But if we can pique the scientific curiosity of even a few young people, and get them interested in pursuing this field, that’s a win for us. We’re strongly of the belief that this video, and more like it, could be integrated into a classroom setting.

    But we hope that educators understand that a video like this isn’t a self-contained lesson. Certainly, it can be used as an engagement or enrichment piece – that’s what it’s designed for. But hopefully it can be used in a variety of ways – discussions of the definition of life, why certain places may be more suited to host life, even critical thinking about the scientific method through a discussion about the whole arsenic debate – why there’s a debate in the first place, the importance of an experiment’s design, peer review, etc.

    With that said, we again thank you for featuring the video, and appreciate the constructive criticism. We’re always open for more discussion!

    – Jank

  • Matt B.

    it’s pronounced “KE- dollar sign – HA”

    Oh, great, so we’re naming people with rebuses now. I’ve heard of someone named “Le-ah”, pronounced “ledasha”. Why is alphabetic script not good enough for these people?


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