NCBI ROFL: And the most pornographic abstract of all time award goes to…

By ncbi rofl | January 14, 2011 7:00 pm

Vaginal eroticism: a replication study.

“Vaginal eroticism was investigated in a group of 27 coitally experienced volunteers by means of systematic digital stimulation of both vaginal walls. Erogenous zones were found in all subjects, mainly located on the upper anterior wall and the lower posterior one. An orgasmic response was elicited by stimulation of these zones in 89% of the subjects. This study supports previous findings regarding vaginal eroticism. It does not support the existence of the discrete anatomical structure called the Grafenberg spot. It supports the contention that there are two distinct types of female orgasm, vaginally evoked and clitorally evoked. It also supports the finding that some women expel a fluid through the urethra at the time of orgasm. In this particular case the fluid was chemically indistinguishable from urine.”

Photo: flickr/joethedork

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  • cgauthier

    It is a sad and telling thing about our technology driven society* that it took me almost a full minute to make sense of “…digital stimulation…”. How does one use data technology to stimu- OOOHHHHHH…..

    *Could just be me.

  • Colin

    Nope. I had the same confusion.

  • Captain Skellett

    Oh, I got digital stimulation right away but I’ve never heard “Grafenberg” before, they should have abbreviated that. Also I may never stop lolling about the picture or the “chemically indistinguishable from urine” part. Where do they FIND these volunteers? Do grad students surreptitiously pick up at parties and call it research afterward?

  • hs

    So they’re saying when I squirt it really IS pee, even though it looks/smells nothing like it (other than the fact that it’s a liquid)? I’m kinda bummed… I liked the feeling that no one knew what female ejaculation/squirting really was.

  • hs

    ‘Digital’ liiiiike, involving digits…phalanges…fingers? That’s what I got from it


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